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Los mejores deportes contra el dolor de espalda There is a padding ring (148P), made of proper resilient materials, peripherally attached to the upward surface of disc 113C for shock absorbing when piston 150P lowers to its lowest point tending to touch disc 113C. Optionally another pneumatic or hydraulic padding means, or a magnetic suspension means may be used for this purpose. 8b. Casing 145 is divided into five compartments by four partition discs fixedly attached to casing 145: a top disc (113), an upper disc (113A), a lower disc (113B), and a bottom disc (113C), all displayed on FIG. 11) and all other aforementioned control means. The MP-IWECS embodiment comprises a plurality of waterproof cables (138), each enclosing cables 131, 137, 136, which cables 138 each connects one MSL-IWET with one unit 175. Other embodiments may have a different schema, such as connecting one unit 175 to a plurality of MSL-IWETs, or vice- versa, with an implementation of control principles following below, or with a different control and electrical load system.

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It also shows other elements: a part of closure (171), two combined control -electrolysis units (175) with cables (138), connected to the IWETs and a hydrogen duct (181) discussed below. The control unit may be wirelessly controlled from a dispatching station. 11 by double-arrow lines pointing to a corresponding pair of wires to be switched to CR 177. CR 177 physically receives the processing commands, and connects the switched combination of coils to a conventional rectifier, preferably incorporated in CR 177. Additionally, CR 177 may regulate the amount of electric current in the coils, e.g. Processor 135 analyses the sensor signals and issues said processing commands 135Al, 135A2, 135A3, 135A4, 135Bl, 135B2, 135B3, and 135B4. Processor 135 also receives other measured signals and issues regulative signals for other devices incorporated in unit 175, as disclosed below. 9. A controllable two-way valve (156) may be disposed within channel 153, or incorporated therein.

During the downward displacement of piston 150P, portion 146 is extended and the pressure therein decreases, which causes valve 119U to close and valve 119D to open. If the coils are connected through a rectifier to a load circuit, the induced current creates a magnetic field in the coils, which produces a reaction force of the armature, tending to decelerate the inductor’s rotation.

A vertically reciprocating float (not shown) is fixed to a rod (not shown) substantially pushing a rack of the rack gear (not shown), which can convert the linear motion into rotation of shaft 127, revolving core 112 (or a group of such cores). A vertically reciprocating IWEC (not illustrated herein in full) may be, for example, associated with a rack gear (or a worm gear, or the like) converting the linear up-and-down movement of a float, driven by ocean waves, into a revolving movement of a shaft that can be coupled to a rotational embodiment of IWET, illustrated on FIG. Para el dolor de espalda . According to an embodiment of a platform-based inventive wave energy conversion system (IWECS), the platform is flexibly tied to an underwater anchoring subsystem providing for limited substantially vertical reciprocation of the platform, whereas a plurality of floatable impelling means are substantially freely and vertically buoying within “virtual vessels”, at least partially performed in the form of substantially vertical through holes in the body of the platform, wherein the bottom openings of the virtual vessels are positioned at a predetermined depth level, substantially unaffected by surface sea waves.

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The converters comprise base means, including fixed, floatable, and containing virtual vessels of variable parameters and expandable extensions. For simplicity of discussion, this embodiment is demonstrated in a two-sectional variation, though other embodiments of MSL- IWET may comprise any necessary number of sections and may be appropriately combined with any IWET or IWEC embodiment disclosed herewithin. Other embodiments (not shown) may comprise various devices, including gears, a ratchet wheel, etcetera, translating the energy of the substantially horizontal running waves impacts into linear, rotational, swinging or another type of movement to be used in conjunction with the IWETs of the present disclosure.

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FIG. 3e is schematic sectional view of fragments of the inductor and the armature of an IWET, according to another embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 5b illustrates a side sectional view IV- IV indicated on FIG. 6a. FIG. 7c is a sectional schematic view of a rotational IWET with a constant gap, according to an embodiment of the present invention. This MSL-IWET comprises two IWET sections depicted on FIG.

