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5, and in upward stroke, pin 54e is resisted against the wall bottom that limits opposed slot 54d, rams piece 32 for piston rod 58 provides substantially rigid to connect to promote.When descending stroke begins, institute’s Compressed Gas in adjustable air spring (Fig. 9) being set the elemental height of the lift stroke of ramming piece 32.Piling operation is preferably beginning from ramming relatively patting of piece 32, and this is that to promote ground high as far as possible owing to ramming piece 32, but will ram certain intermediate altitude that piece 32 is promoted to rammer framework 34 interior (Fig. The present invention be suitable for surpass approximately 1000 feet degree of depth, preferably exceed approximately 3000 feet degree of depth, more preferably exceed about 5000 feet degree of depth and more exceed the water of about 7000 feet degree of depth in operate.Due to hammer with condition that water contact under operate, thereby design of the present invention and operate the degree of depth that at first is independent of water, however hydraulic system, especially adjustable air spring should suitably be designed for expecting the depth of water.The present invention applicable to approximately 10000 feet, namely approximately the depth of 3000 meters operates.Except various underwater pile drivings are used, exist ramming equipment of the present invention that some other that it is particularly useful used, comprise the installation of drawing the well device, the installation of stablizing and selling stake of mud pad.

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El dolor crónico afecta aproximadamente al 18% de los.. The hammer element preferably comprises: the hammer piece; Top hammer piece guide, this top hammer piece guide axially extends upward from the hammer piece; And bottom hammer piece guide, this bottom hammer piece guide is from hammering piece into shape axially to downward-extension; Wherein, frame construction has upper opening and lower openings, and upper opening is suitable for admitting top hammer piece guide, and lower openings is suitable for admitting bottom hammer piece guide.Preferably, the hammer piece has axial hole; Top hammer piece guide and bottom hammer piece guide all have the hole of aiming at the hole in the hammer piece; Coupling is attached to the hammer piece or is attached to top hammer piece guide or bottom hammer piece guide, and is positioned at the hole of hammer piece, perhaps is arranged in the hole of top hammer piece guide or bottom hammer piece guide; And piston rod in the hole of top hammer piece guide to downward-extension.Frame construction preferably is suitable for allowing the current influent stream to go out, so that the hammer piece contacts with water under water the time.

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Yet, due to when promoting rammer piece 32, enter in adjustable air spring 80 from the hydraulic fluid above piston in piston rod 56, thereby apply additional force to ramming piece 32.Adjustable air spring 80 is separated into bottom compartment and top compartment by pouch barrier film 80c (Fig. 3) is quite thin compared with ramming piece 32, and when ramming 32 collision liner 48, rams piece 32 if piston rod is rigidly connected in, and this piston rod can bend.Two embodiment of non-rigid coupling mechanism have above been described, namely the coupling 54 in Fig. Forward Fig. 8 to, hydraulic circuit 70 schematically is shown according to the present invention and is used for ramming equipment shown in Figure 2 or beats the embodiment that equipment 30 is supplied with power.Has control arm 72a with executor 72b with reference to Fig.

Forward Fig. 5 and 6 to, with sectional view, the coupling mechanism 54 that turns over 90 degree shown in Fig. The present invention is provided for object is got to system in soil under water in one embodiment, and this system comprises: the hammer element; Frame construction, the hammer element is received in this frame construction; Piston rod, this piston rod is received in frame construction; Piston, this piston receiver is in piston rod; And piston rod, this piston rod has top and bottom, and this upper end is attached to piston; Coupling, this coupling is attached to the hammer element, and wherein, this coupling is fixed in the lower end of piston rod, and this coupling is suitable for making piston rod to move up and down in limited range with respect to the hammer element; Hydraulic Elements group, this Hydraulic Elements winding are contained in frame construction or are attached to this frame construction, and are communicated with the piston rod fluid; Surface texture on the water surface (can be applicable make ship or the barge of work boats and ships or be fixed in soil under water or be fixed near the platform of soil water); Lifting line, this lifting line extends between surface texture and frame construction; Operated from a distance submersible (ROV), this operated from a distance submersible is suitable for being operably connected to this Hydraulic Elements group; And umbilical cable, this umbilical cable is extended between surface texture and ROV, and be suitable for the signal of telecommunication and/or control signal from surface texture are offered ROV, be used for causing the hammer element repeatedly to move, carry thus in order to object is got to the strike in soil under water.

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2), are bolts if sell 40, for example by making bolt get loose to throw off these pins.Under the condition that ramming equipment 12 (Fig. 2) on hydraulic pressure time framework 62 on ramming equipment 30.Preferably when ramming equipment 30 is positioned on the deck of ship 16, by the setting of the spring 82d on capable of regulating head end feeling of stress side valve 82 (Fig.

