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Acupuntura en ginecología y obstetricia - canalSALUD Another aim of the invention is to provide various exemplary embodiments of efficient wave energy converters (above-water and under-water) utilizing said transducer, which converters may optionally be used for production of hydrogen from seawater. Thus, according to changing parameters sensed and measured by sensor device 136S, and based on a program, processor 135 commutates certain coils of the MSL-IWET (and may optionally regulate the amounts of induced currents by semiconductor or other control circuitry), providing efficient energy conversion, as previously described in the above section “Example of Operation of A Two-Sectional MSL-IWET”. Thus, it is important and beneficial to establish a control system capable to measure the instant sea wave parameters (amplitude, frequency, phase), the system internal parameters (such as displacement of the IWET inductors in relation to the armatures, the velocity of the displacement, the acceleration of each IWET, the height and differential flows between neighboring virtual vessels, etc.) in order to operatively, dynamically, and optimally adapt the system to resemble the “wave situation”.

When these wave and MHDU parameters reach predetermined levels, the control unit issues regulative signals to turn on or off water pumps 183, to switch the operative modes of MHDU 184 (water moving or power generating), etc. A pair of magnets 184M should produce a magnetic flux of a predetermined amount in the portion of chamber 185, embraced by the pair of magnets. During a storm, the amplitude of waves, and the displacement of rod 150 are increasing, and the ending magnets 110A enter the zones of magnetic interaction with ending (uppermost and lowermost) teeth 120AE (the air gap is equal to g3A), and, if coils 130A1 and 130A4 are switched on and connected to the rectifier, an electric current is induced therein, slowing the movement of rod 150, but producing more electric power at the same time. Core 120 is generally made similar to the previous embodiment, and may include teeth of different height for the reasons described above.

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8 d. For a wind-driven embodiment, a possible shape of an impeller (162M) is also depicted on FIG. 11. In this embodiment, electrolyzer 176 receives seawater from a water pump (179), which in turn may receive the output water heated up in said heat exchanger described above in the section called “MSL-IWET: Modified Lower And Bottom Compartments With A Heat Exchanger”. After the hurricane or strong storm discontinues, the emergency pumps will pump out the water body from the tanks, and the base platform will be lifted upon the ocean surface. The above disclosed “IWECS With Freely Buoying Floats” may alter its natural frequency, by changing the height of aforesaid “virtual vessels” (and therefore the added mass) with special telescopic extensions attached to the bottom of the virtual vessel, and/or by regulating a differential flow of seawater between any pair of the virtual vessels and between the virtual vessels and the surrounding water body, thereby changing the “flexibility” (an inverse characteristic to the “rigidity”) of the oscillating system.

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150) pushing a frame (152) attached to the upper end of rod 150. FIGS. Que causa dolor de espalda baja . 8 d. Only extra-strong outer impacts cause the ending sections to be involved in operation intensively decelerating rod 150 with all inductor cores, at the same time producing more electric power. 8 b (a combination of three sections will be discussed further in a modified embodiment).

An embodiment of a near-shore (or on-shore) IWEC is illustrated on FIG. FIG. 4 is a view of a linear near-shore inventive wave energy converter (IWEC) employing said linear IWET, according to an embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 6 a is a frontal view of a floating platform-based pendulum IWEC, employing a pendulum IWET, according an embodiment of the present invention. According to that patent, it is possible to use a plurality of such generators to form a larger power generating grid.

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FIG. 5 a is a schematic frontal sectional side view of an underwater pendulum IWEC, according to an embodiment of the present invention. The coils are spaced apart from each other and connected electrically so that the current produced in a first coil as a result of movement of the moving magnet is substantially in phase with current produced in said second coil.” So, a major feature of Konotchick’s invention is the movement of magnet(s) inside at least two coils producing, as taught, electric current more efficiently, due to a special distance between the coils and a special way of the coils connection.

Two springs (147) are mounted to the left (or above in the vertical installation) from core 120R1, and to the right (or under in the vertical installation) from core 120R2. Springs 147 are fixed with their inward edges to rod 150, and fixed preferably to casing’s surfaces immovable relatively to the armature. Therefore, the volumes of the two portions 146 and 148 inversely change during the vertical reciprocating movements of rod 150. The lower compartment is filled up with a suitable primary cooling liquid (a means of inletting and outletting the liquid are not shown herein) used for cooling up the armature coils as mentioned above. Core 120 may comprise laminated thin plates made of soft iron or a type of iron used in conventional transformers to suppress parasitic eddy currents. A system state close to a resonance may be achieved by controllably regulating all the above mentioned system parameters, in which state, the IWECS will generate maximum electric power.

All the above-mentioned IWETs during their operation, in general based on electromagnetic induction, might also alter the natural frequency of the platform-floats system they are coupled with. Another aim is to show examples of a cooling system for such a transducer driven by the wave motion. No. Algo bueno para el dolor de espalda . 5,818,132 to Konotchick describes “a linear motion electric power generator for generating electric current from work done by an intermittent force. The IWET also provides means to absorb energy of excessive waves and simultaneously to benefit from them by converting that energy into additional electric power to be consumed by electrical load circuits. Sea waves distinguish from most other conventional energy sources by their relatively low frequencies, intermittence, chaotic nature, wide range and low predictability of their amplitudes, frequencies, and directions. While the structural arrangements of the above described and many other devices, at first appearance, have similarities with the present invention, they differ in material respects.

7 a. In the other words, four rotatable IWETs should preferably be connected to the rack gear described above to substantially equally distribute the mechanical load on the shafts. Another possible option is to use one double-side impeller with two blades coupled to each other by their rear sides, and with the concave frontal sides facing outwardly, wherein each blade catches forward and backward waves respectively. U.S. Pat. No. 6,515,375 teaches an adaptive wave motion electrical generator comprising wire coil and magnet structure movable relatively to each other and generating electric current.

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Platform 170 comprises a plurality of substantially vertical cylindrical through channels herein called necks (178), made so that the top opening of each neck 178 is situated on the upper surface of platform 170, and the bottom opening of the neck is situated in the aforesaid substantially horizontal plane with the top of hole 174. The diameter of neck 178 is less than the diameter of hole 174. Dolor muscular fosa iliaca izquierda . The central vertical axis of hole 174 and the central vertical axis of neck 178 substantially coincide. For an effective energy conversion, the dimensions of the float should generally commensurate with the wavelength that often is substantially greater than the float’s dimensions.