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Ejercicios para evitar el dolor de la zona lumbar - YouTube The posts 642 and knobs 645 of the hermaphroditic array are caused to be encased in magnetic fields such that the tips of all of the knobs are of one polarity, say north, while the bases are the other polarity, say south. The resulting foam could be caused to harden in place by any of several accepted means, including short-term immobility and solvent-evaporation. Such moldings, lithographic elements, strips, tapes or sheets might be adhered using an adhesive that is stronger over a short (pull-apart) time than the strength of the hermaphroditic binding force, or by any other suitable means. Referring now to Figure 1, there is shown in partial cutaway an elongated – bundle 10 of semi-rigid rods 15. The rods are generally cylindrical, and of substantially smaller diameter than the diameter of bundle 10. The rods 15 are parallel to the major axis of bundle 10. There may be at least three, with no upper limit as to the number, of rods 15 in bundle 10. The rods may be made of a material that permits them to flex.

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Another would be to simply coat the bonding elements with a low friction surface (or to interpose a rupturable low-friction sheet) in such a manner that upon application of pressure, the integrity of the protective surface is violated, allowing the mixing of the disparate elements of the bonding agents. Bundle 190 contains a plurality of rods 200. When the inner inflatable tubing 205, which is located along the axis of bundle 190, is expanded by pressure introduced within it, rods 200 are forced into tight contact with one another.

When an inflatable elastic bladder 240 lying below this surface 230 is inflated, the inner region of the bladder 240 exerts a compressing force against members 245 thus forcing them toward the center of bundle 235 and into contact with one another. The sides would be kept out of direct contact in the resting state of the device. This would allow the penetration of that central tube to solidify the cluster.

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This alignment might, for example, mimic the spacing descriptions of the hermaphoditic interlock described above. If, for example, the memory/tension-containing structures outlined above passed in parallel through length of the cluster-device, then the controlled release of these zones would allow selective motion or re-shaping to occur. By arranging these segments in, say, linear step- wise order an accurate and repeatable method of address would be achieved. These elements might be electrically linked to one another with a flexible loop, for example, of conducting material. Dolor de espalda baja al agacharse . 91 – 93. Modified bundle 1200 has a large internal cavity 1205. Cavity preferably has position information, a power supply, and injection ports for traveling actuator 1240. By way of example, there may be provided bar coded information 1215, providing position or other information, for reading by bar code reader 1217 of actuator 1240, electrical contacts 1220 to provide power to traveling actuator 1240 through its spring loaded contacts 1222, a geared track and alignment channel 1225 for motive gears 1227 of actuator 1240, a second line of electrical contacts 1230, index marks 1235 to provide positioning information, and injection ports or valves 1240. Referring to Fig.

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With or without the internal selective rigidity core, the concept of a fabric composed of threadlike elements capable of varying their diameters is a good one. Fig. 33 is an article in accordance with the invention. Fig. 34 is a cross section of the article of Fig. Fig. 18 is a cross section of a bundle in accordance with the invention. By use of such devices as the variable length rods, the compliance with bending can be manufactured into the elements of the rods themselves, thus allowing the ducting to have a minimum deployed radius. A series of fibers would be manufactured of increasing/decreasing length, width, thickness, and or rigidity in such a way as to cause each element to have a descending/ascending ‘free-air’ resonant frequency. Reservoir 895 may have material or actuator elements that expand on heating, while reservoirs 900 have state-change materials or actuators that gain in volume or rigidity on cooling.

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The dimensional growth may be optimized, such as by placemnt of expandable material as shown in Fig. The hand-held controller might take the form of, for example, a joystick or other popular input device. The next layer 1070 is an insulating layer of, for example, plastics or ceramic beads. 35, the cavities in element 420 at an end of member 425 having circumferential ridges 430 collapse upon the member 425 rendering it unable to vary in length for the duration of the pressure’s application. 38 canting the walls of a randomly-spaced ‘grain’ element 470 on a member 475 in such a way that the grain presents an undercut profile (mushroom-like or keystone-like) where the width of the average top, or presenting, surface 480 of the grain-element 470 is slightly larger than the average distance between grain elements. Inflamacion del estomago y dolor de espalda . The present invention is a member capable of changing between a flexible and rigid state.