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2, yet what will illustrate is that the horizontal part 62c of tube frame is ” U ” shape substantially, and near being not attached to hydraulic pressure framework 44.Hydraulic pressure time framework 62 only is attached to shock and vibration isolator 64, makes that produce, minimum for the shock and vibration of hydraulic unit thereby make when ramming 32 shock liners 48 and anvil block 50.The ROV control arm grasps bar 62d and 62e to be ramming equipment or to beat equipment 30 and be provided at a structure on hydraulic pressure time framework 62, and ROV can make and himself is anchored to this structure.Protected apron 62f provides the surface that hydraulic unit can be installed, and protects these hydraulic units not impaired. Of the present invention beat or ramming equipment also can be used on during shallow water and roadbed use.Use for roadbed, ramming equipment shown in Figure 2 can be arranged on the truck with crane, and can come ramming equipment supply power from the equipment on truck.Use for shallow water, also can operate ramming equipment 30 from barge, and operate this ramming equipment from the structure that is anchored to the seabed.Ramming equipment 30 can be used in seawater and fresh water.

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Fig. 4 is the sectional view according to ramming equipment shown in Figure 3 of the present invention, except rammer is in its raised position. Fig. 8 provides the schematic diagram of the hydraulic system of power to ramming equipment shown in Figure 2 according to the present invention. According to the 5th aspect of the inventive method, described the first hydraulic circuit comprises adjustable air spring, and described adjustable air spring comprises the storage tank that holds gas, when promoting described hammer, described gas compression, and after discharging described hammer, described gas expansion provides power for promoting described hammer downwards thus. According to the fourth aspect of the inventive method, described ramming equipment and described the first hydraulic circuit are suitable for promoting described hammer downwards after discharging described hammer. According to the first aspect of the inventive method, the object that get in soil under water is stake.

According to the second aspect of the inventive method, described method also comprises installs the mud pad, and wherein, a plurality of stakes are used for described mud pad is anchored to soil under water. The 5th aspect of ramming equipment according to the present invention, described ramming equipment also comprises the skirt section of stretching out from the lower end of described hammer framework, and described skirt section is suitable for and the object contact that will get in soil, and described skirt section is suitable for receiving the impulsive contact force from described hammer, and described impulsive contact force is passed to the described object that will get in soil. The third aspect of ramming equipment according to the present invention, when promoting described hammer, the lateral part of described hammer Connection Element is pressed against the lower end of described hollow tubular bar Connection Element, to provide substantially rigid to connect between described piston rod and described hammer, and when promoting described hammer downwards, move away from the lower end of described hollow tubular bar Connection Element and be pressed against described spring assembly in the lateral part of described hammer Connection Element, just before described hammer collided described anvil block, the downward speed of described piston rod was slowed down.

5, piston rod 58 is connected in the upper end of coupling 54, and the lower end of coupling 54 pin is connected in bottom rammer guide 32c.The upper end of coupling 54 comprises hollow o cylindrical body 54b, and piston rod 58 is connected in this hollow o cylindrical body 54b.The lower end of coupling 54 comprises bar 54c, and this bar 54c is received in upper body 54b slidably, and pin 54a is fixed in bottom rammer guide 32c with bar 54c.Upper body 54b has vertical, axial slender groove 54d in pairs, and by pin 54e is coordinated with the wall that limits opposed slot 54d, pin 54e is connected in the upper end of bar 54c the lower end of body 54a slidably. Fig. Faja para el dolor de espalda . 1 be according to the present invention with the object ramming lateral view of the system in the ocean bottom soil. An application of ramming equipment of the present invention is: for example be arranged in oil and gas industry and stake got to the ocean bottom soil of very dark water.With reference to Fig.

To beat with hitting and again adjusting under the condition of ramming equipment 30 in order more to beat again, continue the piling process until with stake 18 get to wish the degree of depth till.Provide detailed description with reference to the foregoing description of Fig. Fig. 2 is the front elevation drawing of the ramming equipment according to the present invention. 8) be used for hydraulic tube 72c and 72d are connected in connector 62g and the 62h (Fig.

3-6 and the coupling 54 in Fig. 9) are changed, to improve the lifting height that rams piece 32, in order to utilize the larger top that the power of beating is come heavier driven pile 18 of driving.Due to the T-handle operator 62k (Fig. 9, ROV72 is connected in motor 74 (describing with reference to Fig. Continuation is with reference to Fig.