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This wire 655 is smaller in diameter than the interior of the tubing and is set-off from the walls 660 of the tubing with heat-resistant standoffs. Elongated tubes or threads of variable diameter are provided. Elongated members having multiple flexible rods or fibers therein, that may be selectively engaged with one another, to cause the member to be relatively rigid, or disengaged, to cause the member to be relatively flexible, are disclosed. Referring to Fig. 64, there is shown a schematic representation of a conductor 860, the x-conductor in a weave, formed with alternating areas of high resistance, such as NiCr wire at 870, better seen in Fig.

Beautiful young runner Fig. 96 is a schematic cross-section of the device of Fig. For example, devices capable of swelling could open and close to change the porosity of a membrane. This central core is also ideal for carrying higher current loads, or – if hollow or porous – higher volumes of gases or liquids used to affect local or global state change. Fabrics which change permeability and/or porosity in response to body-heat, perspiration, or ambient temperature and/or humidity are exciting potential applications. If now various voltages were presented across a main powering pair of conductors, the manipulation of the presented voltage would cause varying pairs of zeners to create a narrow conduction band through which to power the base of the switching transistor. The controller is fitted with inputs whereby to control the drive voltage/current supplied across the ‘fabric’ (after the normal range of values has been established by the feedback and calibration just described).

Upon sensing undesirable or dangerous tipping, for example, the controller could open the mesh of the fabric thus reducing the wind resistance of the sail. Fig. 98 is an isometric view of a device of the invention. Fig. 79 is a partial isometric view of a device of the invention.

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Fig. Dolor lumbar y piernas cansadas . 30 is an isometric view of an article in accordance with the invention. Fig. 17 is a cross section of a bundle in accordance with the invention. Device 800 has at its center central conductor 805. Heating element 810 is configured in a spiral, through a sequestered gas or liquid 820, with electrical contact to central conductor 805 and, through the bladder 815, to a non-heating electrode 810 which is in turn connected to interlocking connector ring 825. The conductive panel 825 may be fused or photoeteched onto the outer surface. If the ring-device were made to span an area of the tubing of the cluster, then the ring-device (or its internal counterpart) might also be made to apply external positioning force to the cluster to selectively release, position, and resolidify the cluster. Such a functional use might involve the use of a layered ‘fabric’.

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In the case of remote, user- or device-initiated, control of the fabric (such as by the application of electrical current), both global and local control of the permeability and/or rigidity of the fabric can be achieved. An application is a fabric that is woven from these expandable threads. A wide variety of items, including fabrics of various types, are made of threads.