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The switches 172 and 166 are thus both actuated in the same direction and the motors 142 and 152 are operated to move the float units inwardly to match the crest spacing. In FIG. 13, the switch 172 is closed on its upper contact 198, energizing upper relay coil 178 and pulling moving contact 182 against contact 184. Switch 166 is also closed on its upper contact 200, energizing coil 188 and pulling moving contact 192 against contact 194. The power supply is then connected through relays 174 and 176 to motors 142 and 152 in parallel. 13. Power from any suitable power supply is applied through switch 172 to a relay 174 and through switch 166 to a relay 176. Relay 174 has a pair of coils 178 and 180 which move the moving contact 182 in opposite directions to complete a circuit with either the upper contact 184 or the lower contact 186. Relay 176 similarly has a pair of coils 188 and 190 which move the moving contact 192 to either the upper contact 194 or the lowercontact 196. The neutral or off positions of the switches and relays are indicated in broken line.

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Black background with glowing light effect In this, the inactive condition, there is no circuit to the motors, since this requires both switches to be closed in the same direction. Switches 172 and 166 are thus both actuated in the opposite direction, causing the motors to drive the float units apart. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The machine is constructed on a substantially rectangular tubular frame 10, having longitudinal side beams 12 and 14 joined at opposite ends by cross beams 16 and 18. Como calmar el dolor de rodilla por artrosis . The frame is supported on a pair of float units 20 and 22, which are similar in construction but opposite handed. Another object of this invention is to provide a new and improved power generating machine having floats which automatically adjust to the spacing of the swells.

Mounted on frame 10 is an air compressor 62 having a piston 64 with an extended piston rod 66. The piston rod is connected by a link rod 68 to a coupling 70 attached to lower hinge bearing 58, so that motion of the pantograph drives the piston. A stabilizing bar 72 extends downwardly from the pivotal connection 74 of piston rod 66 and link rod 68, the lower end of the stabilizing bar being attached to a shaft 76 journalled between support frames 78 which are fixed below side beams 12 and 14. Compressor 62 has a one way intake valve 80 and a one way outlet valve 82, with an outlet pipe 84 for connection to a utilization or storage means for the compressed air. Upper arms 50 extend from bearings 48 to an upper hinge bearing 52. Spaced below bearings 48 on the posts 46 are lower bearings 54, from which lower arms 56 extend to lower hinge bearings 58. Connecting legs 60 interconnect the upper and lower hinge bearings 52 and 58 to complete the parallelogram or pantograph structure.

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Float legs 42 are fixed to lower hinge bearings 52 and extend vertically downwardly, maintaining vertical alignment with the connecting legs 60 as the pantograph rises and falls, as indicated in FIG. The reverse motion of each rack segment, as it engages the pinion, causes the ratchet to freewheel, the inertia of the flywheel maintaining constant power.

Through the ratchet mechanism, this reciprocating driving motion is carried to the flywheel. Another object of this invention is to provide a new and improved power generating machine which generates continuous power from the reciprocating swell action. 9, a sensing float 154 is mounted on an arm 156, which is pivotally attached to a control unit 158 on the leg 30 of float unit 20. A similar sensing float 160 on an arm 162 is pivotally mounted on a control unit 164 on leg 30 of float unit 22. The control unit 164, which is typical, contains a snap action switch 166 with an actuating rocker 168. A finger 170 extends from arm 156 to engage the rocker 168 and actuate the switch when the float 154 rises or falls from a neutral position relative to float 34. Switch 166 has a central off position and two on positions at the up and down positions of finger 170. A switch 172 in control unit 158 operates in a similar manner.

Sensing floats are pivotally mounted near the main floats to sense the contour of the swells and actuate drive means which varies the float spacing to match that of the swells. One of the lower arms 56 of pantograph 44 is attached to its lower bearing 54 by a collar 130, to which is secured a gear rack 132. The gear rack extends to and straddles pinion 112 and has an outer toothed rack segment 136, which engage the pinion on opposite sides. In FIG. Dolor de espalda pulmon . 7, the directional arrow 138 indicates a downward motion of rack 132, with rack segment 134 causing clockwise rotation of pinion 112. In FIG.

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8, directional arrow 140 indicates upward motion of the rack, with rack segment 136 causing clockwise rotation of the pinion. Through the pantograph mechanism the motion is transferred to the air compressor 62 and, through the flywheel 100 to the generator 94 and blower 96. Once in operation the generated power may be used to drive the float control motors, making the machine self-sustaining.