45, one basic form of such a hermaphroditic assembly is the even spacing of mushroom-like ‘knobs’ 640 on stems 642 on tape 645 in such a way that the distance between knobs 640 is greater than the stem 642 diameter, but less than the knob 640 diameter, while the height from the mounting surface 645 itself to the underside of the knob 640 is slightly greater than the depth of the knob. Electrical heating action might freeze and thaw the members, or even a trigger mechanism might be fitted to the locking members themselves. First, the family of devices described herein can be made in many shapes besides linear ones. By making a long, slender, generally cylindrical, element somewhat like a conventional thread in general appearance and ‘feel’ that has the ability to change its external diameter on demand or in response to external control factors, we can create as new class of fabric-like materials by weaving, or otherwise combining into a sheet, or planar array (or families of arrays), these elements such that the assembly exhibits variable characteristics.

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Fig. 67 is a somewhat schematic view of a device of the invention. 48, the fluid would relocate to the tips and base of the posts forming a tighter bond through engorging the knobs. One method would be to encapsulate the elements as described above, in rupturable beads. One part of the sequestered substance could be held apart by, say, ampoules or beads.

The stretchability of the rod’s substance or structure will also compromise the rigidity of the final assemblage unless steps are taken to reduce or eliminate elasticity. Any friction-inducing or interlocking arrangement such as these could be made reversible or permanent in locking- structure. In a simple variant, three fully-implemented clusters, or one structure with a triangularly- spaced spacing to accommodate control cabling arranged in a triangular pattern and passing through the length of the main-structure in parallel to one another are provided.Needs a figure Each cluster contains, say, a small steel or nylon line or cable passing lengthwise through that cluster. Fig. 39 is another view of the device of Fig. With shape memory-wire or thermoplastics, the desired shape could be memorized, the cluster returned, perhaps, to its flexible state, and the memorized configuration reached again by again making the cluster flexible. Fluid 80 therefore causes the bundle to rigidly maintain a selected configuration.

The top layer of the fabric could be an open weave designed to pass light and water, but to block debris. Two controllers could be placed so as to be gripped by the left and right hands. Dolor de espalda pulmones . Optional activators or heaters 890 located exterior to the rod may be used to pressurize the units when they are successively nested. Fig.4 is a partial view of an alternative of the rod of Fig. Also worthy of mention is that the pressurizing or zipping functions mentioned above might also be reversing – or un-zipping – functions as well. Electrical connection might be made by the alignment and interlocking of electrodes. It’s clear that in its flexible state, the three cables will allow the global bending of the device at will. 67. Fig. 69 is a view of a modified version of the device of Fig.

Likewise the process could be initiated by the processes outlined elsewhere in this application. This is useful for placing between two sheets normally held together by compression. This objective is perhaps best achieved through the use of various telescoping strategies. All ensuing strategies would apply here as well. With sufficient force, the repelling elements would begin to intermesh, as shown in Fig. By varying the color or opacity of the threadlike element, or by varying the pressure, ambient temperature, degree of expansion, or temperature of state-change of the sequestered substance, the temperature of, and degree of, expansion might be regulated directly.

Prueba PCR - ¿En qué se diferencia de las demás pruebas de.. When solidified however, any shape might be possible. Although’the texturing is pictured as a regular serration 210 for ease of representation, the surface may be a randomized series of small textural elements described below. These are able to be rolled up or otherwise reduced in size and/or volume for shipping and positioning prior to deployment. 73- 75 is a rod 950 having a plurality of bearings 955 on an outer surface thereof and a plurality of frictional posts or studs 960 on that outer surface. Various alternative frictional surfaces may be provided on rods 15 to achieve the foregoing properties. Tensioning members in the form of, say, mono-filament line could rigidify the assembly in the manner commonly known as tensegrity. 36 taken along line 37 – 37. Fig. In Fig. 78 in particular the connection to a control lead 990 is shown. The individual threads 1150 are brought out of the edge of the array into a stitch-able or fuse-able edging 1160. The edging 1160 has a mounting surface 1165 to hold the electrically inert outer surface 1152 of the selective rigidity/controlled-diameter device 1150. Dolor pectoral muscular . The edging 1160 has conductive lands 1170 capable of clamping or spot-soldering/welding the conductors 1155 of each element 1150. The lands 1170 protrude into the fold 1175 of the edging.