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If the magnet has a relatively low magnetic field, a ferrofluid of relatively high magnetization should be used. Since the magnetic repulsion force varies with 1/d4, where d is the difference between two magnets, the repulsive force increases very rapidly as the moving magnet approaches one of the end magnets. Other ferrofluids with static friction coefficients up to about 0.02 could also be used, such as Ferrotec (USA) Corporation type EMG 805, a water based ferrofluid with a static friction coefficient of about 0.01 and a viscosity of about 5 cp, since the power output achievable with a 0.01 static friction coefficient is still about 75% that achievable with a zero friction system. A movable permanent magnet 2 is housed within a nonmagnetic enclosure 4, with magnets 6 and 8 at opposite ends of the enclosure in axial polar opposition to central magnet 2. Thus, the ends of the moving and end magnets which face each other are of like magnetic polarity so that the kinetic energy of the moving magnet is converted to potential energy as it approaches an end magnet, and then back to kinetic energy as it is repelled away from the end magnet.

U.S. Pat. No. 4,064,409 utilized the characteristic of ferrofluids experiencing rapid changes in their magnetic properties with changing temperature, by placing a magnet around a closed circuit ferrofluid system to create a self-pumping action of the ferrofluid through a solenoid that generates electric power. In the illustrated embodiment, a pair of buoyant tubular enclosures 48, 50 are connected transverse to each other at their midsections. Their outputs can be combined to produce a steadier supply of power than with a single generator. This ultra low friction level can be achieved with a ferrofluid bearing that provides a low friction interface between the magnet and support structure.

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This provides a smoother movement between the magnet and its enclosure during a normal walking movement. The magnet’s magnetic field will typically range from about 500-4,000 Gauss, and the magnetization of the ferrofluid from about 50-400 Gauss. In one embodiment, the magnet moves within an enclosure and produces a moving magnetic field that generates an electrical signal in a surrounding conductive coil. The dimensions of the components are preferably selected to leave a gap between the ferrofluid beads 10 and 12 and the upper enclosure wall, thereby preventing an air buildup on one side of the sliding magnet and a partial vacuum on the other side that could otherwise develop and retard the magnet’s movement. To enable a highly sensitive response of the magnet to movements of its support structure, ferrofluid bearings are preferably employed as an interface between the magnet and support structure. 6, but is suspended in air and moved by the wind to generate electricity.

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For example, a walking motion or other normal motions such as turning, tapping, bowing, or even riding in a vehicle that is subject to vibration, can easily generate a useful amount of electricity when the support structure is held in the user’s hand or in a shirt pocket, while slight off-horizontal movements due to wave or wind action can also be used for electrical generation. The enclosure can be housed in a buoyant outer enclosure to that the unit generates an electrical signal when the outer enclosure is floating and subjected to wave action, or the unit can be suspended to generate an electrical signal in response to wind. These goals are achieved with an electrical generator in which a magnet is arranged to move relative to a support structure, the assembly having a critical angle of displacement from a horizontal static position of less than 1 degree, and even of less than 10 minutes.

A support structure 54 includes a suspension system 56 that suspends the apparatus in the air, where it can be blown by the wind. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention seeks to provide a new electrical generator system and method in which frictional forces between a magnet and support structure are so low that relative movement between the magnet and a proximate conductive coil is sufficient for useful electrical power generation, even if the movement is horizontal and only a slight movement is imparted to the support structure. Representative applications include battery charging systems, flashlights, environmental sensors, emergency transmitters and cellular telephones. Dolor muscular hipotiroidismo . The application of the invention to an emergency transmitter is illustrated in FIG. 6. This system is useful for powering an emergency transmitter, a repeater station for underwater cable, and for other marine applications requiring an electrical power source that is not otherwise available. 5,452,520, ferrofluid bands provide bearings for a magnet that slides within an inclinometer, with movements of the magnet away from a neutral position detected by a Hall element or coil, and used to energize coils at each end of the device which restore the magnet to its neutral position.

Elimina El Dolor De Muelas En Un Minuto Con Estos Remedios.. As the magnet slides over the tube in the vicinity of the coil, an electrical output is produced by the coil and detected by voltmeter 82. This variation can be used by itself, or coupled with an additional outer coil that surrounds the magnet. The static friction coefficient was measured by raising one end of the substrate 66 off the horizontal surface 68 until the magnet began to slide along the substrate, determining the substrate’s critical off-horizontal angle of displacement at which sliding movement began, returning the substrate to horizontal, lifting its other end until the magnet started to slide in the opposite direction, determining the critical angle of displacement from horizontal for sliding to begin in that direction, and averaging the two angles.

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A ferrofluid within the enclosure is naturally attracted to the poles of magnet 2 to form beads 10, 12 around the end poles of the magnet. The characteristics of the ferrofluid and magnet are related. FIG. 3 illustrates one possible configuration for the enclosure 4 in which a shaped raceway 34 is provided in the wall of an otherwise circular cross-sectional enclosure, with the magnet 2 dimensioned so that it slides in the raceway and avoids lateral motion. Wind vanes or other embellishments can be added to increase the generator’s profile and make it more sensitive to wind. Also, instead of placing the magnet inside a housing and winding the coil around the outside of the housing, the elements could be reversed with the coil inside the magnet. The signal produced with one example of the FIG.

Thus, in the example of a hand held flashlight with a magnet and coil assembly for supplying power to the bulb, simply holding the flashlight in the user’s hand while walking so that it moves in a shallow, generally horizontal arc corresponding to the user’s hand motion, may be insufficient to cause adequate motion of the magnet relative to the housing. These and other features and advantages of the invention will be apparent to those skilled in the art from the following detailed description, taken together with the accompanying drawings. Dolor en el frente de la rodilla . Accordingly, it is intended that the invention be limited only in terms of the appended claims.