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Phisiotherapy situations When the wave crest is over spar 13, the higher pressure from the wave causes the ballast chamber to compress and causes the spar 13 to sink until the floats reach equilibrium buoyant state. As an electrical generating system, a reduced cost of energy (CoE) is expected to be an advantage over other approaches. As can be readily understood from the foregoing description of the invention, the preferred structure and method of operation have been described, but other structures and approaches can be substituted therefore without departing from the scope of the invention. In FIGS. 5 and 6, the spar 13 is shortened and the damper plate 9 is connected to the spar 13 using a cable or chain 31. The shortening of the spar allows for increased pitch motion and increased relative speed between float and spar in the surge mode of operation. FIGS. 4A-4C depict various positions of the floats 11 and 12 relative to each other and relative to spar 13 as different wave conditions are encountered by the wave energy converter 10. More specifically, FIG.

  • Anticoncepción hormonal,
  • Picores en el paladar, la boca o alrededores
  • Marcadores del tumor
  • Presión elevada en las venas varices inflamadas que lucen como un cordón azulado
  • Hierbas y especias que no sean derivadas de semillas

Sindrome y Cefalea Tensional The magnitude of the rotational forces 22 and 23, depicted in FIG. As depicted in FIG. The floats 11 and 12 of FIG. 9. In this second arrangement, PTO 37 has a rotor (not shown) attached to one float 11 and a stator (not shown) attached to the other float 12. The reverse is true of the PTO 38, which has a rotor (not shown) attached to float 12 and a stator (not shown) attached to float 11. Both PTO’s are driven by the relative motion between the floats 11 and 12. The same advantage of increased generator speed is realized between stator and rotor, because each is being rotated in opposite directions.

In both cases, surge and heave forces, the floats 11 and 12 rotate about spar 13 with speed and torque to transmit power through drive shafts 18 and 19. The net affect of these heave and surge driven rotary motions is hypothesized and numerically modeled to be complementary (not opposing) in direction and force.

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The exact generator, pump, or rotary mechanisms for this application is not essential to the claims of this invention because it is applicable to any mechanism or system that is driven by a rotary shaft. In some methods described in this disclosure, reliability is improved by the elimination of all intermediate conversion stages.