In A Fully Axially Compliant Scheme

FIG. 1a shows that the outer terminal end of each scroll element is in contact with the other scroll element, i.e., suction has just been completed, and a symmetrical pair of fluid pockets A1 and A2 have just been formed. 7. More specifically, in FIG. As the crank angle passes point L, the fluid in the final compression pocket suddenly expands into the central volume and reduces its pressure until it equals Pd2 as shown by point M in FIG.

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For example, the gas pressure used in these schemes is often derived from the compression pockets and/or the discharge chamber, and thus, may vary in accordance with changes in the operating conditions, i.e., the suction and discharge pressure. 4. In this embodiment, however, a discharge gas is employed to provide the axial biasing force. For the first embodiment, as shown in FIGS.

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Referring to FIGS. 11-13, three embodiments of a semi-compliant mechanism made according to the present invention will now be described. Thus, the present invention eliminates the detrimental effects of friction power loss, vibration, noise and wear caused by frictional contact between the tips and bases of the scroll members. Thus, continuous and smooth walls of spiral-shaped scroll elements are formed by respective outer, intermediate and inner portions, which provide the desired displacement, the desired built-in volume ratio and the optimum number of turns. To balance these forces and moments, the ‘422 patent provides a structure with multiple pairs of scroll elements in which the forces and moments cancel each other out. There are currently three approaches to maintaining an operative relationship between the scroll members in the “axial” direction (as measured linearly along the center axes of the scroll elements).

This approach may be referred to as “semi-compliant” since the gaps between the scroll members in the axial direction may be enlarged by moving one scroll member away from the other. This is done to keep the number of moving parts to a minimum since the orbiting scroll member is already movable and the non-orbiting scroll member is already stationary.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide a scroll-type fluid displacement device in which, under application of an extraordinary load–typically caused by incompressible fluid, jamming of contaminants, or tip-base contact due to abnormal or excessive deformation of the scroll elements–the non-orbiting or fixed scroll member yields axially in order to protect the device. When an abnormal situation arises, such as the presence of contaminants or incompressible liquids between the scroll members, or when there is abnormal thermal growth of the scroll elements, the first scroll member yields axially (as measured linearly along the center axes of the scroll elements) against the urging force of the spring bias 70 to prevent damage. As the crank angle advances, the fluid pockets, A1 and A2, shift angularly and radially towards the center of the interfitting scroll elements with the volume of each fluid pocket A1 and A2 being gradually reduced.

The scroll elements, 1 and 2, are angularly and radially offset and interfit with one another. Nolotil dolor de espalda . These scroll elements have identical spiral geometries and are interfit at an angular and radial offset to create a plurality of line contacts between their spiral curved surfaces. The present invention provides a new method of designing the scroll elements of a scroll-type fluid displacement device. 4, a scroll-type air compressor designed in accordance with the present invention is shown. According to this method, the first turn of the scroll element is designed in a conventional manner.

The shell 21 and casing 23 are attached to the main housing 20, also in a conventional manner (e.g. It is also an object of the present invention to provide a new method for designing a scroll-type positive displacement apparatus which provides a high built-in volume ratio, the optimum number of turns, and the necessary displacement, without the aforementioned shortcomings and limitations of known designs. It also raises the noise level due to the vibration and impacting action of the valve. If the ‘993 parent’s orbiting scroll member tips, it creates the same unwanted noise vibration and leakage that the ‘993 design was intended to avoid. As the central portion of the scroll element moves towards one side of its end plate, greater forces and moments are created due to the increased distance between the location where the compression forces act and the center of the end plate during its orbiting motion.

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These pressure chambers are connected to the compression pockets at an intermediate pressure and to the central volume at the discharge pressure. On the other hand, the same bias force would be excessive for operating conditions at high suction pressure and high discharge pressure. This scheme maintains radial sealing of the scroll members over a wide operating range. Thus, as a design compromise, if the bias force is sufficient for a range of operating conditions about a particular point, it would not be enough to maintain stable operation at low suction pressure and low discharge pressure.