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Contrasts of nature These objects as well as other objects of the present invention will become more readily apparent after reading the following description of the accompanying drawings. The present invention recognizes these parameters and provides a ready solution thereto in a most effective manner. A further advantage of the present invention is an improved floatation tank which may be easily and effectively transported from place to place, possessing a low weight.

Handsome man holding cup of tea, having throat ache in shirt, jeans, shawl and looking exhausted , front view. Such vertical posts are required because the Fallis tank is susceptible to horizontal motion of the water about the tank which tends not only to displace the tank laterally but tends, more importantly, to shift the line of motion of the tank away from the vertical. Yet another advantage of the present invention is an improved wave motor tank which has an effective specific gravity of zero when disposed in a “floating” position in a body of water.

Still another advantage of the present invention is a wave motor tank which couples a greater force to a rotating shaft thereabove when such tank is moving in a downward direction than tanks of a conventional construction. Another advantage of the present invention is a floatation tank for wave motors which increases the efficiency of converting water motion to a suitable form of energy derived therefrom over existing floatation tanks.

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The prior art abounds with wave motor apparatuses, a major class of which utilizing reciprocally operating tanks which are buoyantly supported by a body of water. As each first weight reaches a desired height, a means releases both releasable ratchets to drop each first weight to turn the shaft by means of the first pulley and the non-releasable ratchet. A first pipe communicates to the interior of the tank by passing through the cap portion thereof. Above each float a first pulley having a first releasable ratchet and a non-releasable ratchet has a chain pass over it to hold a first weight at one end. Thus, there is disclosed in the above description and in the drawings, an embodiment of the invention which fully and effectively accomplishes the objects thereof. In this manner, when a large number of floats are employed, at least one of the weights will always be falling so as to provide a constant power output to the shaft.

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This effectively removes the advantage of the Kaplan apparatus such that the net force applied to the Kaplan chain when the float operating such chain moves in the downward direction is equivalent to the difference between the weight of the float and the buoyant forces of the water always contacting same. A rigid post, rod or other member may be secured to the exterior of the tank for purposes of transmitting the forces exerted on the tank by the body of water supporting same, when such tank moves upwardly and downwardly. A platform is provided, having supporting columns anchored in the soil beneath the body of water. Pipe 56 is shown communicating into the interior region 66 of tank 36. Eye-bolt-like device 68 is shown secured to cap end 46, having the lowermost end 70, of flexible line 72, secured thereto.

The output shaft is provided with a pulley for purposes of coupling such shaft to an electric generator or the like. The Kaplan apparatus teaches a mechanism which is effective in providing a turning force to the output shaft which is best suited for use with a float which cannot descend as rapidly as the water in the region adjacent thereto. On each float there is mounted a second pulley which engages the other end of the chain, the second pulley having a second releasable ratchet. As waves move each float up, a second releasable ratchet allows its second pulley to turn. Dolor de rodilla interno . A tank, of any size, may be constructed as an effective weight much greater than the actual weight thus allowing the improved tank to more nearly follow the undulations of the water supporting it. Yet, the improved tank is permitted to move upwardly as if its net buoyancy is much greater than the actual buoyant forces exerted thereon, tending to maintain the improved tank in a floated condition.

The floatation collar or buoyancy void or compartment must be of sufficient size so as to provide a buoyant force to the improved tank, maintaining same in a floating condition. Thus, the torque transmitted to the output shaft, regardless of direction taken by the Fallis tank is proportional to the difference between the buoyant forces exerted on the tank less the weight thereof. Such device includes hydraulic pumps which in turn operate hydraulic motors driving electric generators, rotating shafts which in turn drive electric generators and the like. Now referring to the figures, and more particularly to the prior art embodiment illustrated in FIG. One of the advantages of the present invention is an improved wave motor tank which is effectively locked to a body of water regardless of the size of the tank employed. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A primary object of the present invention is to provide an improved wave motor tank which is effectively locked to a body of water regardless of the size of the tank employed.

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A negative pressure is caused to be experienced in the upper closed end region of the tank, utilizing a flexible hose coupled to a vacuum pump, if desired therefor. A floatation collar or sealed chamber of any desired type is secured to, or made integral with, the container at a location adjacent the uppermost regions thereof.

If desired, additional weighted portions may be secured to the lowermost regions further tending to maintain the improved tank in an upright position. Alternatively, a permanently sealed floatation collar may be employed. Alternatively, collar 64 may be sealed off, containing air therein for floatation purposes. Alternatively, if desired, a valve may be interposed at the top of the tank such that when negative pressure is induced in the tank after having the open mouth portion thereof immersed in a body of water, the pipe may be removed, maintaining the negative pressure in the uppermost regions of the tank.

Typical of such a wave motor, is the apparatus taught in U.S. Conferencia sobre el proyecto de reforma al civil colombiano. Conferencia: Proyecto Reforma al Código Civil; Sucesiones. Conversatorio sobre proyecto ferropista para la cordillera central en el paso de La Línea. Menstruacion y dolor de espalda . Informe trimestral de Naciones Unidas sobre la verificación del Acuerdo de Paz.

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