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Remedios caseros para el dolor en el pecho ⋆ Tu cura natural For the purpose of this illustration only, a sea anchor 929 is shown attached by line 927 to the front of the collector array. Thus whatever power is available in the power station can be transmitted to shore to the land power grid. The remaining energy, however, is transmitted further to interact with float 36 and pump additional hydraulic fluid. Waves in the ocean vary in amplitude, or wave height, from a fraction of a foot to over 50 feet and in frequency from a wave length of less than 5 feet to over 1,000 feet. A truely amazing variety of ingenious mechanical linkages have been developed in an attempt to efficiently capture the energy of ocean waves. It has long been known in the art of power generation to use the potential energy available in ocean waves to lift a float. These floats are arranged so waves impinge first upon the smallest floats of the array.

This array extracts energy from a wider frequency spectrum of waves than was taught by the prior art. In addition to resonance with a broad spectrum of wavelengths, the floats of an efficient wave motor must be capable of extracting power from both low and high amplitude waves. As larger amplitude waves strike the floats each additional increment of relative motion between the floats does proportionately more work and moves a incrementally greater amount of hydraulic fluid. The first rank of floats 913 comprise four floats, each 100 feet × 100 feet × 20 feet. 4 above. Each of the two floats in float array 919 can then be considered as the first floats on the larger array comprising ranks 919, 921, 923, and 925. If larger floats were required, the float in rank 925 could be attached to even larger and the scaling up could increase to any desired degree.

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Lesiones del plexo braquial y lumbrosacro The use of a large number of identical floats is advantageous because it greatly reduces the construction cost of each float. Hydraulic fluid input line 56 is connected through one-way valve 58 to lower pump tube 60. Lower pump tube 60 lies between prismatic face 52 of the front of float 32 and the rear flat portion 48 of float 32. Likewise, upper pump tube 62 is located between upper prismatic face 54 of float 34 and the rear flat face 48 of float 32. Upper pump tube 62 is connected through one-way valve 64 to accumulator hydraulic feed line 66. Protesis de cadera y dolor lumbar . Float 34 is approximately 26% longer than float 32. Likewise float 36 is approximately 26% longer than float 34. Similarly float 38 is approximately 26% longer than float 36. Except for the smallest front float, each succeeding float in this embodiment has an upper and lower prismatic front face and a vertical rear face that act together with pump tubes to pump hydraulic fluid.

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This large amounts of relative motion will be much harder to achieve and the array will thus effectively absorb greater amount of energy available from higher amplitude waves. During a storm, whenever high amplitude waves are available, very large amounts of relative motion will occur between float pairs in the array. The hydraulic piston is nonlinearly responsive to relative motion of the two floats. In very calm weather a small ripple of water will meet little resistance in absorber array 30 and will efficiently cause relative motion to occur between its floats. The use of such a hydraulic generating array would also yield a ten mile long strip of calm water.