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The rotor could be formed by a toothed wheel (which rotates around a shaft) of a non-magnetized material of high magnetic permeability, or better by a wheel of another material (preferably non-magnetizable and light so that the speed of rotation of the same is greater due to its lower mass) and on the periphery of which has been fixed a ring made up of alternating portions of low (4) (preferably of high diamagnetism) and high (5) magnetic permeability material (non-magnetized), or simply with teeth or portions (5) of high magnetic permeability, non-magnetized on its periphery and gaps. The alternating portions of high (5) and low (4) magnetic permeability that form the rotor, can in principle have any thickness, size and geometry. The stator is formed by a ring to which a plurality of coils (2) with a core (3) made of a magnetizable material without residual magnetism and of high permeability (for example, a large number of very thin laminae of Fe-Si insulated from each other and strongly compressed) have been fixed.

32), and in any position along the length of the piece (38), the rest being simply made up of a high magnetic permeability material. This will also prevent fish from entering, thus avoiding them from being swept into the rotor blades (which, in addition to causing their death, could clog and brake its operation). The turbines and the C-shaped casings can be made of a strong light material, resistant to corrosion and the unfavourable conditions of the marine environment (for example fibreglass or carbon fiber, being best if it is reinforced, for example with epoxy, or even better reinforced PEEK, aluminium or aluminium alloy, double-walled with polystyrene in between and antifouling protection, etc.).

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All of the elements of the system that are not or cannot be made of a carbon fiber type of material, or another of similar properties, and depending if the type of material needs it, should be coated with a material of a low coefficient of friction, with non-stick characteristics (to prevent biofouling) and that protects them from corrosion (for example a fluoroplastic, a material of the Teflon type, etc.).

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Dolor neuropatico 2014 julio 4 In FIG. 12, (12) represents a slab of low density material to provide buoyancy and (13) the blade runner of the turbine. To obtain energy from ocean currents it is enough to submerge a conveniently orientated hydraulic turbine in them which drives an electric generator. It would also be advisable that they had a system which allowed their orientation to be changed in the case of variable currents (to correct for seasonal changes, etc.). To facilitate the maintenance of the stators, in case they are joined to or embedded in the walls of the nozzle in the area of its critical section, it would be advisable that these have some kind of cover in the areas of the critical section where the arcs or ring sectors of stators are installed so that, by opening them, those can be easily extracted. Above all, in the case of large-sized systems that have many blades or scoops, the nozzles could be divided into transverse sections, in such a way that each of them has a height in the area of the critical section, for example, approximately equal to the distance between two succeeding blades or scoops, so that the flow of water is better directed towards each one.