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Each motor 2, 4 30 comprises upper plate 227, lower plate 229, intermediate plate 225, a centrally-located hollow cylinder 262, 264, rotatable central shaft 34, 36 fixedly attached to and extending beyond said upper plate 227 and said lower plate 229, a first array of radially-oriented vertical vanes 228 positioned between said upper plate 227 and said intermediate plate 225, and a second array of radially-oriented vertical vanes 231 positioned between said intermediate plate 225 and said lower plate 229. Each vane 228 contains at least four overlapping subvanes 230A, 230B, 230C, and 230D pivotally attached said upper plate 227 and said intermediate plate 225 and each vane 231 contains at least four overlapping subvanes 236A, 236B, 236C, and 236D pivotally attached to said intermediate plate 225 and said lower plate 229. The first array 228 and said second array 231 each comprise five equally-spaced radially-oriented vertical vanes having an angular displacement between vanes of about 72 degrees, and the vanes 228 of the first array are angularly offset from the vanes 231 of the second array by about 36 degrees.

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It is more preferred that each array be comprised of between about four and eight vanes and most preferred that the array be comprised of five vanes having an angular displacement of 72 degrees between adjacent vanes. In order to minimize the forces involved in maintaining the vertical positioning of the system, the support cable and the full weight of the generating units are supported by buoyancy chambers which are anchored to the ocean floor.

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A second portion of said entering liquid flow enters each subchamber 72, 74 directly without being deflected by said outer wall 108. As a first vane 228, 231 approaches the position generally parallel to flow direction, the vane is completing a period during which it was rotating counter to the direction of the entering liquid current flow during which time the subvanes associated with said vane were pivotally positioned parallel to the direction of fluid flow as previously described herein thereby creating openings in said vane through which the liquid flowed relatively unimpeded. At least one array of vanes comprised of a plurality of vertical vanes 206, 207, 208, 209 (the fifth vane is not visible) which are radially oriented relative to hollow cylinder 204 and central shaft 205. Each vane 206, 207, 208, and 209 further contains two or more rigid subvanes 208A, 208B, 208C and 208D, each of which is pivotally attached at the top of its outermost vertical edge to upper plate 200 and at the bottom of its outermost edge to lower plate 202 such that the innermost edge of each subvane is free to pivot about said outermost vertical edge.

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The force on the first vane decreases and the force on the following adjacent vane increases as the adjacent following vane approaches its first point of closest adjacency 250, 252 with inner wall 80, 82, at which point all of the force of the current is concentrated on the adjacent following vane. Each generating unit is pivotally mounted and includes a stabilizer that allows the unit to optimize its position relative to the incoming liquid flow. Each vane is rotatable about its own central axis and pivots to minimize the surface area of the vane facing the incoming liquid flow when the vanes are moving counter to the direction of liquid flow and to maximize said surface area when the vanes were moving in the direction of liquid flow. A system meeting such need would greatly reduce the cost of generating electricity, lessen dependence upon dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, and reduce the negative environmental impact inherent in power generation based upon the burning of such fuels.

Electric cable 8, carrying the power generated by generators 6, will be loosely attached to anchor cables 152, 168 or 172 until it reaches the ocean floor or river bottom 148 where it will connect to a cable 173 on the bottom and extend to the shore where it will connect through a substation to the commercial electric power grid. 1, 5 and 6, for example, the invention is not so limited. Dolor de espalda y cadera en el embarazo . It is a further objective of the present invention to provide a fully submersible system for generating electricity from ocean or river currents by means of rotating hydrodynamic motors.

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The inertial mass of intermediate plate 225 is established such that said intermediate plate provides a flywheel action similar to that heretofore described for said upper plate and said lower plate. Pat. No. 4,163,904 which discloses an underwater turbine in which the fluid flow drives a turbine wheel that is circumferentially geared to an electric generator mounted within an adjacent watertight compartment. Each subvane is sized such that the innermost vertical edge of said subvane overlaps the outermost vertical edge of the next adjacent subvane when the subvanes are moving in the direction of liquid flow. It is also known that controlled buoyancy of a fully submerged self-contained hydroelectric generating apparatus is important for proper positioning and operation, especially when the apparatus is anchored to the river or ocean bed by means of cables.