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Beautiful happy little girls in mountains in the background of fog A solution to these deficiencies was provided by WO 99/6620, which discloses a device in which a fluid driveable engine such as a turbine is situated above-water. Co-pending patent application GB0206623.1 discloses a device in which the turbine is again situated above water, but the turbine is driven by an alternative fluid to that present in the fluid flow through the flow accelerating constriction. The approaching primary fluid is initially parallel to the surface of the blade, but is subsequently deflected to one side by the curvature of the arc. The expanding air in the constriction increases the pressure of the surrounding water. To reduce the likelihood of air bubbles forming spontaneously (a process known as “cavitation”) the pressure should be at least 0.2 atmospheres (equivalent to 2 metres of water). The heat exchanger is used to at least partially freeze dry potentially damp air (having been entrained in the water flow on passage through the fluid directing arrangements) received by the fluid collection tank prior to circulating it through the fluid-driveable engine.

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Cómo prevenir el dolor de espalda en el trabajo y el hogar.. Advantageously, the at least one fluid deflector is a static structure. Each collection tray feeds a narrow-bore vertical pipe which rises from the collection tray to a common fluid collection tank. In alternative embodiments, in which the tail of the fluid directing arrangement is sufficiently long, the driving fluid may be collected via a slot in the upper portion of the tail of the fluid directing arrangement which feeds the driving fluid to a fluid collection tank above via an exhaust tail pipe connecting the slot to the collection tank. The compressed air passes along with the primary fluid (in this case water) through the flow accelerating constriction and is collected by the fluid collection tank 400. In this particular embodiment the fluid collection tank is situated adjacent to the outlet tail of the fluid directing arrangement 100 and collects driving fluid downstream of the fluid accelerating constriction. Air at atmospheric pressure P0 enters the turbine 300 and flows down the conduit 220 to the air inlet 220c where it is entrained in the water and sucked into the Venturi channel 1 16. The entrained air bubbles expand as they rise up through the Venturi channel and encourage air and water flow through the flow accelerating constriction.

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If the fluid directing arrangement 100 is situated at sufficient depth, the transmission fluid (in this case air) will be sufficiently compressed that it can be used to drive the turbine 300. If, on the other hand, the fluid directing arrangement is situated only a short distance under water, the air turbine 300 is effectively driven by the suction created rather than the compressed air generated. Pastillas para dolor muscular fuerte . In one example embodiment, a heat exchanger is situated at the exhaust of the fluid driveable engine and receives cool air generated by expansion through the fluid-driveable engine.

In the first example embodiment of Figure 1 fluid flow deflectors 500 are used to impart angular momentum to the primary fluid on entry to the mouth of the Venturi. The Venturi 100 is axially symmetric and the air inlet 200c is situated substantially on the axis of the bellmouth 112, 114. Identical blades 522, 524 are situated in the bellmouth such that incoming water passes through the blades as it enters the Venturi 100. The blades 522, 524 are slightly offset from a radius of the channel in which they are situated so that they impart angular momentum to the water before it enters the flow accelerating constriction of the main channel of the Venturi. Then if water enters the mouth of the Venturi at a stream velocity, v, of 5m/s (which is a high speed for a tidal current), the speed of water through the throat will be 20 m/s.

Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of an apparatus for extracting power from a fluid flow according to a first example embodiment of the invention. The present invention provides an apparatus for extracting power from a fluid flow, the apparatus comprising: a fluid driveable engine; a fluid directing arrangement formed to define a channel in the flow of a primary fluid, the channel having a flow accelerating constriction shaped such that the primary fluid accelerates as it passes through the flow accelerating constriction, the fluid directing arrangement being formed to impart a rotational flow component to the primary fluid entering the flow accelerating constriction thereby creating a radial pressure gradient in the primary fluid as it passes through the flow accelerating constriction; a conduit for directing flow of a driving fluid, the driving fluid and the primary fluid being different fluids, the conduit being in fluid communication with the fluid driveable engine and a portion of the channel having accelerated fluid flow; in which the flow of driving fluid through the conduit via the rotational flow of the primary fluid in the flow accelerating constriction acts to drive the fluid driveable engine and the conduit delivers driving fluid to the fluid directing arrangement such that the driving fluid is drawn substantially along the central axis of the rotational flow.