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Dolor de oídos en bebés 16B but in an inclined manner such that the outer ring and the inner ring each have a shape corresponding to a truncated cone. The outer ring of magnets 40 has a height corresponding to five magnets 40 arranged one above the other, and the inner ring of magnets has a height corresponding to five magnets 30 arranged one above the other. However, these wind generators, which have had great success worldwide and which produce a large part of the consumed electrical energy in many countries, usually have a large number of moving parts which are in rotational contact with each other, which among other things means relatively high maintenance costs due to consumption of lubricant, wear of parts etc. The described embodiments relate to the context of energy generation in a well using fluids produced from formation.

The mass difference may be related to an inertia difference that affects the likelihood of using the oscillatory movement of the first portion at the first frequency to trigger and maintain movement of the second generator module at a second frequency higher than the first frequency. However, as a rule of thumb, it may be beneficial for the mass to be substantially different, for example in accordance with the above percentages, in order to allow the second generator module to oscillate at a higher frequency than the oscillation frequency of the first part. However, in other embodiments of the invention, triggering by direct influence may be considered. The diameter d of the rod may be set to a design parameter at a point where the displacement of the point caused by the oscillation is negligible, i.e. The strouhal value may be set as a target for the frequency of eddy current occurrences to remain constant at any altitude.

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An effect of the invention is that the locking range can be widened due to the adaptation to the natural oscillation frequency of the system. The small speed range from the speed at which the rod starts to oscillate to the speed at which the rod stops oscillating is called the “lock-in” range. In some of these embodiments of the invention, some or all of the magnets that are part of the subsystem of magnets used to induce current in the coils may also be used to tune the natural oscillation frequency of the first part to at least part of the wind speed.

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Obviously, the average oscillation speed will be four times the maximum amplitude of the oscillation divided by the period (or multiplied by the inverse of the period, i.e. This arrangement is believed to be useful for the purpose of generating a certain torque on the flexible portion 12, thereby preventing the flexible portion 12 from entering a resonant mode different from the first mode of resonant oscillation of the first portion. Another aspect of the invention relates to generating a catch element for an electrical power generator based on the karman vortices, the catch element comprising a substantially rigid top portion and a flexible and resilient bottom portion. The generator further comprises a magnet subsystem (comprising at least one magnet) and at least one coil, and is configured such that oscillatory movement of the first part produces relative displacement between the magnet subsystem and the at least one coil such that an electromotive force is generated in the at least one coil.

A first aspect of the invention relates to a generator comprising a first part, for example in the form of a pile, column or rod, which is configured to be located in a fluid, for example air, although other possibilities exist for the fluid, for example water. Thus, the oscillation of the first part relative to the vertical axis is arranged to trigger the second generator module to oscillate upwards and downwards. The trigger may preferably be a pulse or the like that occurs in a short period of time.

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In these embodiments, the magnets may be arranged in the second and movable generator module. Thereby, movement of the second generator module in the axial direction becomes easy, while movement in a direction perpendicular to said axial direction becomes more difficult. 18, while the lower ring frame member 603 of the first generator module 200 is attached to the bottom ring frame member 604 of the second generator module by means of similar bar members 608. These rod-shaped members may be made of, for example, metal, carbon fiber, or any other material having sufficient traction and fatigue resistance. Herpes zoster dolor de espalda . The second generator module includes a top annular frame member 602 on top of the magnets 300 and a bottom annular frame member 604 below the magnets 300. Thus, the second generator module may be considered as a kind of piston arranged to move in the vertical direction between the coils 50 and 500 of the first generator module.

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The second generator module 200 comprises a plurality of magnets 300 stacked on top of each other and arranged in a ring, and the first generator module comprises a coil 50 surrounding the magnets outside the second generator module 400 and a coil 500 surrounded by the magnets inside the second generator module 400. The coil may also be provided with ferrous or ferromagnetic elements, shown schematically at 501, to concentrate the magnetic field. Thus, as the coil 50 moves through the space due to the oscillation, the coil will experience a magnetic field that changes polarity a number of times. 10B, the potential energy will have elastic and magnetic properties, with the difference that the potential energy of the magnetic origin increases with the cube, rather than the square, of the displacement, as is the case with elastic potential energy.

WO-2012/017106-a1 does not specify how the movement of the rod is converted into electrical energy. Fig. 13A-13D schematically illustrate a geometric method for determining distance from the ground in which the extension of the rod does not undergo horizontal displacement for small bending angles. The method comprises the following steps: placing at least one first magnet on the first portion and at least one second magnet on the second portion such that the at least one first magnet is mutually exclusive from the at least one second magnet.

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The second portion can at least partially surround the first portion in correspondence with the base such that when the first portion produces an oscillating movement relative to the base, the first portion (e.g., the flexure of the first portion) can alternately tilt to one side of the second portion and the other side of the second portion, approaching one side of the second portion and then approaching the other side of the second portion. Cremas para el dolor de espalda . The increase in repulsion force increases the resonant frequency of the first part, so that the structure of the generator contributes to an automatic increase of the resonant frequency of the first part when the velocity of the fluid increases and vice versa. FvIs the frequency at which vortices occur, V is the velocity of the air, and d is the characteristic dimension of the rod, for example, the diameter of the rod in the case of a rod having a circular cross-section.