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Men’s 100 backstroke. 100 metros espalda masculino. Rio.. The links can take any suitable form, and in particular they may be thrust modules, rigid links with guide fins, or rigid coupling links with no thrust or guidance function. In addition, control surfaces like rudders and fins, guide vanes and/or the relative rotation between the links can contribute to direction control. In detail, when the hub portion 114 rotates with the rotating shaft of the rotating shaft box 112, the outer ring 118 rotates along the blade 116, and the magnet 170 disposed on the outer ring 118 and the coil portion 160 have relative motion, so that the coil portion 160 senses A change in the magnetic field produces an induced current.

If no combination of forces can be found then the method may include determining a movement of a controllable direction thrust device (if present) and/or a movement of one or more joint modules in order to provide a temporary new configuration for the robot that allows the thrust devices to provide forces in a manner that can achieve the required rotation and translation. The control system can use the joint modules to move the robot into a required configuration and then use the thrust devices to translate and/or rotate the robot in the required configuration to move it to a required location.

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For motion over large distances it is considered to be most energy efficient to make the body of the robot straight like a torpedo and move through the water by running the thruster unit 8 in the back of the robot. In some preferred examples, the flexural motion of the robot can be an undulating motion capable of propelling the robot. In some examples one or more directionally controllable thrust device(s) may be capable of being oriented to provide longitudinal thrust or lateral thrust. This is for instance relevant during inspection or manipulation tasks when a sensor or tool in front of the robot shall maintain a fixed orientation during motion or follow some specified trajectory. As well as supporting the tool on the robot the connection may also provide a coupling for power, for example electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic power, in order to allow for the robot, or a tether attached to the robot, to provide power to the tool.

• Clamping a sensor onto a process pipe in order to measure wall thickness and other conditional parameters. • Opening and closing valves by using a gripper in the front of the snake robot to grip and turn a valve handle. • Check for leakages using a sniffer tool • Check for leakages/bubbles using a sound sensor • Perform general inspection: Inspect Christmas trees, manifolds, and protection structures and other subsea template structures. In this case, the backmost modules of the robot can take care of the propulsion of the robot (by undulatory swimming motion and/or using the thrusters); while the joints in the front can ensure that the sensor or tool has the desired orientation or undergoes motion along a desired trajectory. Dolor de espalda lado derecho debajo de las costillas . The above equation can be employed separately for each set of joints that have, for a straight robot, parallel axes of rotation.

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Typically a repeated flexing motion may be used if it is required to propel the robot using movement of the joints. The robot may have a tool controller for controlling motion of the tool, which may hence be a controller for controlling the orientation and location of the part of the robot where the tool is mounted, for example the front module.

Multiple tool arrangements like this may be used to allow for a manipulation tool at one end of the robot and an inspection tool at another end of the robot, thereby enabling the robot to monitor operation of the manipulation tool using the inspection tool, which may be a camera for example. Another example omits the stern thrust device and may also omit longitudinal thrust capabilities to focus on increased manoeuvrability and to perform more complex operations.

Thus could for example be a heading control device for adjusting the heading to follow the desired orientation. The preferred robot may include an orientation control device for adjusting the orientation to the desired orientation. A further option is to include inspection tools with the manipulation tools, such as a camera mounted in the same module as a gripper. These can provide information during transportation, and also provide further information relating to operation of the manipulation tools 14, such as a close-up view.

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These could protrude outward from the thrust modules 6, or the thrust modules 6 could be provided with thrust directors such as vanes or nozzles for redirecting the thrust along the longitudinal direction of the robot. This allows thrust to be applied to different parts of the robot in different directions, which means that all kinds of movements can be achieved, such as a translation movement of the robot, ora rotation in roll, pitch or yaw without translation, or combinations of these movements. The various controllers may be separate control modules formed as separate hardware, 0 or separate software in common hardware, or there may be an integrated system which handles all aspects of control of the robot. 12 movement, as well as also having additional abilities for efficient long distance travel, a greater range of travelling speeds, as well as more control over the shape and attitude of the robot.