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About the periphery of the flotation module are a plurality of forcedistribution plates, e.g. 10-125, are operatively connected to a plurality of depending connectors, e.g. 10-150. Each of these depending connectors is operatively connected at one end to the inertial mass 10-140 and at one end to the restoring weight 10-160. Each depending connector can have its own aperture e.g. FIG. 130 is a side-by-side illustration of a buoy flexibly connected to a submerged inertial mass by a pair of vertical cables that are interconnected at a single central pick point. 11, results in an upward acceleration of the inertial mass 10. However, due to its substantial mass, this upward acceleration is relatively small, and is typically much smaller than the upward acceleration of the buoy. However, this tilting of the buoy 1420 also raises the other cable connection point, e.g.

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However, the prior art lacks an effective manner or technology with which to accomplish this goal. One or more mating flexible connectors depend from ribbon junction bar 215 and mate to inertial mass (“IM”) 217. IM 217 may consist of a structure containing water filled voids, which overall has a net weight that is positive in water. Post-tensioning cables span the flotation module in a lateral fashion, and are mounted, e.g. 73 is radially symmetrical, and it uses differential torques to control the angular rotation of the buoy with respect to both lateral axes, i.e. Note however that for certain (larger) sizes of restoring weight, it may be desirable not to decrease the average resistance during the downstroke relative to the upstroke, but rather to take off power, at least to some extent, during both the upstroke and the downstroke. By using both the brake and the generator, a control system having at its disposal both a brake and a generator can transmit to the inertial mass greater amounts of buoyant force (i.e.

Countertorque can be controlled using differential excitement of field coils in the generator, i.e. Floatation module 504-1 is shown with its upper surface transparent and all other components except the PTO systems 504-2 hidden so internal components can be seen. In this embodiment, the PTO systems do not share a common mechanical apparatus or hydraulic circuit. In one embodiment, inertial mass 4604 is a mixture of metals and plastics. Dolor e hinchazon de rodilla . 329 and 330, until they are communicated to the PTO assembly 331, and 341-342, and the flexible connector 332-333 connected thereto. Restoring weights 17-5 have a net weight in water which is positive, meaning that they will sink if not attached to anything. Consequently, when the inertial mass falls relative to the restoring weight, and/or the weight rises relative to the inertial mass, the two bodies come into contact and they are prevented/limited from moving further downward and upward respectively.

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Muletas Axilares - Medical Perú When the vessel is accelerated upward, e.g. 168 The outer wall 300 of vessel 217 in FIG. The water, and/or other fluid(s), and/or other solid(s), and/or other gas(es), trapped within the vessel 1728 are unable to escape the interior chamber 1729 of the vessel. 101 within a cylindrical space centered about, and within a radial distance 444 of, the vertical longitudinal axis of the buoy. 212, taken across a vertical plane passing through, and parallel to the longitudinal axis of, the power-take-off (PTO) 192 and the upper-most beam 193 in which it is embedded. 606, on the buoy 600, passing through a ribbon-specific aperture, e.g. 700 and positioned above a pair of adjacent apertures 702 and 710. One end of a multistranded ribbon cable 797 is connected to an anchoring screw embedded in the seafloor (not visible) located below the buoy.