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This blade orientation can be achieved by an adjustment mechanism rotating the blades to the new fixed position. In one embodiment, the system further comprises at least one sensor to detect rotation of rotating parts, and a controller to control the generator for optimum operation according to movement of the WEC rotating pails. In one embodiment, the blades have a generally similar orientation, and said orientation is in the range of 20° to 70° with respect to horizontal in use, with a lower trailing edge with respect to the wave direction.

Fisioterapia em Mogi das Cruzes - Clínica Salute Care The separation of the blades 1 and 2 is approximately 40% of a typical wavelength for the intended use, in one example 60 m. The blade width can be as desired, preferably greater than 5m and more preferably in the range of 20m to 30m. Consequently, when the leading blade 1 has water incident in the wave direction (the crest) the trailing blade 2 has water incident in the opposite direction (the trough). In one embodiment, the orientation is in the range of 20° to 70° with respect to horizontal in use. Referring to Figs. 13(a) and 13(b) the physical arrangement is shown in plan view. 3. It has a hollow body with a concave skin on one side and a convex skin on the other side. WO2013/079585 (Jospa) describes WECs with fins at different fore-aft positions on an element, to enhance tilting motion of the element, thereby enhancing the relative angle between one element and the next.

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The gears always counter rotate, but always in the same rotation direction. With the frame facing towards the oncoming waves with the blade lower edges trailing, each oncoming crest raises the blades at its location and the trough lowers the blades at its location at the same time. In one embodiment, the generator controller is configured to vary generator field current in approximate proportion to relative angular change of the structures.

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Any other suitable sensors to track the movement cycles would be employed, provided their response is sufficient to allow the controller to apply the loading in approximate proportion to the angular rate of change. In one embodiment, the power take off mechanism is mounted on the frame and is linked by a drive member such as a chain or belt to the structure. In one embodiment, the blade or blades of the second structure have an orientation to operate in the opposite sense to that of the blades of the first structure.

Referring to Fig. 10 a WEC 85 has the frame 71 and a reaction structure 86 which is connected by mooring lines 87 and 88 at its ends. The structure may be mounted in any suitable manner such as being a floating body which is moored or it may be fixed to the sea bed or shore or to a body such as an oil rig-like structure. Estiramiento dolor lumbar . This is especially advantageous for static floating vessels. This stabilization apparatus applies to static vessels, not vessels in motion. It comprises an encoder disc 151 fast on a blade 152, and these together can rotate as one unit about the frame (not shown) for blade angle adjustment before use. This helps to avoid sudden input to the generator at this part of each cycle, and therefore the gearing system does not lose angular velocity.

12(a), where the chain 108 moves to the left: the sprocket 101 rotates anti-clockwise, the clutch 102 is engaged, driving the gear 100 on the shaft 112 anti-clockwise, the gear 105 is driven clockwise by the gear 100, gear 105 drives the output shaft 109 clockwise, the sprocket 106 free-wheels. The rotation rectifier 98 comprises a gear 100, a sprocket (or pulley) 101 for a chain 108 (or toothed belt), and a sprag clutch 102 between the sprocket 101 and the gear 100. The clutch 102 has teeth arranged to be driven by the sprocket 101 only with anti-clockwise sprocket rotation, and to free-wheel with clockwise sprocket rotation. The chain 108 is tensioned by a tensioner having an arm 110 and a wheel 111 and runs over both sprockets 101 and 106. There may alternatively be a tensioner wheel at a lower position between the sprockets, thus extending the range of slack take-up.

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Referring to Fig. 8 a WEC 70 is similar to the WEC 50 and additionally shows a power transfer mechanism 73 for transferring power arising from mutual rotation of a frame 71a structure 72. The mechanism 73 has a shaft gear drive 74 mounted on the frame 71 and acted upon by a belt 75 linked at both ends to the structure 72. The belt 75 therefore repeatedly moves back-and-forth in clockwise and anti-clockwise actions on the gear train 74.This power take off mechanism 73 provides reciprocating output motion to a prime mover. Hence, the blades 1 and 2 act in a complimentary manner, both clockwise about the pivot joint 5 between them (the pivot axis being through the plane of the page as illustrated). The blades 1 and 2 are hollow, and hence inherently buoyed. Also, it avoids excessive forces due to sudden accelerations, and hence avoids problems arising from extremes of input wave power.

In one embodiment, the sensors comprise a gyroscopic sensor or accelerometer on each structure, and the controller is configured to combine sensed motion. In one embodiment, the support structure supports a plurality of blades in spaced-apart relationship. 1, the upward pressure is at a trough and so there is very little scope for upward movement.

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Friction is a major energy loss with a mechanical PTO at such a small scale so very considerable increases in power can be anticipated as bigger models decrease the proportion of energy lost to friction. Causas del dolor de espalda alta . In one embodiment, the lower structure is linked to a mooring. In one embodiment, the sprockets or pulleys of the set are rotated by the chain or belt in the same direction at any point in time.

In one embodiment, the lower structure is freely mounted to pivot. 5In one embodiment, the support has a length of greater than 100 m, and the combination of the support and the blades is buoyant. Referring to Fig. 14, the generator may be electrically controlled by selectively cutting its field current as wave troughs approach and the chain changes direction. 1 and 2 with details of a clutch, while Fig. Fig. 14(b) shows the output of the rotation rectifier, only positive but dipping to zero twice per cycle. This provides the benefit of more revolutions of generator rotor per wave and faster rotation speed. Hence, in at least some embodiments the rotation rectifier differs significantly from the prior approaches which employ flywheels with high rotational inertia.

18(a), as a crest approaches the bow of the boat B is pushed down and the stern is pushed up, and vice-versa as a trough approaches as shown in Fig. In one embodiment, the blades have internal buoyancy, by for example being at least partly hollow. In one embodiment, the structure supports a plurality of blades. This reciprocating motion is of the blade frame about a pivot joint on the reaction structure, this structure being a body reacting against the forces applied to the blades by the waves, thereby achieving the reciprocating pivoting motion.

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In one embodiment, the power transfer mechanism is configured to convert mutual reciprocating rotary motion provided by the structure or structures to continuous rotary motion for a generator. Dolor cronico de espalda baja . In one embodiment, the sensor comprises a gyroscopic sensor or accelerometer on each structure, and the controller is configured to combine sensed motion. The sensor arrangements to track the movement may for example comprise both upper gyro and lower gyro sensors on the two frames. This may be sensed by an accelerometer or other sensor on a structure. The structure 86 reciprocates to a small extent about the common axis. In one embodiment, the generator controller is configured to reduce or cut off field current in the generator near the crests and troughs to allow a generator rotor to maintain some momentum. In one embodiment, the pulleys are driven by a belt or chain which includes an accumulator along its length.