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Preferably, apparatus 10 includes an inertial device for temporarily storing the system energy which the blade 20 harvests at its TDC and BDC positions so that that energy can be released later in the same half cycle of the crank arm 38 when the crank angles are more favorable to the transmission of cranking forces from blade 20 to gear box 42. In the illustrated apparatus, the inertial device is a solid, relatively heavy, gear speed increased flywheel 56 mounted on a shaft 58 whose opposite ends are journalled in opposite walls of a pit 55 in land L at one side of the river. When the crank arm 38 is horizontal, blade 20 is in a horizontal neutral position, as shown in FIG. Indeed, I have found that, as shown in FIG. Thus, the mechanical-energy-harvesting device 610 can transfer any electricity produced to the sensor 612. The sensor 612 can measure a specific data (e.g., temperature, humidity, and/or pressure) value, and transmit this data using the antenna 614 to an external device (not shown).

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Soledad en el Zoo The locations of the sensor 612 and/or antenna 614 can be varied as described above. 6 illustrates a flooring unit that includes such a sensor and an antenna, which are actuated by the mechanical-energy-harvesting device. The circuitry can be used for electrically interconnecting the floating flooring unit with the adjacent floating flooring unit. Accordingly, there is a need for improved flooring systems that make use of energy harvesting components/devices. FIG. Endometriosis y dolor lumbar . 1 illustrates an exemplary groutless tile, which can be used as a flooring unit of the flooring systems disclosed herein. Therefore, while embodiments of this disclosure have been described in detail with particular reference to exemplary embodiments, those skilled in the art will understand that variations and modifications can be effected within the scope of the disclosure as defined in the appended claims. Apparatus 220 is pivotally mounted atop tower 210 by way of a kingpin assembly 228 so that the vane 226 orients apparatus 220 with the housing entrance 220 a and blade leading edges 224 a always facing into the wind as indicated by the arrows in FIG.

Thus, special profiles can be designed such that the mechanical-energy-harvesting devices can be placed into cavities or channels in the mechanical joints when the flooring components are assembled into a floor. More particularly, the various embodiments of the invention relate to improved flooring systems for use in harvesting energy and to methods of making and using such flooring systems. In fact, as a result of the strategic placement of the mechanical-energy-harvesting devices, it is not necessary for every flooring unit in the flooring systems described herein to include a mechanical-energy-harvesting device in order for the floor systems to function properly. BRIEF SUMMARY Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to improved floating floor systems. 3, further depicting locations within the mechanical joint profiles wherein conductive components are placed and the corresponding electrical paths through the groutless tile flooring unit substrates according to some embodiments of the present invention. The interior of dam 12 is connected by a pipe 13 to a compressed air source 14, the flow of air through pipe 13 being controlled by a remote controlled valve 16. In order to increase the level of the water W over the bed B2, the valve 16 is operated to connect source 14 to dam 12 so that the dam inflates and swings up to its solid line position shown in FIG.

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1 through 5), a so-called “deeper” or “additional” groove can be present in the location where the mechanical-energy-harvesting device will be positioned. Thus, the mechanical-energy-harvesting device 710 can transfer any electricity produced to the energy storage device 712. While the energy storage device 712 is shown as being positioned in a channel or groove within the substrate 704 of the groutless tile flooring unit, this is done for illustrative convenience.

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In this figure, four conductive components 230 and 330 are positioned at each mechanical joint profile of each groutless tile 200 and 300 in a manner as shown in FIG. In addition to, or in the alternative to, being located within a mechanical joint profile of the floating flooring unit, on an underside of the decorative component, within a groove or channel in the underside of the decorative component, or a combination comprising at least one of the foregoing, the mechanical-energy-harvesting device can be located in a groove or channel in the underside of the substrate, in a groove or channel in the topside of the substrate, entirely encapsulated in the substrate, or a combination comprising at least one of the foregoing. In certain situations, the floating flooring unit can be a groutless tile flooring unit, wherein the decorative component is a tile disposed within a groove of a substrate and wherein the substrate comprises the mechanical joint profile.

