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Técnicas Fáciles de Relajación - Cigna Contigo Paso a Paso.. The diameter of the venturi throat, relative to the venturi mouth diameter, when optimized according to the method of this patent, relative to a wave height of 4 meters, a wave period of 8 seconds and a choke speed of 25 m/s is 0.23 (see FIG. A more likely range of wave heights would be 3 to 6 meters, with respect to which the corresponding optimal amounts of available power would be 138 to 277 kW/m2. We express such power levels as a level of power proportional to the cross-sectional area of the mouth of the venturi device under discussion. 8 by the appropriate attribute of the mouth of the actual venturi device. 15, the optimal venturi throat diameter appropriate to each one.

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Repeating the calculation demonstrated above with respect to each possible relative throat diameter creates the graph in FIG. FIGS. 24A and 24B are similar to the alternative device in FIGS. FIG. 13C displays, for reference, the same wave profile shown in FIGS. First of all, surveys of past wave characteristics may not be completely accurate. Most wave energy devices are constrained to use in relatively shallow ocean waters where they may be anchored in some manner to the ocean floor. The scope of this invention is intended to apply with equal force to wave energy devices that exploit the “suction” created by the water speeding through a submerged venturi device, FIG. The purpose of such active movements of a submerged venturi device might also be to increase the amplitude of the submerged venturi device over that which would be provided naturally by the driving waves. The optimization methods discussed earlier were based on an assumption of purely sinusoidal waves.

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In this embodiment, the generator 46 is attached, not directly to the buoy as in the preferred embodiment, but to a platform 83. This platform 83 is attached to one or more lifting means 82 a and 82 b. Ansiedad y dolor de espalda . 25B, to the platform 81 of the venturi tube lifting assembly. In order to calculate the venturi factor for a particular venturi device, we need to know the specific venturi tube mouth and throat diameters (or equivalent specific venturi tube mouth and throat cross-sectional areas). 8. Let’s assume that we want to know the optimal amount of power available to a submerged venturi device, and the corresponding relative venturi throat diameter needed to achieve that optimal level of available power, when our venturi device will operate in waters characterized by a choke speed of 30 m/s (i.e.

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However, many alternate embodiments are possible for a wave energy device that facilitates, and optimizes, its power extraction by means of an optimized venturi effect. FIG. 5 illustrates a sample venturi device with a mouth of diameter “Dm” which we will assume to be fixed at some arbitrary value, and a throat of diameter “Dt” which we will vary in our effort to optimize the venturi effect influencing the power available for extraction from the turbine.

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The venturi device will accelerate the water flowing through the turbine by means of a venturi effect. 6c. All Manner of Flotation Devices The scope of this invention is intended to cover all wave energy devices employing submerged venturi devices that are moved partially, or entirely, by means of a loosely or rigidly attached flotation device. There may be some advantage to be gained by using such active means to partially, or fully, move a submerged venturi device relative to the supporting flotation device. This could allow the venturi device to utilize a greater venturi factor, and to enjoy waters traveling at the maximum rated venturi throat speed for longer periods of time, while perhaps also avoiding the increases in drag and turbulence which would be associated with non-linear water speeds which would not just reach, but would, if possible, exceed the choke speed of the device, thus further maximizing the extraction of power from such wave-induced vertical motion.

La fibromialgia es una enfermedad crónica que causa.. With respect to these assumptions, the maximum available power occurs when the relative throat diameter is 0.275, which is equivalent to a relative throat area of 0.076. With respect to this optimal venturi device configuration, and with respect to the specified wave height, wave period, and choke speed, the available power in the water flowing through the throat of the venturi tube would be increased by a factor of 136× with respect to the amount of power available in the unaccelerated water outside the venturi device. With respect to the wave conditions specified above, the amount of power available in the unaccelerated water flowing in to the venturi device’s mouth is 0.661 kW/m2. 6 specifies how much power would be available for extraction by a turbine located in the throat of a venturi tube relative to the amount of power that would be available by a turbine located in the mouth of the venturi tube.

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With an air-based suction system it would likely be desirable to employ one-way valves, or some other mechanism, to prevent water from flowing in to the suction tubes when the partial, or full vacuum, drawing the air out of the tubes was lost. Dolor en la parte de afuera de la rodilla . In an actual optimization, one would likely catalogue the frequency with which each distinct wave type is observed at a particular deployment site (with whatever resolution in terms of height and period is desired) over the course of a suitable period of time, e.g. However, it is much more likely that the diameter of a venturi-type wave energy device will be limited by practical considerations related to construction, deployment and maintenance, rather than being limited by its tendency to integrate waves. In this manner, some of the energy of the deep-water waves which compel buoy 26 and its attached venturi device 30 to rise and fall is converted to mechanical energy.

The propeller 72 is connected by a rigid shaft 74 to an electrical generator 76. As the propeller moves responsive to up and down movement of the flotation member 52, the propeller rotates and through the connection 74 causes the generator 76 to rotate thereby generating electrical energy. FIG. 1 is an illustration of a wave energy device proposed in the prior art, and comprises a turbine having a propeller 20 connected to a hub 22 mounted on a shaft 24 suspended beneath a buoy 23 disposed on the surface 28 of the ocean. In other words, a composite wave appears to pass such a point instead of multiple individual waves. 15 correspond to waves of height: 2, 4, 6 and 8 meters; and periods of: 7, 8, 9 and 10 seconds, respectively.