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The guide mechanism may be coupled to one or more axles that are in turn coupled to the drive gear 1512 (and, optionally, a gearing mechanism) such that one full rotation of the drum 1513 causes the guide mechanism to travel a specified length of the drum 1513 in a first direction along the rotational axis of the drum. In FIG. 5A, displacement vessel 502 is resting at a point directly above anchor 508 at a distance 519 a above the anchor 508. Anchor cable 503 has a length L1 from displacement vessel 502 to anchor 508. Tidal drag forces may shift displacement vessel 502 in a lateral direction 522 a with respect to its original position. This process may allow for a manufacturer to save on materials by producing displacement vessels using a smaller quantity of raw input materials. The drive cable 110 may be composed of materials such as braided steel cable, fiber rope, chain, extruded metal or polymer, or any suitable combination of materials.

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Muletas Apoyo Juego Muleta X 2u Ortopedia Fibra Aluminio.. The drive gear 112 may include one or more gears on an axle in any suitable arrangement of gear sizes and gear types. Nonetheless, the displacement vessel may be inflated with air or another suitable gas or fluid while the displacement vessel is under water. By manufacturing the displacement vessels on-site, shipping costs, set-up time, and set-up expenses may be significantly reduced. The additional drag that is captured by the drag panel 521 may provide additional forces that can be converted into mechanical energy by the directional converter and ultimately, electricity by the electrical power generator. The method according to the invention involves converting vertical motion caused by rising and falling tidal action into rotational energy and transferring the resulting rotational energy to operate an electrical power generator for producing electricity. For example, if a single anchor cable is used to anchor the displacement vessel, a larger diameter cable may be required to withstand the pulling force of the displacement vessel moves vertically with the rising and falling of the tide or moves horizontally from the ebb and flow of tidal action.

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FIG. 20B shows a side view of an exemplary displacement vessel. FIG. 20A shows an isometric view of an exemplary displacement vessel. As another aspect of the present invention, a locking mechanism (not shown) or rotation limiter may be included in the directional converter 109 to lock the displacement vessel 102 at a desired distance above the stationary location. The displacement vessel may generally be anchored to the stationary location by at least one anchor cable that is operatively coupled to a rotatable drum on the directional converter which is in turn operatively coupled to the generator essentially as described above. 5A-5C. In this embodiment, an anchor cable 603 is connected to the drag panel 621 at both sides of the drag panel 621. The location along the drag panel 621 where the anchor cable 603 is connected may correspond to a center of mass of the displacement vessel 602, such that when a current causes the displacement vessel 602 to drift, the displacement vessel 602 will remain relatively stable in the water while maintaining a force on the anchor cable 603. The other end of the anchor cable 603 may be coupled to at least one directional converter and at least one generator as described above.

Each control cable 1928 a and 1928 b may be coupled to a respective control mechanism located in compartments 1944 a and 1944 b that independently wind/unwind each control cable to effectuate steering of the displacement vessel. Con que se quita el dolor de espalda . The control mechanism 1220 may comprise, for example, a motor, winch, or a drum and a spring affixed to an axle. In one example, an axle on which the drum is fixed may include a gear that is operatively coupled by a chain to a gear on an axle of the fixed magnet generator. In this embodiment, the directional converters are axles (rather than drums) around which the anchor cable is wound. 9, the anchor cable may be continuous loop (rather than an anchor cable having two ends). Stresses within the displacement vessel wall due to the inflation would be decreased due to the smaller strains in the displacement vessel wall, thus allowing the walls to be manufactured thinner than the thickness which would be required if the displacement vessel was to be inflated at atmospheric pressure.

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FIGS. 13A and 13B show a rendering of a displacement vessel 1302 having a drag panel 1321 with a parabolic shape. In particular, FIG. 20A shows a displacement vessel 2002 manufactured in modular components to facilitate transportation of the displacement vessel 2002. The displacement vessel 2002 includes first portion 2002 a, second portion 2002 b, and third portion 2002 c that may be manufactured separately and assembled together with the drag panel 2021 to form the complete displacement vessel 2002. One of skill in the art will recognize that a displacement vessel may be manufactured out of any number of modular components to form a complete displacement vessel. Dolor de rodilla parte trasera . The drag panel may increase the surface area upon which drag forces act due to the ebb and flow caused by tidal action (or drag forces caused by other ocean currents), allowing the displacement vessel to be more effectively moved by the drag forces caused by the ebb and flow of the water.