8b, 8a, comprises an armature including exemplary eight longitudinal armature cores (120A) radially disposed in casing 145, each core 120A having two types of teeth: middle teeth (120AT) with a predetermined height, and ending teeth (120AE) with another predetermined height greater than the height of teeth 120AT. Therefore, the first section comprises eight identical rows of teeth sequentially situated along the central longitudinal axis of the IWET. 8a, the first section comprises, for example, eight substantially identical parallel rows of conductive coils (130A1), (130A2), (130A3), and (130A4). The coils are sequentially situated in each row, along the central longitudinal axis of the IWET, each coil having respectively two- strand wires (“plus-strand” and “minus-strand”): (134A1), (134A2), (134A3), and (134A4), wherein the ends of the wires are not connected in the IWET, as shown separately to the right on FIG.

In this example, it cools up coils 130A2 and 130A3, carrying electric current. The MSL-IWET may be usable in offshore platform-based installations, in near-shore installations with vertically reciprocating floats, and for horizontal or tilted installations to utilize the energy of surface sea waves, as well as for conversion of wind energy into usable electric power.

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Thus, many known WEC constructions deploy a vertically reciprocating float moved by the surface waves relatively to a substantially immovable housing rigidly anchored to the sea bottom ground level. 9, mounted to the underside of platform 170, and attached to the upper ends of cables 151. Adapter 155 is a means for changing the length of cable 151 between platform 170 and frame 154 following the periodic tidal alterations of the water level (w-w on FIG. 135 caused by a pressure difference between the outside water body having an intensively oscillating level (w-w), and the inside water bodies confined within holes 174, i.e. Medicamento dolor lumbar . 7e, 7d. Shaft 127 is made in a proper size and of proper material to withstand high distortion loads that may be caused by the large sea waves. Installations for liquefaction of hydrogen and oxygen might be placed on the platform, or may be mounted on special hydrogen-collector ships, wherein the gaseous hydrogen (and perhaps oxygen) will be transformed into the liquid phase.

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The foregoing rotational IWET and modified asymmetric rotational IWET may be used in combination, wherein two (or more) such devices are mounted on one shaft 127 (not illustrated). The IWET rotatable embodiment comprises an annular armature core (120) having teeth (120T) and coils (130) wound around core 120. The embodiment comprises an elongated cylindrical rotatable shaft (127), e.g. 5a, this may be done by making the height of tooth 120T situated substantially in the middle (Htm) greater than on the ends of core 120 (Hte), which makes the air gap (gl) variable. 7d, 7e, which are made substantially identical, preferably of a rare earth magnetic material. FIG. 3 a and 3b illustrate the changing positions of the inductor relatively moving along the armature with a velocity (v3), and the associated changes of the magnetic flux in both core 120 and core 112. FIG. 8b, 8a, comprises an inductor including a substantially cylindrical inductor core (112A) having a through inner central channel, which core 112A may be made of materials and by technology similar to core 120A. The inward surface of the inner channel of core 112A is continuously fixed to rod 150, as shown on FIG.

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Such a rectifier may be included into a commutator- rectifier (177), which is reflected on FIG. The arrangement of different oscillation parameters would often involve a complicated design and tuning of such a system. The IWECS platform includes substantially horizontal channels similar to channels 153 with valves similar to valves 156. The channels communicate the reservoir with the vertical holes and the outside seawater body. The IWECS comprises a plurality of tidal adapters (155) shown on FIG. Dolor de espalda al toser y respirar . The wiring of coils 1304, 1305, and 1306 may be chosen thicker (with a greater cross-section), to reduce the internal resistance of the coils and increase the induced current for the same load. Alternatively, for some types of electrical loads the number of wire turns in coils 1304, 1305, and 1306 may be increased.

Other embodiments may use non-cylindrical or otherwise shaped holes and necks, if necessary. Off-shore embodiments may be constructed, e.g. 5, 7, etc. It may not be an even number in this embodiment, since the flux cannot circulate through the armature core when two magnets with the same polarity are positioned under two neighboring teeth. The electric power produced in the armature’s coils can be transmitted or utilized within the underwater installation, e.g. Other suitable shapes and materials can be used for constructing the closure. FIG. 6a is a frontal view of a floating platform-based pendulum IWEC, employing a pendulum IWET, according an embodiment of the present invention. Another modified pendulum IWEC embodiment (not illustrated) can also be employed. As illustrated on FIG. As depicted on FIG.