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The blade of the horizontal axis wind turbine of FIG. A wind turbine blade mounted on a teetering pivot at the mill shaft may be made to whirl in a shallow cone-shaped disk by dispensing with the aerodynamic roller, using only a conventional airfoil type blade, in a one blade design with a balancing stub, with a massive fast-spinning counter-roller in the stub, spinning on an axis lengthwise to the blade. This action may be seen by mentally projecting the centers of mass of ballast 6A and 6B and of airfoil 2, generally toward mill shaft 20, specifically in directions parallel to the axis of tube 33 to a flat geometric plane containing the axis of mill shaft 20, and standing perpendicular to the axis of tube 33. Now, with the centers of the combined mass of 6A and 6B and the mass of 2 no longer in the plane of the paper, they lie on opposite sides of the axis of 20. Therefore, when whirling occurs around shaft 20, the masses of 6A and 6B, and the mass of 2 are forced outwardly away from shaft 20 by centrifugal action, carrying the airfoil to a “flatter” angle more nearly crosswise to the natural wind, and closer to lying in the whirling plane of the blade.

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This may be seen in the section of FIG. A single bladed machine has an effective disk area just as great as a two-bladed or three-bladed machine using the same blade radius, but the cost of one blade plus stub is less than the cost of two or three blades. One piece blade with no moving parts, weathervaning and teetering at blade hub tube 31. Solid one piece blade stub.

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Dancing people funny cartoon style icons collection with men and women in free movement poses isolat 5) When a roller is whirled like the blade of a windmill, attached at its inner end to the horizontal mill shaft of the windmill, standing radially from the shaft and perpendicular to it, it experiences combined rotations, one being rotation around the lengthwise roller axis and the other being around the windmill axis.

Mass balances 39 are rigidly attached to motor box 34, with the dual function of contributing to the static balance of the blade around the axis of mill shaft 20, and around teetering pivot 21, and contributing to the centrifugal blade flattening action acting on airfoil 2. They function as a “balanced pair”.

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Motor 56 on FIG. 1C, it may be observed that a “nose-up” pitching displacement of the airfoil section (FIG. 16 and 17 can be applied to monitor RPM and power output so as not to overload structure or electrical systems, with the result that they may all harvest power when it is abundant, limited only by means to absorb the power and use it or store the energy. When the positions of the centrifugal masses are to be changed for blade angle control, the blade may be designed to be centrifugally neutral overall, and a balanced pair of “anti-flattening” masses standing perpendicular to the chord plane may be drawn in toward axis p to produce blade flattening (FIGS. It is a replaceable shear pin which fails when the opposing centrifugal moments and aerodynamic moments exceed a limiting structural design value.