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A balloon filled with pressurized air at 1 1 bars of absolute pressure with a diameter of 10 meters will be subject to a buoyant force of approximately 5,000,000 Newtons. If the pressure in the balloon is 1 atmosphere absolute pressure when the balloon is at the surface, then when the balloon is lowered by 90 meters the balloon will be subject to 10 bars of absolute pressure, and the balloon will necessarily shrink to one tenth its initial volume. In the above-described exemplary systems, as the balloon 100 is lowered to deeper depths or as it rises to shallower depths it will be subject to changes in pressures and temperature. The amount of work required to take up the slack is only the work required to overcome friction in the system, because the balloon 100 is not being pulled underwater. Motors to wind a reel to charge an associated power storage system, and generators to produce power from the turning of the reel when discharging the power storage system have been discussed.

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FERRARI 360 430 Upper Ball Joint with boots 203633 - eBay When the wave passes, the balloon is pulled up and there is a momentary increase in force that will cause the mechanism to begin reeling out the tether, turning the generator. The tension in the tether can be monitored continuously (or intermittently) in order to determine when to reel in the balloon and when to let the balloon out. 4, in the energy storage system 91 , rather than having the tether 102 connect the balloon 100 to the reel 108 and the motor and generator system 112 disposed on a barge, these may be positioned on land 131. Positioning the reel 108 and the motor and generator system 1 12 on a platform, or even on the sea-bed itself are also within the scope of the present disclosure. 1 and 2, the reel 108 and generator and motor system 112 can be out of the water, disposed on a floating barge 1 14, which can also be referred to as a floating structure, which floats on the surface 116 of the water.

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The balloon, or balloon skin, can be made out of a variety of materials. To avoid compromising the integrity of the balloon’s skin, the tether 102 can be attached to the balloon via a mesh net 210. The mesh net can be made out of steel cabling, or some other cable material such as nylon, and will protect the balloon skin from point strain that could lead to rupture. Energy is extracted from such a system by allowing the water to flow from the elevated reservoir back into the lower reservoir via turbines that spin generators, creating electricity. Energy is extracted from the system by allowing air to escape the pressurized vessel, again spinning turbines as the air moves.

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The only parts of the system in the water are very simple and resistant to wear and tear, those being a balloon, a pulley, and a tether. Alterations, modifications and variations can be effected to the particular embodiments by those of skill in the art without departing from the scope of the invention, which is defined solely by the claims appended hereto. Infeccion urinaria dolor lumbar . Forces on the pulleys 104 will not always be in a fixed direction, as water currents and tides can cause the forces on the pulley to change. 13C. Once the maximum volume is reached the balloon will continue to rise, constantly generating electricity by spinning the generator.

A second variant uses aerial hydrogen or helium filled balloons connected to a reel on the ground. At sea level and 0°Celcius, air has a density of approximately 1.29 grams per liter and hydrogen has a density of approximately 0.090 grams per liter. For the sake of example, consider a spherical balloon with a radius of 10 meters filled with hydrogen. 8a-8c. In this implementation, the balloon 100 is not fully submerged, and the internal pressure in the balloon can be atmospheric, as it does not need to be submerged.

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Another way to create a buoyant body (or buoyant object) that can resist the pressure at depth is to make it stiff-walled. The buoyant object can be a stiff-walled structure. 2. In reality, these components can be one unit, or separate units, without departing from the scope of the present disclosure. Regardless of the body of water in which the system is deployed, the bottom of the body of water in question can be referred to as a seabed or seafloor without departing from the scope of the present invention.

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The pulley or pulleys 104 shown in the above exemplary systems need to be fixed or anchored to the seabed. Waves can be used in conjunction with a variant of the above-described exemplary systems to generate power. A first variant uses submerged air filled balloons connected via pulleys anchored at the bottom of the body of water to reels disposed either on barges or on land. Areas with high wind power deployment are often oversupplied on windy days and this excess power capacity is often wasted The wind turbine can be used to directly mechanically actuate the reel, but it is more likely that the electricity generated by the wind turbines will be employed to actuate the reels of the storage system.

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The submerged systems will likely be well suited for large centralized power storage systems that service major cities near the ocean or any other suitable body of water. More likely materials are polymers and composites, which are pliable but stiff and strong. As a result, the system can be designed to be only as strong as necessary, with a small factor of safety. Espalda dolor lumbar . However, for pressurized air filled balloons in the water, there is very little safety concern since the explosion of a balloon would result simply in a brief frothing at the surface of the water and a sinking of the balloon and tether.

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As described below, ballast could be provided by way of a ballast sack that would be filled with earth or rocks. Many hollow spheres could be grouped together in a mesh net to act as a large buoyant body. There is a net buoyant force of 47,000 Newtons. In water, there is an approximate relationship of 1 bar of pressure per 10 meters of water head, so if a balloon at the surface (i.e., 1 atmosphere of absolute pressure or roughly one bar) is pulled down 90 meters, then the absolute pressure on the balloon is increased by about 1000% to 10 bar.

Air is expected to be the most economical and best performing material for submerged systems, but there may be an advantage to using other materials, such as incompressibility. Every year, all over the world, the generation capacity of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power is increasing. A variation on the aerial system of interest is a solar power generation system.

Fig. 2 shows the same system as Fig.

The balloon is designed so that it efficiently absorbs solar radiation and retains heat, but sheds enough heat to drop during the evening. In the preceding description, for purposes of explanation, numerous details are set forth in order to provide a thorough understanding of the embodiments of the invention. The above-described embodiments of the invention are intended to be examples only. The present invention relates generally to energy storage. Fig. Dolor de gluteo y pierna . 2 shows the same system as Fig. Another embodiment of the present disclosure is shown in Fig.

Furthermore, the force supplied by the wave to spin the reel can be used for things other than generating electricity. BAM can be coated either onto the ball bearings themselves, onto the races where they sit, or onto both. The system charges a storage system during the periods marked 304 and delivers peak power during the period marked 306. The peak power is delivered by running the discharging the storage system to increase the normal output of the generator. The generators and motors would need to be scaled to match the power requirements to bring the balloons down and to generate power as they all rise up. A large ballast with twice the density of water and over twice the mass of the water displaced by the balloon would work well. The motor and generator system 112 can also be referred to as a motor-generator unit.