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As a result, mechanical-energy-harvesting devices that are actuated by impact forces or strain (such as piezoelectric material based devices) could produce more electricity in this type of flooring unit than the same device feeling the same impact will produce in a more rigid flooring unit. Conversely, when the piezoelectric material is subjected to a strain or vibration, a small electrical voltage is generated. Alternatively, the flooring units can be vibrated in response to an external source of vibration, such as traffic, a nearby train, footsteps on other flooring units in the floor system, wind, and the like.

For those flooring units that comprise a mechanical-energy-harvesting device, the mechanical motion or vibration of the flooring unit will be converted into electrical energy. 5 has a modified profile having a third component 500, which can be “nested” in a cavity or channel 380 designed into one or both of the larger, primary mechanical joint profile components.

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2009, both of which are hereby incorporated by reference in their entirety as if fully set forth below. In other words, flap 68 is a bistable member which is toggled from one position to the other only when blade 20 is either near its TDC or its BDC position. Likewise, they are is more easily and safely adapted to respond to lower speed and turbulent wind power sources found in or near urban and suburban sites at lower tower heights. Dolor lumbar constante . The gear box 42 drives a conventional electrical generator 44 so that the generator generates useful electrical power. Such devices would generally be described as discrete and separate units that do not form part of the interior decoration of the space.

The mechanical joint profiles can be designed with the intention of accommodating a separate module/device/component in cavities that are formed when the two profiles are fitted together. The mechanical joint profile of the floating flooring unit can be configured to couple the floating flooring unit to an adjacent floating flooring unit within the floating floor system. FIG. 2 is a schematic cross-sectional illustration of a process for coupling two groutless ceramic tile flooring units depicted along line II-II of the groutless ceramic tile flooring unit of FIG. Also, larger machines for wind will pre-form better than smaller machines because they operate in a more favorable Reynolds’ Number regime and are less subject to flow separation effects.

FIG. 15 is a front elevational view with parts in section, on a larger scale, showing the upper segment of the FIGS. 7 for the groutless tile unit of FIG. Referring again to FIG. Cuando se daña cualquier parte de este complejo sistema de conducción se altera el ritmo regular de los latidos, y como resultado pueden producirse diferentes trastornos del corazón, como un paro cardíaco, fibrilación ventricular, fibrilación auricular, bloqueo cardíaco o taquicardia. La taquicardia por sí sola no afecta a la esperanza de vida de manera significativa. La taquicardia (del griego ταχύς, “tajýs”, veloz, y καρδία, “cardia”, corazón) es el incremento (aceleración) de la frecuencia cardíaca. Se considera cuando la frecuencia cardíaca es superior a 100 latidos por minuto en reposo. Las fibras musculares del corazón deben contraerse al unísono para funcionar como se espera. Son características las palpitaciones: se percibe una más graves de taquicardia son la debilidad, los ahogos y el desvanecimiento.

En ocasiones la taquicardia está asociada a la ansiedad o pánico, sin que pueda establecerse si ésta genera taquicardia. Taquicardia. Síntomas, causas y tratamiento en MedSalud. Estimulantes, como la cocaína y las anfetaminas. Este síntoma es más común en las mujeres que en los hombres. El corazón actúa como una bomba que impulsa la circulación sanguínea por el organismo. Puede ser causada por factores como tabaquismo, alcoholismo, drogas o funcionamiento deficitario de la glándula tiroides.

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La misma puede ser fisiológica (es decir, no patológica), por ejemplo, cuando se realiza una actividad física intensa o cuando se presentan emociones intensas (miedo, ansiedad, preocupaciones, nerviosismo por alguna situación cotidiana o cualquier otra emoción derivada del estrés), pero también puede estar asociada a procesos patológicos, como la anemia, las hemorragias, el insomnio o el no dormir adecuadamente, el shock, insuficiencia renal, depresión, la infección de algún órgano, nerviosismo excesivo y otros. Sintomas de embarazo dolor de espalda baja . En algunos casos, se necesita recurrir a la colocación de un monitor de Holter, dispositivo que se adosa al cuerpo del paciente y permite registrar la actividad eléctrica del corazón.