Eight Things About TURBOs You (Probably) Never Knew – Garrett Motion

Add a motion board for an active standing option that gives your body a whole new range of movements, from rocking to swiveling. The ability to place the apparatus 10 in virtually any location on a vehicle adds significant flexibility in allowing various forms of electrically powered components to be placed in locations that would otherwise not be practical or possible if batteries and electrical wiring was required for communicating power to the component(s). BACKGROUND The statements in this section merely provide background information related to the present disclosure and may not constitute prior art. SUMMARY The present disclosure is related to an energy harvesting apparatus and method. 10 in accordance with one implementation of the present disclosure. 2 and 6, the piezoelectric beam 12 comprises a multi-layer assembly having a center substrate 26, and piezoelectric material layers 28 and 30 adhered on opposing surfaces of the center substrate 26. The center substrate 26 may be formed from any suitable, slightly flexible material, and in one implementation is formed by a carbon laminate material layer having a zero degree fiber orientation.

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9 Causas del dolor de estómago Each piezoelectric material layer 28, 30 may be formed from one or more distinct layers that are adhered or otherwise bonded together. In one implementation the electrically responsive material comprises at least one piezoelectric layer of material. It would enhance the utility and efficiency of an energy harvesting device significantly if such a device was responsive to vibration energy over a wide frequency band, as well as responsive to very small amplitudes of vibration energy. Still further, a vibration energy harvesting device that is highly compact and lightweight, and which is able to harvest vibration energy over a wide frequency band.

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Garrett Motion has been producing turbochargers since the 1950s. Since that time, the technology has become synonymous with high-end performance in vehicles, but turbos are also now commonly used by automakers around the globe to improve energy efficiency through engine downsizing. In It For The Long Haul: Turbocharger performance is integral to engine design and performance, which is why reliability is extremely important. While your car’s engine revs, at cruise, at around 2,000 rpm, a turbo’s turbine can reach rotational speeds of more than 280,000 rpm. Dolor de espalda en la menstruacion . Fine Engineering: The required level of accuracy when designing and manufacturing the size of a turbo’s components is, in some cases, smaller than the width of a human hair. In manufacturing the piezoelectric beam 12, one method of manufacture may employ using a pair of piezoelectric material sheets that are positioned on opposing surfaces of a prepreg material at room temperature. Cars using Garrett turbochargers have won the 24hrs of Le Mans endurance race every year for the past 20 years.

By 2021, 48 percent of all new vehicles are expected to have a turbo fitted. Garrett products can have as much as 40 percent better torque and emit as much as 28 percent less nitrous oxides than copy replacement parts not built to the exacting original equipment specifications of your vehicle.

Going Green: By 2020 Garrett expects that 7 percent of all cars on the road will be hybrids – at least 2 percent of which will be turbocharged. Speaking of accessories, we offer a growing collection of ergonomic tools that stow away easily underneath height adjustable desks. Although it will be appreciated that the apparatus 10 is not limited to such an attachment arrangement. 1 and 8. Since the apparatus 10 forms a highly compact arrangement, it is well suited for use in a wide variety of applications where space limitations might not permit the use of larger energy harvesting assemblies. 8-10. a description of operation of the apparatus 10 will be provided. It will be appreciated, however, that the support element 32 can have other forms or configurations which permit relative motion, including only one pivotal end, without departing from the scope of this disclosure.

4 restricts the attachment component 54 from rotation, allowing the nut 60 to be adjusted without rotating the attachment component 54. The nut 60 enables a desired axial pre-loading force to be imparted to the beams 12 and 14. A second attachment component 54 and second nut 60 is used to secure the opposite distal end of the coupling element 52 in like fashion.

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Since the apparatus 10 is able to produce electrical signals that can be used to power an electrical powered component, the elimination of a battery provides the additional advantage that environment disposal concerns are eliminated, which would otherwise be present with the use and replacement of a battery. The proof masses are further coupled via the coupling element such that they are able to pivot as both beams flex in response to vibration. 2) are situated in one pair of recesses 42, the support element 32 is able to freely rotate in accordance with arrow 44 in FIG. FIG. Dolor de rodilla calor o frio . 8 illustrates the apparatus 10 before the apparatus has received any vibrating energy from a vibrating structure.

The beam is secured to an external structure that generates vibration energy. The supporting structure 15 includes a plate forming an upper proof mass 16, a plate forming a lower proof mass 18, and a coupling assembly 20 that draws the proof masses 16 and 18 towards one another to compress the beams 12 and 14. Suitable electrical leads are coupled to the piezoelectric beam to receive electrical output signals generated by the beam 12 as the beam flexes. In FIG. 9, a vibration force directed in accordance with arrow 70 is imparted to the attachment structure 24, which causes the piezoelectric beam 12 to flex into a substantially flat orientation. 8 into the position of FIG. In this embodiment, the apparatus 10 includes a first, normally straight. An attachment structure 24 permits the apparatus to be attached to or supported either partially or entirely, from a vibrating structure.

12, and a second biasing member in the form of a biasing beam 14. The beams 12 and 14 are held slightly compressed by a supporting structure 15 so as to be normally slightly bowed or “buckled”. A coupling element extends between the two proof masses and urges the proof masses towards one another, thus compressing the beam and the biasing member. 9. Thus, the alternate flexing movement of the piezoelectric beam 12 will be assisted by the biasing member 14. and the piezoelectric beam 12 will generate two electrical pulses or signals for each flexing cycle. An advantage of the coupling assembly 20 and proof masses 16 and 18 is that these components form an especially compact, lightweight and effective arrangement for holding the beams 12 and 14 in an initially compressed orientation, such that each of the beams 12 and 14 is bowed or flexed slightly as shown in FIGS.