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OBJECTS OF THE PRESENT INVENTION The main object of the present invention is to create a new and more practical system for harvesting kinetic energy of river, ocean or tidal currents and wind, by overcoming the drawbacks of the known systems utilizing a new type of a fluid driven turbine. Hence, the turbine maintains a unidirectional rotation regardless of the direction of tidal currents. The system is capable of providing high-speed unidirectional rotation under a multidirectional low-head fluid flow. The design of these turbines consists of a concentric hub with radial blades, similar to that of a windmill. In contrast, the conventional horizontal axis turbines must be rotated to face the wind direction. Pat. Nos. 6,472,768, 6,267,551, 6,254,339, 5,798,572, 5,226,804, and 4,613,279. Such companies as Verdant Power, UEK Corporation, Marine Current Turbines Ltd. Such gives a time advantage for installation, modification, repairs and maintenance, thereby insuring that the system is more cost-competitive.

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The only difference is that a buoyant force applies to the floatable blades of the upper paddles instead of a gravitational force applied to the sinkable blades of the lower paddles. The bottom shutter opens in the downward direction and its weight helps to lift the upper shutter in the upward direction, as the wind applies an opening force against both shutters.

The company Blue Energy Canada, Inc. The Texas company GCK Technologies Inc. The system does not change the character of the water stream or create any harmful by-products. Each one of the gears (12) mentioned, gear respectively with another gear (11) of the same characteristics, integral with a portion of axis that runs through the inside of a corresponding arm (5), and which includes at its innermost end a pinion (not visible in the Figure) that meshes inside the base (6) with a gear (not visible in the Figure) in solidarity with the corresponding end of the lower shaft portion (1) and that has half teeth that the gear (12), thereby ensuring that the rotation of the base (6) driven by the rotating movement of the blades (20) are Produces at low wind speeds. Thus, the direction of turbine rotation depends only on orientation of blades and not on direction of fluid flow.

If the velocity is doubled, the available power then increases by a factor of eight. For wind power applications, a plurality of modules may be stacked vertically (similarly to FIG. The first set 25 of paddles with floatable blades is located above the working wheel 27, as the second set 26 of paddles with sinkable blades is located below the working wheel 27. A plurality of radial spokes 28 connects the working wheel’s rim 29 to the hub 30. Such radial spokes increase the integrity and structural strength of the turbine.

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As a result, the vertically oriented blades create the maximum drug force while the frictional force of the horizontally oriented blades is negligible thereby producing the high efficiency of the presented turbine. The high efficiency of the new turbine comes from creating a high drag force on the power generating side of the turbine with open shutters that the wind or water does work on and that move backward with the motion of the wind. No dam or impoundment is needed, therefore there is no major civil work to change the landscape, disturb the local ecology or uproot communities. Infiltraciones para el dolor de espalda . A generator pulley 40 is coupled to a generator 23. A belt 41 rotatably couples the generator pulley 40 to the paddlewheel’s rim 29, which serves as a gear thereby eliminating the need for an underwater gearing speed increaser, which would otherwise be required to connect a slowly spinning paddlewheel’s hub to an electrical generator.

Clearly, there is also a need to utilize the energy of wind for generation of electric power.

It is attached to the rim of the turbine’s wheel, which serves as gear to avoid the need for a gearing speed increaser, which would otherwise be required to connect a slowly spinning paddlewheel’s hub to an electrical generator. Mechanical power is applied directly through a speed increaser to internal electric generator, or through a hydraulic pump that in turn drives an onshore electric generator. Clearly, there is also a need to utilize the energy of wind for generation of electric power. The renewable energies such as solar or wind, are supplied directly by nature, and therefore of immediate use with the use of the means suitable that allow its transformation into other types of energy, such as thermal or electrical energy. The screen panels cover the frame’s side entrances and serve both to improve the efficiency of the turbine by creating a described earlier funneling channel together with a flow deflector 24, and to protect the converter from debris.

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Los Top 4+1 de Especialidades en Fisioterapia - El portal.. It is apparent from the foregoing that this drawback substantially decreases the turbine’s efficiency. In order to properly position and secure the system module to a river bed, the protective housing may be bolted to the ballast panel 42 having anchoring means 43, for example concrete blocks. 7 and 8, the common sharp angle filter protection 47 against submerged objects (debris) is created automatically, thereby providing a significant advantage to the prior art. The array of these modules may be arranged side by side, so as to intersect any cross sectional area of the flow nearly completely, thus providing versatile forms of hydroelectric power systems such as a vertical (FIG. FIELD OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to modular systems for producing electricity from the kinetic energy present in flowing water or wind. As long as the rivers flow and the tides rise and fall, the hydrokinetic systems produce electricity or mechanical energy.

As will be understood, the improvements proposed by the present invention favorably complement the system of energy collection proposed by the Main Patent, improve, and allow a simpler and more rational use of together, with a remarkable simplification as far as manufacturing and maintenance operations are concerned. More particularly, the invention proposes the development of substantial improvements in the object of the Patent Main mentioned, which essentially affect both the main support structure as to the blades themselves on the that the wind exerts the thrust action, based on which obtain highly advantageous results in terms of simplification Constructive or performance optimization is concerned.

The filter panels 81 and 82, made of steel bars, cover V-shaped inlets of the housing 80 to prevent clogging of the of the converter by submerged objects (debris) carried by water current. Tos seca y dolor de espalda . Darrieus turbine for harvesting energy of water streams. The converters for water applications embodiments also include flow deflectors. There are four preferred embodiments of the system. The embodiments of the system comprise a set of interconnected units or modules. Such orientation of blades provides a positive feedback minimizing the blades’ friction and maximizing the turbine’s performance. It is a further object of the invention to produce a fluid flow energy converter, which can be installed below the surface and upon the ocean or river floor, thus providing a vast number of possible site-locations for installation of such a device. Attached to the wheel support members hold the paddles while stops limit the rotation of paddles within the right angle range.

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The presented turbine provides unidirectional rotation for any wind direction and it does not have to be directed into the wind. The embodiment B is the system assembly comprising an array of interconnected submersible modules capable of harvesting the kinetic energy of tides that alternate direction of their movement on 180 degrees.

The art of interest will be discussed in the order of their perceived relevance to the present invention. There is no need for the system to dominate the landscape, endanger fish or interfere adversely with recreational pursuits such as fishing or boating. As stated, both portions 2 of each shovel are linked together by the innermost edge, adjacent to said axis 5 of respective blade, by means of ties or guides 11, such as sliding guides of the type used in the sail “genova” of a sailboat (bow sail winder), distributed along the length of both edges. Clearly, devices such as these are simply too large for use in streams of shallow rivers.

A modular hydrokinetic system is made of a number of standardized units or modules that can be fitted together to construct a large power system in a variety of ways. Further, there are a very large number of streams and small rivers, which do have significant water flows. A propeller turbine generally has a runner with three to six blades in which the water contacts all of the blades constantly. One or more modules can be anchored at various locations in a river or ocean for the purpose of generating electricity, pumping water or operating mechanisms or the like. Symmetrically located in inlet/outlet areas of the module, the flow deflectors 53 and 54 are secured to the housing in a pivotal manner. Dolor muscular covid . Obviously, when the turn of the set, and as in the realization of the Main Patent, the blades are rotating in order to adopt positions that progressively they go from a transversal position to wind thrust to a position parallel to the direction of the wind, as shown in Figure 2 in which both blades are located in mutually perpendicular planes to each other, so that effective thrust occurs in a unique sense.