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SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION Various enbodiments of a wave-powered electric generator are described which include, within a buoyant envelope tethered to a fixed point relative to the sea bottom, one or more stators each including a moving element, called a rotor, as well as a rectifier for rectifying the electric energy generated by relative motion of the rotor element within the stator as the buoyant envelope is subjected to wave motion, and power transmission means for supplying the generated and rectified electric energy to a power station. Shaft 74 also bears spur gears 76, one at each end of the shaft, which gears engage a rack gear 78 mounted within the buoyant envelope. As the seas build, the rate of motion of rotor 22 within stator 18 increases, and the extent of motion of rotor 22′ within stator 18′ increases, both effects significantly increasing the power generated by this structure.

The rotor shaft also includes a commutator structure 82 which converts the power generated within the rotor into a direct current that is led from the buoyant envelope by a conductive element 84 preferably attached alongside the tether 86, and then to a shore-based station for distribution. This motion will generate an electromotive force within the windings of the rotor, producing a current that is led from commutator 82 by the electric cable 84 to a shore or water based power station. However, the seawalls preferably are not so high that a wave magnitude is produced in heavy seas which threatens the structure or tethering of the generators. While the stator assembly may include poles about which are wrapped electrical windings to generate a magnetic field upon application of power, such as from the shore or water based power station, preferably these poles are permanently magnetized, thereby simplifying somewhat the structure.

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5, is a rotor element 72 received upon shaft 74 coupled preferably by ball bearings to the housing of the stator. In another embodiment, a sloshing liquid is employed as the element which physically drives the rotor to produce electrical power. As the liquid flows within the field, it will generate an electric current between electrodes 138, this effect commonly being referred to as a magnetonydrodynamic effect (although actually it is a magneto-fluid-mechanic effect). The buoyant envelope also includes, preferably, at least one other stator-rotor assembly 18′ – 22′, the longitudinal axis of this stator being generally parallel to the diameter through the buoyant envelope defined by the tether line. As in the previously described embodiment, preferably the vertically oriented stator-rotor assembly includes spring means 52 attaching it to the upper surface of the buoyant envelope and counteracting the force of gravity on this rotor element and to permit it to oscillate freely within the stator.

In response, because of the construction of the generator the rotor will be rotated within the stator, first in one direction and then the other, the stator being held in a fixed orientation with respect to the buoyant envelope while the rotor is gear driven by rack gear 78 to rotate within the stator.

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Windings 20 are connected to a rectifier 24. Thus, as the magnetized rotor oscillates within the stator, an electric current will be produced in the windings, first of one polarity and then of another. 6. It employs a sloshing liquid 90 contained within a chamber 92, which is shaped to direct, at each end, a jet of the liquid against the vanes or buckets of a bucket wheel 94. As the float structure, preferably a cylindrical structure shaped in cross-section generally as illustrated, alternately heaves and falls at each end with the waves, liquid 90 sloshes within chamber 92, first directing a jet of liquid against one bucket wheel and then against the other. Dolor de espalda y mucho sueño . One preferred embodiment of the wave-powered electric generator is illustrated in vertical cross-section in FIG. Yet, while there is an increasing interest in this potential source of power, few practical systems presently exist to extract any significant amount of power from the ocean’s waves.

One such power source is that represented by ocean waves. Accordingly, while it is preferred that the disclosed wave-powered electric generators be used in deep sea conditions, they also can be used at off-shore locations. In still another embodiment, a plurality of stators are provided each receiving a moving element, the stators in one case including an electrically conductive winding while the rotor element generates a magnetic field and produces an electromotive force in the stator winding in response to wave motion. At each end of the horizontal stator is included a resilient member 48 that absorbs the remaining energy not absorbed by resilient plates 46 when the rotor element 44 reaches the end of the stator. It has been estimated that the total wave power available in the world’s oceans may be as high as 90 × 1015 watts–indeed an immense amount of power–and that the renewal rate of this power source is on the order of 1012 to 1013 watts.

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Estiramiento, El Músculo Extensor Corto De Los, Antebrazo.. Certainly then, wave power potentially could be quite important as a power source. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a wave-powered electric generator, particularly one designed for direct energy conversion of deep water wave motion to an electromotive force. An objective of this invention is to provide a practical wave-powered electric generator, one which can be tethered to an ocean bottom and generate electric power substantially unattended. The current is conducted to a rectifier 140 which in turn integrates it with electric power from other electrodes and supplies the combined, integrated currents over an electric cable to a power station as previously described.

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This attachment of the stator to the inner surface of the buoyant envelope maintains the stator at a given radial orientation with respect to the envelope, causing it to perform one revolution each time it revolves completely within the buoyant envelope. While the seawalls may be completely submerged, preferably they are high enough to sufficiently amplify waves of small amplitude entering the space between the seawalls, the amplification achieving a magnitude sufficient to impart substantial motion to the electric generators to achieve production of reasonable amounts of electric power. 1. Three generators 2 each are tethered to the ocean bottom preferably between two natural ridges or seawalls 4, these seawalls converging adjacent the tethered generators to focus and amplify the waves entering the space between the seawalls. It will also be apparent to those skilled in this field that while the electric generator has been described in an ocean environment, being tethered to float at or adjacent to the ocean’s surface, the generator could be tethered to float beneath the ocean’s surface to respond to waves, currents, tides or the like, or it could be rendered atmospherically buoyant and tethered to float in wind currents.