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The method is applicable to an electrical power generator comprising a first part, for example, in the shape of a post, pillar or pole, configured to be located in a fluid, for example, in the air, although there are also other possibilities, such as water. A first aspect of the invention relates to an electrical power generator, comprising a first part, for example, in the shape of a post, pillar or pole, configured to be located in a fluid, for example, in the air, although there are also other possibilities, such as water.

Sick man reading prescription medicine working in office, businessman caught cold, seasonal flu. pandemic influenza, disease prevention, illness, virus, infection, temperature, fever and flu concept However, these aerogenerators, which have had great success worldwide and, in many countries, produce a major share of the electrical energy consumed, usually have a large number of moving parts, many of which come into contact with each other in a rotating manner, thus implying, amongst other things, relatively high maintenance costs, owing to the consumption of lubricants, component wear, etc. This does not require lubricants, contrary to what is the case in many linear alternators where roller bearings are used that require lubrication. Figure 3 illustrates schematically how, according to what is described in WO-2014/135551 -A1 , in the case of a pole having a radius (R) of approximately 60 mm at ground level, the radius increases to approximately 83 mm at the height (H) of 1 metre above the ground and to approximately 105 mm at a height of 4 metres above the ground. In this embodiment of the invention, the pole 1 has a circular cross section, such that its performance in what regards capturing energy of the wind does not depend on the direction of the wind, which can vary over time.

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In some embodiments of the invention, these flexible connecting members have a cross section having a first width in a direction parallel with said axial direction of displacement of the second generator module, and a second width in a direction perpendicular to said axial direction, said second width being larger than said first width. In some of these embodiments, the biasing in the first direction, such as upwards, is at least in part produced by springs and/or magnets. As it is shown, with these two sets placed at a certain distance from each other in a vertical direction, a separator space is established in which three changes of polarity or direction of the magnetic field occur in each coil.

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The difference in mass can be related to a difference in inertia, which influences the possibility to use the oscillatory movement of the first part at a first frequency to trigger and maintain the movement of the second generator module at a second frequency higher than the first frequency. This variation can serve to induce an oscillation of the second generator module in parallel with the longitudinal axis of the first part, and this oscillation implies a relative movement between magnets and coils, thereby converting kinetic energy into electric energy.

Arranging the coils on the second part can be advantageous as the connections to the electric system can be made without connection to the first part, which is the part the oscillatory mobility of which is critical for the operation of the generator. Magnetic interaction can be preferred so as to avoid direct impact, which may result in wear. Thus, this force increases rapidly when the so-called displacing and the so-called displaced magnets are approaching each other, which can provide for an impulse-like triggering, where momentum is transferred from the first part to the second generator module. Thus, arranging the second generator module to oscillate at a higher frequency instead of being tied to oscillate at the frequency of oscillation of the first part, has been considered to be advantageous. Dolor en el hueso debajo de la rodilla . Although the use of piezoelectric elements may seem to be an ideal solution to the problem of tuning the pole to variations in the speed of movement of the fluid, for example, the wind speed and also for converting an oscillatory and non-rotational movement – such as the movement naturally generated by the Karman vortices – into electricity, it has been found that it may be interesting to find technically and economically feasible alternatives to the use of abundant piezoelectric material.

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It has been observed that when the wind speed increases, the amplitude of the oscillatory movement of the first part also increases and the maximum value of the repulsion force also increases. According to this aspect of the invention, the generator comprises a system for generating a magnetic field which produces a magnetic repulsion force between the first part and the second part, a repulsive force that varies with the oscillating movement of the first part and which has a maximum value (that is, a maximum value which occurs once in each half cycle of the oscillating movement, when the first part reaches its closest approaching point to the second part), which increases when the amplitude of the oscillating movement of the first part increases. Said at least one first magnet and said at least one second magnet are arranged in such a way that they repel each other and in such a way that when the oscillating movement occurs in the first part, the distance between said at least one first magnet and said at least one second magnet varies in accordance with said oscillating movement.

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In this way, a capture element whose characteristic dimension varies in an appropriate way such that the vortices appear synchronously throughout the rigid top part is obtained. For a first part or pole 1 having a specific configuration and constitution, the frequency at which the vortices are generated and at which the lift force 1005 oscillates, will depend on the wind speed. As wind speed increases and it approaches the speed at which the frequency of appearance of vortices coincides with the natural oscillation frequency of the structure, the amplitude of the oscillation of the pole increases, until reaching a maximum.

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Como prevenir los dolores de espalda en la oficina In some embodiments of the invention, the magnets 30, 31 and 32 mounted on the flexible rod 12 may have ferromagnetic material attached to them to conduct the field lines in a suitable manner for, for example, increasing, within a given space, the number of polarity/direction changes of the magnetic field, to maximize the number of changes of direction of magnetic field to which the coils 50 are subjected during a cycle of oscillation of the pole. In this way, when the oscillation of the pole 1 is produced, the flexible part 12 bends towards one side and towards the other, whereby a part of the magnets 30 mounted on the flexible part 12 approaches a part of the magnets 40 mounted on the static structure 2, while on the diametrically opposite side of the flexible part 12, a part of the magnets 30 moves away from the corresponding part of the magnets 40. The repulsion force between the magnets 30 and 40 is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the magnets 30 and 40. When the wind increases, the amplitude of the oscillatory movement of the pole tends to increase, whereby the magnets 30 and 40 tend to get closer and closer during the part of maximum approach of each oscillation cycle and therefore, the maximum repulsion force produced between the magnets 30 and 40 in each oscillation cycle increases accordingly.