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Por qué me duelen las muelas - Clínica Dental Deltadent The first arms 240, 241 are pivotally attached at their second (upper) ends to respective lower ends of second arms 260, 261. Upper ends of arms 260, 261 are pivotally connected at points 263,264 respectively to hydroplane support structure 283. A hydroplane support linkage 284 is provided to ensure that the hydroplane support structure 283 is maintained in a desired orientation, most especially substantially vertically as illustrated. Apparatus for Extracting or Generating Power The present invention relates to apparatus and methods for generating power and in particular to apparatus for extracting energy from renewable sources, more especially from tidal currents. The uses for recovered wind energy include the milling grain, pumping water from sources, transferring water between source and use locations, and, more recently, the generation of alternating current electrical power.

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File:Esquema segmentar da acupuntura.svg - Wikimedia Commons At its other end, the arm is pivotally connected to a base, the base being set, for example, on the seabed in an area of tidal current flow. 18 is in an optimum orientation with respect to the direction of current flow (bearing in mind that in tidal waters the exact direction of current flow varies over time). Again, the angle of the hydroplane with respect to the incident water current is adjusted periodically so that the arm is caused to move to and fro about its pivot point and useful energy is extracted from the motion of the arm. The term “nominally” is used here in the sense that some variation from the respective true horizontal and perpendicular orientations is to be expected, depending on local conditions. In this case, a single hydroplane support structure may be used to support a group of hydroplanes, or a hydroplane support ees c:.

Remedio natural para aliviar los dolores de espalda.. Each hydroplane 280, 281, 282 is mounted on a shaft 290 carried in hydroplane support structure 283. Each shaft 290 carries a pinion 291 which meshes with a rack 292. The racks 292 are arranged on a common rod 293. A piston 294 of a hydraulic piston and cylinder actuating arrangement 295 drives the rod 293 to move linearly and the linear motion of the rod 293 is converted by each rack and pinion 291, 292 into rotational movement of the respective shaft 290 and hence of the respective hydroplane 280, 281, 282. Que hacer para el dolor de espalda . The actuating arrangement 295 is controlled by control means (not shown) so that movement of the piston 294 A:. First arms 440, 441 Is are connected by a linkage 442 comprising parts 443, 444 and 445. Parts 443 and 445 are connected to arms 440, 441 respectively and move about axes 440a, 441a in fixed relation to their respective arms 440, 441. Parts 443 and 445 may be formed integrally with respective arms 440, 441. Parts 443 and 445 are pivotally connected to respective ends of a linking member 444. The relative size and position of the parts 443, 445 with respect to each other and to first arms 440, 441 is selected so that hydroplane support structure 283 moves, under the influence of hydroplanes 280-282 along a substantially linear (in the illustrated case, nominally vertical) movement path.

The first arms 14a, 14b are pivotally attached at their second (upper) ends to respective lower ends of second arms 16a, 16b. In the embodiment of Figures to 3, both upper ends of second arms 16a, 16b are attached, directly or indirectly, to hydroplane 18. Together, the first and second arms 14a, 14b, 16a, 16b comprise a linkage means 20 by means of which the hydroplane 18 is retained at a given time in any of a range of positions above the base 12. The said range pf positions define a movement path lying along line B. The extent of the movement path along which the hydroplane 18 moves is defined by the upper and lower limits of movement of the linkage means 20, as illustrated by Figures 2 and 1 respectively.

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In an alternative preferred embodiment the linkage means comprises a pair of first arms respectively pivotally attached at their first ends to the base and a pair of second arms at least one of which is attached to the hydroplane support structure, the second ends of the first arms being pivotally attached to lower ends of the second arms. Electronic control of the movement of the arms 14a, 14b to achieve the same end is also an option. In the illustrated example, the respective first arms 14a, 14b are fixedly attached to meshing gears 26a, 26b (shown schematically). This may be achieved, for example, by suitable additional linkages between the arms.

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Figure 7 shows on an enlarged scale a part of an apparatus 200 similar to that of Figures 5 and 6, and illustrating one example of a means for adjusting the angular orientation of the hydroplanes 280, 281 and 282 (hydroplane 282 is not shown on Figure 7). The arrangement is, of course, suitable also for moving a single hydroplane, two hydroplanes or more than three hydroplanes, with appropriate modifications. Dolor de rodilla en niños de tres años . Preferably said means operative to adjust the angular orientation of the hydroplane is operative to adjust each hydroplane and most preferably the hydroplanes are adjusted simultaneously by said means.

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To this end, first arms 140, 141 are most preferably linked, such as by a mechanical linkage so that their motion is synchronized. Most preferably movement path BB is nominally vertical, as illustrated. While a nominally vertical movement path is currently preferred, this is not essential. In this respect, the operation of the hydroplane is analogous to an aerofoil of an aircraft, which generates lift on movement of the aircraft through the air. The present invention seeks to alleviate these disadvantages and to provide an apparatus which is easily adjusted to extract power from current flows in which the flow direction periodically reverses (such as ebb and flow tides) and in which the power and loading throughout the movement cycle is more consistent, with a more favourable ratio between the average extractable power through the cycle and the peak extractable power.