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1 in which the generator is mounted upside down (compared to as shown in FIG. In still other embodiments, the generator 100 is mounted upside down such that the bottom of the base 105 is facing upward and the tops of the ribs 125 and the sail 150 are facing downward.

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Silent Landing The undulation propagates along the sail 150 such that each portion of the sail 150 has an interactive force on the adjacent portion of the sail 150. The phasing of the ribs 125 and the crank arms 140 results in a smooth, controlled undulation and smooth power transmission to the crankshaft 135, as discussed below. 1, the generator 100 includes a base 105 having end supports 110 and interior supports 115; a support shaft 120 coupled to each end support 110 and passing through a hole in each interior support 115; a plurality of ribs 125 rotatably attached to the support shaft 120 by means of rib sockets 130; a crankshaft 135 comprising a plurality of shafts 155, throws 160, and crank arms 140; and a plurality of linkages 145 connecting the ribs 125 to the crank arms 140. The generator 100 also includes a flexible sail 150 coupled to the ribs 125. In the embodiment shown in FIG.

The rib sockets 130 include a horizontal portion through which the support shaft 120 is inserted and a vertical portion perpendicular to the horizontal portion into which a first end of a rib 125 is inserted, as discussed below with respect to FIG. For example, a process, method, article, or apparatus that comprises a list of elements is not necessarily limited to only those elements but may include other elements not expressly listed or inherent to such process, method, article, or apparatus. Thus, while particular embodiments and applications have been illustrated and described, it is to be understood that the described subject matter is not limited to the precise construction and components disclosed herein and that various modifications, changes and variations which will be apparent to those skilled in the art may be made in the arrangement, operation and details of the method and apparatus disclosed.

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The scope of protection should be limited only by the following claims. CROSS REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS This application claims the benefit of U.S. FIG. 2 is a crank arm of the fluid-powered generator of FIG. FIG. 2 is a crank arm 140 of the fluid-powered generator 100 of FIG.

In other embodiments, the generator 100 contains different and/or additional elements. Upon reading this disclosure, those of skill in the art will appreciate still additional alternative structural and functional designs for a fluid-powered generator. However, one of skill in the art will recognize that the generator 100 and thus the rib sockets 130 are smaller or larger than the displayed embodiment in alternative configurations.

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