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Técnicas de relajación - Métodos de relajación - Técnicas.. By having the top chord lying in the still water surface, however, much of the surplus energy of storm waves can be allowed to pass over the structure without overloading the system. The invention also seeks to provide a system that can extract energy from waves yet which is relatively simple in mechanical terms and capable of being built, installed and maintained by existing facilities.

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a tu salud 07: Usando muletas: Bastón inglés. 6-8, deeper, open water areas can be accessed, which gives more flexibility to locate the device out of shipping lanes and out of sight from land. The individual tubes can be strung together using steel or artificial fibre ropes 120 at the top, (and intermediate elevations, when present), with the lower horizontal manifold 122 helping to hold the bottom of the pipes in place. Because the tide is bi-directional, another pair of fences 110 c, 110 d can be provided in an opposed V, resulting in an X-shaped arrangement of fences 110. The concrete reservoir 112 also blocks the central area, helping guide the flows through the fences 110. FIG.

The columns can be used to mount the generators and, optionally the impellers. FIG. 5 shows a different arrangement of pipes for the sections 20. In this case, the first and second pipes are arranged substantially vertically 38 and connected to a common horizontal manifold 40 which extends between the columns 28. With the pipes in this configuration, energy can be extracted from orbital water flows such as are found in wave patterns. 10 shows an optional version in which the outer ends of the fences 110 are supported on smaller reservoirs 116 rather than piles. 9 and 10, the fences 110 are connected to a large concrete reservoir or sump tank 112 such that the fences 110 can draw water from the inside of the tank, which is refilled continuously by arranging flow from the outside to the inside at high tide through impellers 124 that generate electricity.

Displasia fibromuscular: causa infrecuente de dolor abdominal Energy can be extracted from any water movement between the bars irrespective of the frequency of the incident energy even at near-zero frequency i.e. In this case, the impeller can be mounted in a wall of the reservoir. Tengo mucho dolor en las articulaciones . FIGS. 6, 7 and 8 show a further embodiment of the invention. A further embodiment of the invention uses the energy generated to drive conventional reverse-osmosis desalination equipment, with the fresh water exported by pipeline-this avoids that traditional problem of getting access to unsilted open sea water and generating the power needed for the high-pressure pumps these units need, in undeveloped coastal sites.

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Consequently, water is drawn through the flow conduit 30 and into the manifold 26, driving the impeller and hence powering the generator module 32. Vertical variations in flow can cause lower pressures to be generated in some pipes than others. Other uses can be to use the local generation of electricity to power local generation of hydrogen by electrolysis.

The non-return valves prevent these variations from ‘short-circuiting’ the system via the manifold by preventing water from entering the pipes other than through the flow conduit and manifold. 9 and comprises two arrays of pipes forming a pair of “fences” 110 a, 110 b that are connected at one end to a common structure (in this case a large, concrete reservoir 112 as will be described further below) and the other ends spaced apart and connected to piles 114 to form a V-shape, to “catch” the tidal or current flow as it spreads out from the middle third of the upstream flow. The valves 14 a, 15 a comprise long, flexible flaps secured by respective retaining lips 16 a, 17 a on the outside of the pipe 10, the flaps 14 a, 15 a being secured such that they extend towards each other overlying the respective adjacent row of holes 12 a, 13 a.

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The flexible connections can be provided by a manifold at the bottom of the fence and one or more flexible cables above the manifold, the cables being more flexible than the manifold. Further changes can be made while remaining within the scope of the invention. MODE(S) FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION The basic principle of the invention is to use the arrangement of first and second pipes to draw water over the impeller to generate electricity. In one particularly preferred embodiment, the arrays define a elongate fence of first and second pipes. FIG. 3 shows further detail of the first pipe 10. The holes 12 a, 13 a are in the form of two parallel, symmetrical rows of elongate slots.

By providing the elongate pipes, each can be positioned in such a way that there is always a part of it in an optimum flow region. Dolor lumbar y nauseas . The tank can be un-installed by replacing the water in the chambers 126 with air again, reversing the installation process, either by pumping out the water in the chambers or blowing it out with compressed air. The lower chord members 70 a, 70 b are connected to the outlet end 72 of flow conduits 74 defining impeller shrouds that have inlets 75 open to the water at an upper part thereof.

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However, even with a large structure, only part of the incident water stream goes through the bars-the rest slips around the sides, because the tubes present a significant blockage to the tidal flow. 14) but flooded during operation to sit on the sea bed 131 (FIG. Operation of this system is essentially as described in relation to FIGS. While these embodiments are configured to extract energy from tidal or current flows, wave energy will also be converted in the manner described above. In one embodiment, the plane of the array of first pipes is substantially parallel to and offset from that of the array of second pipes. It is preferred that non-return valves are provided at the holes such that water can flow through the holes out of the first pipes but not through the holes into the first pipes. The use of the non-return valves means that the tendency to draw water into the first pipe to compensate for the pressure drop caused by the venturi is resisted.

Non-return valves 14 a, 14 b, 15 a, 15 b provided at each hole 12 a, 12 b, 13 a, 13 b to prevent water flowing into the first pipe if the ambient pressure in the pipe is lower than the pressure outside the pipe. FIGS. 1 and 2) and arranged such that the first pipes 58 a, 58 b are one the outside. This is a resonant phenomenon that can be taken advantage of to enhance efficiency in detailed design. Where the impeller and generator are so separated, the generator can be connected to the impeller by means of a long drive shaft. X (FIG. 2) is forced between the first and second pipes 10, 11 where space is more restricted Z. The effect of this flow restriction is to accelerate the water leading to a drop in pressure, i.e. The arrangement comprises arrays of first and second pipes 10, 11. The pipes in each array are arranged in a parallel spaced, side-by-side array, all pipes of an array lying in essentially the same plane (indicated X10-X10 and X11-X11 respectively).

In this case, two pipe sections 50, 52 are provided, each comprising an arrangement of first and second ‘vertical’ pipes that are spaced apart at their lower ends 54 but are sloped so as to be close together at their upper ends 56. The pipe sections 50, 52 comprise planar arrays of first 58 a, 58 b and second 60 a 60 b pipes respectively, the arrays being parallel but offset (i.e. In this case, there are effectively two Vs with the open ends facing opposite directions and therefore being open to the two principal tidal flow directions. Dolor de espalda al mover la cabeza hacia abajo . FIGS. 11 and 12 shows one such embodiment, wherein the pipes forming the fence 110 are slung between two piles 118 a, 118 b, as shown (impellers may be housed in the piles). FIG. 12 shows further detail of the fence of FIG.

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1), the array extending further in both directions. In use, the structure is anchored to the sea bed such that it positioned substantially across the general direction of current or tidal flow, or the predominant wave direction. By making the structure buoyant as in the embodiment of FIGS. Typical dimensions of a modular unit of the structure can be, for example, 72.1 m long overall, with each side of the triangular cross section 18 m, weighing around 3750 tonnes.