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Castella in motion This invention aims to overcome some of the disadvantages indicated above in relation to tidal dams by providing a modular construction that allows an easier installation than what has been possible with previous designs. In addition, end or edge effects can make it easier for the flow to surround any structure located in the flow to extract energy instead of passing through the energy extraction system. The bed of the bed has not been prepared with basement terraces 10 on which SMEC 12 dam modules can be placed in an end-to-end arrangement to form the dam. The slots 30 of the SMEC 12 dam modules are temporarily sealed to form a floating chamber with the distributor (which has closed ends). Since the height of the bow wave does not depend linearly on the length of the SMEC dam, the quasi-constant energy lost at the edges of the device is amortized by increasing total energy production.

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The resulting height difference 23 allows the conversion of potential energy into useful electricity above the higher efficiency limit, known as the Betz mode, of a device that extracts only kinetic energy. The length of the tubenas or tubes of each SMEC module 12 is selected to adjust to the depth of the base prepared below the water level in order to keep the upper parts of the modules at essentially the same height. Figure 14 shows another embodiment of the SMEC module in which some of the tubes 22a are truncated so that they end up just above the normal high tide level. Other tubes 22b extend to support cover 32. Truncated tubes 22a allow water level rises such as storm surges, exceptional tides, tidal waves and flood floods to pass without damage above the pipes but below the road , limiting both the loads imposed on the module and the upstream flooding effect that could be caused by the flow being restricted by the dam.

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The modules are towed to their position by tugs 38. Once the module is in position on its liner 16, the module is lowered to its site by controlled flooding through appropriate inlets controlled by valves. A second embodiment of the invention consists in providing a platform to support a road or railroad track. Paved upper segments 32 are located on the upper side of the SMEC dam module 12. Once the SMEC dam modules are aligned from end to end, these segments are connected forming a road or railroad track. The series of tubenas are arranged forming clusters with vertical planes that in turn are mounted on the seabed to form prey.

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Figure 1 shows a series of SMEC 1 tubes, which may have closed or open upper sides, arranged through a tidal flow. The modules can be selected from a set of modules that have different cover heights above the base unit, the module being selected according to the depth of water in which it will be located. Me despierto con dolor de espalda . The pumped water can be used to fill an elevated tank. At least some of the tubena structures may end under the cover so that, during use, they are located above but near the normal high tide level.

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In one embodiment, the base of each module comprises a distributor and the tube structures are connected to the distributor and have a series of holes along its sides through which water can flow during electricity generation. A flow conduit is provided that has an inlet and an outlet with an impeller located in the flow conduit; and a generator connected to the impeller. Water from the body can enter the flow duct through the inlet, and the first tubenas are connected to the outlet of the flow conduit so that the flow of water through the arrangement of first and second tubenas causes the first tubenas they act as Venturi pumps that induce flow from the inside of the first tubenas through the holes so that water is drawn through the flow conduit and the impeller is actuated. Figure 4 shows a cross section of an estuary or narrow strait in which a dam can be installed.

The flow of water between these tubenas causes Venturi constrictions to act as pumps that suck water through the tubenas, which are fed by a distributor flow conduit, driving a impeller. This induces a secondary flow 9 through the slots 11. This small pressure coffer through a very large number of Venturi holes induces a secondary flow 13 of large volume, high cross-sectional area and low velocity through the distributor tubing 15. This large body of slowly moving water is fed by water flowing through the impeller through an envelope 17 of significantly lower cross-sectional area to provide a local flow rate that is greater than that of the distributor.

Increasing the physical length of the SMEC dam maintains the bow wave effect by preventing losses by detour at the edge of the device, when the incident flow is diverted around instead of through the dam. The hydraulic pump can be used to drive a high pressure water pump. An airport can be located on an artificial island halfway through the estuary or narrow with its tracks at right angles to the SMEC dam. This freedom of design allows the impeller to be optimized to operate with high efficiency and desirable effort levels.

The sluice gates 46 in the closed position can operate by increasing the flow rate and guiding the flow through the SMEC dam modules, resulting in an increased generation of electricity. Dolor de cabeza y dolor muscular . The hydraulic energy converted from the secondary flow can be used to drive a hydraulic motor that can be used to drive machinery or to generate electrical energy. In addition, a full-depth SMEC dam installed through an estuary from shore to shore or through straits from coast to coast will exhibit zero edge losses as the rodeo flow will be eliminated. The physical presence of the SMEC dam causes the surface level of the upstream water to rise in the manner of a bow wave 21. This bow wave results from the inability of water to flow to through the SMEC tube through the grooves due to the pressure difference. Figure 5 shows a cross-section of a SMEC dam module 12 installed on its basement terrace 10. Each terrace is formed by sheet piling of a linear liner 16 in the river or marine bed to fit the width of the section of base 18. The river or seabed is profiled by dredging and / or pouring gravel 20 to protect the riverbed against erosion and guide the flow through the SMEC module.

In addition, the SMEC dam is also much lighter and cheaper and is able to withstand the tipping moment of the full tidal range by allowing flow through both directions and allowing water level rises to pass without obstruction. Incorporating a hydraulic accumulator into the circuit allows energy storage when converted from the secondary flow. Water tidal dams have been proposed to concentrate the incident energy of a large cross section of water flow by trapping the flow behind a retaining wall and channeling it through turbines of a much smaller cross-sectional area, as in a conventional reservoir Such dams, typically arranged through an estuary affected by tides, are very expensive and environmentally disturbing. In this case, the installation procedure may comprise closing the holes temporarily while the module is being floated to its site and then opening the holes completely once the module is installed.

Such systems face problems such as being mechanically complicated, requiring calibrated behavior and often being unable to extract energy from other types of movement. The majority of other wave energy devices are based on the fact that the extraction of energy by means of the device is adjusted to resonate at the frequency at which the energy density of the environmental wave spectrum is expected to reach its maximum. Other aspects of the invention will become apparent from the following description.