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preoperatorio, transoperatorio y postoperatorio FIELD OF THE INVENTION This invention generally relates to a wave energy converter and more particularly, to a wave power generator that utilizes gravity as a primary component in the generation of hydraulic energy, which can be used to generate electrical power, and that is selectively adjustable to optimize power generation based upon water conditions. FIG. 3 illustrates one embodiment of a support structure 16′ including a selectively actuatable locking mechanism 130. In this embodiment, member 34′ includes several concave grooves 132 formed on one side of its outer surface.

The downward motion and gravitational force causes the piston 66 to pressurize the fluid within chamber 60 and to displace the pressurized fluid into high pressure reservoir 22 by way of conduit 70. In one embodiment, the displacement pressure created by the downward moving piston 62 may be approximately 1,000-1,500 psi. Power generator 26 includes one or more conventional turbines (not shown), which are adapted to rotate in response to receiving pressurized hydraulic fluid from reservoir 22. The rotating turbine(s) is used to generate electricity in a known and conventional manner. This pressure may be adjusted based on the size, weight and shapes of the components of the piston assembly 18 and floatation device 20. During the down stroke, substantially all of the fluid is displaced into the high pressure reservoir 22. Pressurized fluid is then discharged from reservoir 22 into the hydraulically driven power generator 26, where it is channeled through one or more turbines.

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Wave power generator 10 is adapted for secure attachment to the bottom or “floor” 12 of a body of water, such as an ocean or sea. The hydraulic energy that is produced can also be used to power other systems and devices, such as a desalination system. For instance, because of the increased size and power of offshore waves, the construction of these devices is more difficult and complex.

s27-reflejos_medulares FIG. 4 is a side view of one embodiment of a pivot and damper assembly for connecting a piston to the platform of the generator shown in FIG. 4 depicts one embodiment where a top end 75 of a piston assembly 18′ is pivotally coupled to a bottom portion 53 of platform 52, thereby allowing the assembly 18′ to move in the directions of arrows 142. This embodiment further includes a spring-loaded damper 140, which is coupled to platform 52 and to the central area of piston housing 54. Damper 140 may be a conventional preloaded shock absorber device, which is adapted to preposition piston 18′ and floatation device 20 in the direction of the oncoming waves, such that piston assembly 18′ forms an acute angle 144 with platform 52 toward the oncoming waves.

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El bloqueo terapéutico de ganglio estrellado en el.. In alternate embodiments, structure 16 may be anchored to other structures that are fixedly anchored to the ocean floor, such as drill platforms, piers and other suitable, stable structures. Dolor muscular en las piernas al levantarse . However, in other embodiments, the foundation can be made designed to be wider in order to create wave height amplification in areas of lower wave energy. However, in other embodiments, the generated hydraulic power can be used to run other systems or devices, such as a desalination system. For example, during a wave peak, the piston 62 should preferably reach near the top of the cylinder 54, and during a wave trough, the piston 62 should preferably reach near the bottom of the cylinder 54, such that substantially all fluid in the cylinder is displaced. Housing 54 is preferably made from a relatively strong durable material, such as a metal material.