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Pin en Hacks Para El Cuidado De La Piel As noted above, the vertical movement of the wave is the one with more force and for this reason is that it has been sought in this solution as the best way to exploit its energy transfer from the sea, however, to the extent that the bottom of the sea floor lowers in depth, the horizontal component in the sense that the shore is becoming ever more noticeable.

In the same way the moveable tank holder carriage has a horizontal sword type structure commonly known as horizontal rack gear that passes through the center of a horizontal conversion box. FIG. 3 is a side view of the rotor frame structure. Specifications of a typical rotor are as follows: Sails 10 made from Dacron fabric with the dimension 2 m.×2 m. reside on a frame in which the hub 14 measures 1 m.×1 m. The rim 12 measures 2.828 m. between the rim connectors 20. The extended portion of the rim measures 0.7 m. The total length of a rim member is 3.52 m. Typically, rim 12 and hub 14 components are made of galvanized tubular steel (with diameters of 2.3 cm.

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FIGS. 6, 7 shows the sails in their respective phases. FIG. 7 is a perspective view of the wind turbine from the side in its operating state that shows the sail phases of the rotor, and a fragmentary view of the power shaft and mast. WO 01/92644 document discloses a machine that captures the energy and that is capable of using the upward force of the waves on a plurality of adjacent floats, in which upwards force on each float through a rocker, bearings and autorotation media is transferred to drive a drive shaft to transfer the moment to the drive shaft, which is characterized because the bearings are enclosed between rocker tubes and the drive shaft and bearings are displaced in the longitudinal direction of the drive shaft from the normal position with respect to the float. The Savonius Rotor, or `S` rotor, has overcome much of this complexity as a result of its vertical shaft design.

Therefore, any energy capture system 24 hours a day, that seeks to be efficient, must consider the capture of vertical thrust vectors, and the horizontal vectors of water that occur after the break, or as a result of the tides and currents. If the tides are the result of the attraction exerted by the moon on the Earth, and the marine currents are the result of temperature differences that exist in different areas of the ocean, causing movements of cold waters, to areas of higher temperature, the waves are the result of the thrust of the wind on the water, in hundreds and thousands of miles offshore. Although, there have been various strong diverse attempts to capture energy, tides, winds and marine currents have hampered any profitable energy capturing systems up until now, relegating to this century, the possibility of doing it commercially.

The moveable tank holder carriage has at least one buoyancy tank, whose geometry presents its greater exposure towards the face that comes in contact with the water, these buoyancy tanks are encased in a structural cage, which is part of the moveable tank holder carriage, inside this cage there are running wheels that keep fixed the position of the buoyancy tanks in relation to the water level, allowing them to rise or fall with the waves. Causa de dolor en la rodilla . Evidence for these drawbacks can be found in its failure as a product. Early windmills required almost a small gale for the blades to move steady and well. As well as the direction of the waves (13), hit laterally, the tanks (5) will retain the pendulum oscillation of them, and that will displace the carriage (3) in one or another direction, transferring all the power to the horizontal rack gear (16) which in turn transmits to the horizontal convertor box (14), all horizontal movement that is one-way or return and by turning it in a single direction.

Arriving at the sea surface the piece remains floating waiting for another wave. For the purposes of our tanks what is of most interest is that its width must not exceed the wave base, and contrary, if possible, should be less than the wave base. For our team this component is less important than the upright but non-negligible, and would not be justified as an energy source by itself, but if we are already framed in a supporting metal structure, it appears that any additional effort that is made, with minor mechanical modifications can have fruits of improvement in the global use of energy.

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  • (9) repeat step (3) until the capacitance range is exhausted

Additional specifications of the rotor and mast (tower) will be described below. These problems can be partially alleviated by adding a second rotor in a stacked arrangement whereby the rotors are offset by ninety degrees. This condition severely limits the size of the rotor and adds to its cumbersome construction. 1 and 2 are fragmentary views of the present invention that show the primary elements in their relative size and arrangement. To be able to capture the vertical and horizontal movement, the present invention proposes a mechanism for capturing wave energy, consisting of a set of four vertical buoys that support the central structure.