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According to the above-described wave-power generator, the frequency fn can be calculated by using the following Equation (1) when it is assumed that the mass of the oscillating body is m, and the mass of the additional-mass body is Am. Described herein is a wave-power generator that is provided with an oscillating body that is installed in a floating body via a spring and that linearly reciprocates in response to a fluctuation of a water surface and a generator that generates power by being driven based on the linear reciprocating motion of the oscillating body, the wave-power generator including an additional-mass body for adding an additional mass to a mass of the oscillating body. 7, a gas tight vessel 19 is formed via a rearward extension 20 of moving surface 2 overlapping and concentric with a forward extension of fixed surface 1, with a membrane seal or diaphragm 21 between the ends of extensions 20 and 22 forming a gas tight variable volume vessel.

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Flores en mi pelo The oscillating body installed in the floating body via the spring linearly reciprocates in response to a fluctuation of the water surface. Both are sea bed and near shore mounted and neither is surface vented like the present invention to increase stroke and, therefore, efficiency or makes any attempt to capture wave kinetic energy (surge). The method includes the steps of orienting the energy conversion system in a fluid zone such that fluid flow in the fluid zone flows in a direction substantially parallel to the rotational axis to cause rotation of the rotating structure, And generating at least one of electricity and hydrogen by movement of at least one magnet bearing mechanism for the at least one magnetic bearing mechanism. Throughout this specification the word “comprise”, or variations such as “comprises” or “comprising”, will be understood to imply the inclusion of a stated element, integer or step, or group of elements, integers or steps, but not the exclusion of any other element, integer or step, or group of elements, integers or steps.

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Any discussion of documents, acts, materials, devices, articles or the like which has been included in the present specification is not to be taken as an admission that any or all of these matters form part of the prior art base or were common general knowledge in the field relevant to the present disclosure as it existed before the priority date of each claim of this application. The generator is driven based on this linear reciprocating motion, thus generating power. However, since the wave period in an actual marine area typically varies widely from 3 to 10 seconds, there is a problem in that, even if a predetermined mass and spring are selected, the range of periods in which resonance occurs to allow power generation is limited, thus making it impossible to respond to the changing wave period, which reduces the capacity factor. Furthermore, because the wave period is generally long, a long spring needs to be used so as to reduce the spring constant.

However, because the wave period in the actual marine area typically varies widely from 3 to 10 seconds, there is a problem in that the wave period in the actual marine area becomes significantly larger than the natural period of the floating body in some cases, so that the floating body does not effectively oscillate, thus reducing the capacity factor of the wave-power generator. Furthermore, because it is assumed that a floating body does not oscillate when the natural period of the floating body is larger than the wave period, the natural period of the floating body is designed to be smaller than the design wave period. In techniques disclosed in PTLs 1 and 2, it is necessary to select a mass and a spring according to the wave period.

10 with air venting duct connection 14 between said variable volume container 19 and said vertical columns 7 above said bellows fixed surface 1. The void 70 volume between bellows moving forward surface 2 and hydrodynamic surface 3 with extension plate 44 can be filled with water or solid ballast to increase moving mass and reduce or eliminate other return means. Specifically, if the frequency fn is set to the same value as that used in a conventional wave-power generator, the spring constant k can be increased. There are known wave-power generators in which two objects are moved relative to each other in the vertical direction to drive a generator (for example, see PTLs 1 and 2).

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412 best remedios caseros images on Pinterest 9 to define the relative downward sloped motion 15 of moving surface 2 to fixed surface 1, an internal scissor jack 45 is used wherein hinge points have rollers 25 riding in tracks 28 connected to some (shown) or all (not shown) of said bellows internal reinforcing ribs 26. Said scissor jack 45 also reduces the stroke and correspondingly increases the force on hydraulic or pneumatic power take off cylinder 31 connected to said jack at point 30. A fixed rigid housing 47 conducts air venting to and from said variable volume container 19 through vent ducts 14 into and through the upper section of buoyant vertical columns 7 with vent cap 11 and water intrusion blocking float ring 46. Said vertical columns 7 also house a high pressure hydraulic or pneumatic accumulator tank 33 receiving high pressure fluid from cylinder 31 allowing a hydraulic or pneumatic motor or turbine 35 and generator 36 to produce grid ready synchronous power from a constant fluid flow from said high pressure accumulator tank 33. Alternatively, part or all of said hydraulic or pneumatic or other power take off system of one of several devices could be located in a common sea bed module (not shown).

방법은 유체 구역 내의 유체 흐름이 회전 축에 대해 실질적으로 평행한 방향으로 유동하여 회전 구조물의 회전을 일으키도록, 유체 구역 내에서 에너지 전환 시스템을 배향하는 단계, 및 회전 구조물의 회전 중에 전기 전도성 요소에 대한 적어도 하나의 자석 베어링 메커니즘의 이동에 의해 전기 및 수소 중 적어도 하나를 발생시키는 단계를 추가로 포함할 수 있다.According to another exemplary embodiment, the present invention contemplates a method of converting fluid flow motion into another form of energy, the method comprising positioning an energy conversion system within a fluid body, Is configured to provide at least one of a radial bearing and an axial bearing between the rotating structure and the stationary structure when the rotating structure rotates relative to the stationary structure, Lt; / RTI > magnetic bearing mechanism. Only one of the prior art subsurface OWECs attempts to capture both hydrostatic (heave) and hydrokinetic wave energy (surge or pitch), which represents half of all wave energy, per the present invention.