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Doctor glues a tepee to an athlete at the hospital To move the unit up and sown the beach, a push-pull rod is attached to the overhead brace 23 and passes into the power house 90. In one form, the push-pull rod 95 may be a jack screw with the rotating means being essentially conventional and mounted in the house for moving the unit toward and away from the power house 90. The push-pull rod may, also, be a rack with a pinion drive.

The control may be an independent float controlled water level finder which actuates the motor moving the unit toward and away from the power house in response to water level. However, as flotation module 901 rises in response to an approaching wave, the submerged inertial mass 914 resists its upward acceleration creating a tension in the flexible connector 902. This tension results in the lengthening of connector portions 902 and 908, and the corresponding shortening of flexible connector portion 909. As flotation module 901 rises, and the inertial mass 914 resists that rising, the float 905 descends. 553, of each cable in the array is affixed to the roller 552. The other end of each cable in the ribbon is connected to a submerged inertial mass (below the buoy and not visible from the illustrated perspective).

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Preferably, the unit is mounted on tracks such as 40 and 41. A sufficient number of roller wheels such as 42 and 43 of FIG. The number of roller wheels necessary for free reciprocal motion of the unit depends upon the size and the weight of the unit; providing such wheels is conventional for the movement of large equipment such as the present device. The diameters of the paddle wheels are determinded by the size of the unit and the gathering capacity of the wave receiving platform and its ability to force a sufficient amount of water under the paddle wheels for rotation.

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Weighted elements 60 and 61 may be provided on the paddle to act as flywheels for smooth, uniform rotation of the paddle wheel. Through the use of the supplemental inertial-mass weights 224 and 225, and the adjustment of the lengths of the supplemental weight cables 227 and 228 that partially support them, the wet weight of the inertial mass may be “tuned” so as to optimize and/or maximize the amount of electrical power that may be generated with respect to any particular wave climate.

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However, additional detail is provided with respect to the hollow connecting arm 143 on which the directional rectifying pulley 138 is mounted, and from the arms, e.g. An additional object of the invention is to provide an inexpensive, durable, wave powered generator which may be positioned in the water adjacent to a shore line for utilizing the power of sea waves ebbing and flowing from the shore.

Then the upper wheels will be reversed providing additional power along with the lower wheel 30, Wheel 30 is driven by the overshot flow. As a wave comes into the shore, a portion of the water is gathered in by wings 12 and 14, which causes the water to converge onto the ramp 18, where the wave propelled water flows in an undershot flow under the upper paddle wheels. The wings l2 and 14 gather the wave propelled water at the mouth of the platform and converge the water onto the ramp 18. The funneling effect of the wings produce an increased quantity and increased velocity of water moving up the ramp for each incoming wave in relation to the ramp width.

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