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Such a ballasting system will not be described here in detail, but a system which may be incorporated into the apparatus of the present invention is disclosed in WO00/17519. Each pair of adjacent cylindrical members is directly connected together by coupling members which permit relative rotation of the cylindrical members about either a single axis of rotation or about two axes of rotation which are mutually orthogonal. Any coupling may be used which allows the pair of body members to rotate relative to one another about the first and second axes of rotation. At least one power extraction element 16 is connected across each coupling 14 between an adjacent pair of body members 12A-E. The power extraction element 16 resists the relative movements between the body members 12A-E and extracts power therefrom. Thus, relative rotation between the first and second body members 12A,12B will slide the piston rod 18 and associated piston (not shown) within the ram cylinder 17, thereby causing hydraulic fluid to flow between the extraction system and the cylinder 17. In the preferred embodiment illustrated, four extraction elements 16 are connected between the two body members 12A,12B, although one is hidden in FIG.

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La solución definitiva para los dolores de espalda It is preferable that the extraction elements are connected to the second body member of each pair about a third axis of rotation which is orthogonal to the second axis about which the second body member and coupling may rotate relative to one another. The power extraction element may be a hydraulic ram assembly having a piston rod and a cylinder, and wherein the cylinder is connected to the first body member and the piston rod is connected to the second body member.

WO00/17519 to the same applicant describes an apparatus and method for extracting power from ocean waves. For ease of reference the pins of the linkage will be referred to here as “vertical” and “horizontal”, but it will be appreciated that the pins themselves are not necessarily in the vertical and horizontal orientation when the apparatus is in use. Control of the magnitude of the differential restraint provides a gain control which can be set in small waves to maximise efficiency of and the power extracted by the converter, and in large waves to limit the response and thus improve the survivability of the converter.

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Thus power is extracted from the apparatus directly by converting the relative motion of adjacent body members into electricity. WO2004/088129 also to the same applicant describes a wave energy converter with a separate linkage unit providing a connection between each pair of body members. The power extraction system may comprise first and second pairs of power extraction elements, wherein the first and second pairs of elements are respectively located either side of the first axis of rotation and are symmetrical with respect to the second axis of rotation. The power extraction system may comprise a plurality of power extraction elements, each element having a first end connected to the first body member and a second end connected to the second body member.

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Connecting the second body member 12B and piston rod 18 about an axis D which is orthogonal to axis B means that relative twisting between adjacent body members 12 resulting from the combined angles of the coupling 14 is substantially reduced. In other words, each coupling 14 permits relative rotation of an adjacent pair of body members 12A-E about two axes of rotation, which are non-parallel and are preferably substantially orthogonal. FIG. 5 shows the substantially perpendicular first and second axes of rotation A,B discussed above, as well as a roll bias angle φ applied to each body member 12A-E relative to the vertical V. The roll bias angle φ is achieved by mooring or ballasting the apparatus, and is utilised to generate a cross-coupling of the heave and sway motions experienced by the apparatus in response to wave forces.

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The connection 22 comprises a lug 50 which projects from the rear of the first body member 12A in a direction substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the apparatus. Dolor en los dedos de la mano . The pivot linkage member is a substantially cross-shaped member made up of two integrally formed and substantially perpendicular pivot pins. Each of the first and second ends of the or each extraction element may be connected to its respective body member such that the first and second ends may each rotate relative to their respective body members about third and fourth axes of rotation.

FIG. 5 is an end view of the rear of the first body member 12A with the plate 20 and connections 22,24 in place. FIGS. 7( a) and 7(b) show how the present invention can yield a moment envelope better suited to the application. FIG. 6( b) shows the regular shape of the moment envelope resulting from positioning a first pair of extraction elements 16 a,16 b and a second pair of extraction elements 16 c,16 d on orthogonal axes, as is known in the art and illustrated schematically in FIG. Although not shown in the figures, the cylinder 17 of each ram assembly is attached to the first body member 12A by way of a ball joint which axially fixes the cylinder 17 relative to the first body member 12A but which allows relative rotation between the cylinder 17 and first body member 12A about axes parallel to the axes C,D defined by the pins of the linkage member at the end of the piston rod 18. To prevent roll, the ball joint is restricted from allowing relative rotational motion of the cylinder 17 and first body member 12A about the longitudinal axis of the ram.

In addition, it means that components of the extraction system can be assembled and installed as a module in each body member, rather than having components either side of each coupling. Each body member has a longitudinal axis, and the cylinder and piston rod may be connected to their respective body members such that relative axial movement is prevented between the cylinder and first body member and between the piston rod and the second body member. 6( a) is connected between a body member and the coupling rather than directly between the first and second body members as in the present invention.

6( a) and 6(b) to produce the modified moment envelope shown in FIG. Plotting the maximum moment as a function of direction gives a moment envelope in terms of the two angular degrees of freedom at the joint. FIGS. 6( a) and 6(b) and 7(a) and 7(b) illustrate the comparative positions of power extraction elements in a prior art apparatus versus the present invention, and the resultant changes to the moment envelope available in each apparatus. A relative twist induced at the end of the piston rod 18 by the clevis fork arrangement 65 is in the opposite direction to that induced at the connections 24 between the second body member 12B and the plate 20 for a given angle combination. The connections between the respective body members and the coupling may be covered by protective bellows.

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Using extraction elements of the same size has benefits in terms of both time and cost of manufacture, as tooling will be the same for each extraction element. Como evitar el dolor muscular . This means that the there is less energy loss from the extraction elements to the extraction system as they can be positioned very close to one another. The upper pair of extraction elements are located closer to one another than the lower pair of elements. In FIG. 4 the hydraulic rams have been reinstated so as to illustrate how they may be attached to the second body member 12B. Again, a protective bellows 60 is usually located over the attachment but one has been removed for illustrative purposes in FIG. The power extraction system housed within the first body member 12A will not be described here in more detail, but systems which would be suitable for use in the present invention are described and illustrated in both WO00/17519 and WO2004/088129 to the same applicant.

The connection 22 also comprises a bearing assembly (not shown) housed within the plate 20 into which the pivot pins 52 locate. The high pressure oil then flows out via pilot valves to variable displacement hydraulic motors which drive an electrical generator connected directly to the grid. Criteria which influence the selection of the roll bias angle include the length and diameter of the apparatus, the mean wave period at the site where the apparatus is to be deployed, and the nature of the power extraction elements applied at the joints. These and other modifications and improvements may be incorporated without departing from the scope of the present invention.

The present invention is directed to an improved apparatus for extracting power from waves. It is known to use an apparatus such as a wave energy converter to extract power from those waves. Ocean waves represent a significant energy resource. Referring to FIG. 1, there is shown an apparatus for extracting power from waves. 6( a), so the only option is for some of the extraction elements to be repositioned at a closer radial distance to the longitudinal axis of the apparatus. This means that in the known arrangement the pairs of elements cannot be repositioned circumferentially as they must to remain in the orthogonal arrangement shown in FIG. Remedios naturales para el dolor lumbar . This will be described in further detail below. This is illustrated in FIG. The preferred position of the first pairs of elements 16 a,16 b relative to the second pair of elements 16 c,16 d is again shown schematically in FIG.