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PPT - Dolor postoperatorio Toraco- Abdominal PowerPoint.. And the harnessing of many of these sources of energy often results in costly or environmentally dangerous byproducts as well. Boats and ships often need to refuel which of course takes time and money, a factor that can have reciprocal effects on the marketplace. In the case of even the handiest of personal generators, the individual’s use and need for electricity will go only as far as his or her supply of gasoline, which again, is a resource that is out of the control of nearly all persons. Unlike the present invention, this device is limited in its efficiency and scope because it is only capable of operating intermittently from the up-and-down motion to the extent of 50 percent instead of continuously. Unlike the present invention, this device is limited in capability to the shore and is not meant to handle the relatively larger waves found farther out to sea.

The gas is then accumulated and pumped to a storage facility by a pump that also is operated by the motion of the sea waves. To make use of the present invention, the apparatus is attached to a floating object and then anchored at a location with optimal wave action.

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The departure gears (100) then operates a steady and continuous rotation of motion that runs a generator (130) and in turn produces the electrical current. FIG. 3 is a close-up view of the departure gears (100) for the present invention. 1 is a front view of the present invention. The present invention actually works by sensing every motion of seawater-whether it is up, down, subtle, aggressive-through a method involving a balance bar (10) that remains at rest while a rocking fulcrum post (98) interprets all of the water’s activity and ultimately converts it into a smooth and continuous rotary motion. The moving and non-moving parts of the present invention operate to translate the random, rocking motion of the sea into uninterrupted rotary motion, with the end result being the propagation of hydrogen for future use. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION There is no question that energy and energy consumption has been a fundamental part of society for more than a century.

A need has been established for a portable generator that uses the rocking motion of sea waves to harness its full energy potential to ultimately employ a process for the storage of the hydrogen contained in the water for use in such items as vehicle fuel cells. As a result, alternative forms of energy to fuel such items as vehicles has been emphasized from the presidential level on down. The benefits to businesses and individuals who operate on or near the sea include economic, social and practical applications, as well as for other applications revolving around hydrogen vehicle fuel cells and other items. The tendency for objects such as weights at rest to remain in that state results in the admission of torque to the heavy bull gear. Dolor muscular espalda medicamento . FIG. 2 is a side view and cross section of the present invention showing position of the gas accumulator (120), bull gear (110), generator (130) and salt water basin (90), as well as the anode (70) and cathode (80) wires.

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The present invention makes use of a permanent natural element in seawater to produce a situation where people can act much more self-sufficiently in an environment of cost-effectiveness and geological friendliness. The electrolysis method also is preferred because unlike other forms of energy, the byproduct of the present invention is oxygen as opposed to a toxin or other costly environmental element. As described below, nothing else compares with the unique aspects of the present invention. Electricity is costly. Issues with natural resources such as oil and its gasoline byproduct are well documented. For example, if a fisherman or other boater runs out of gas or springs a leak far from shore, he or she is dependent on other factors such as radio and is therefore limited in his own survival techniques. The present invention is portable enough to operate anywhere from near the shore to out in the middle of the ocean at a practical and high level of efficiency.

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evaluacion pre y postoperatorio One-way bearings are included with the gears to ensure that virtually no motion is lost in order to maintain the full energy potential of the present invention. This item is equipped with a departure bearing similar to the gears found in a rear bicycle wheel. In addition, this form of propagating electricity is useful on power grids or large Navy ships and submarines, but not so much away from this network, which again, places the user at the whim of the power company and government for their electrical needs. The cathode is necessary to produce the hydrogen while the anode renders the byproduct, which is oxygen. As all this is going on, the seawater is moved through the tank (90) where the anode (70) and cathode (80) are immersed. The sea water initially enters into the present invention via a pump that conventionally pumps water into the tank (90) where the anode (70) and cathode (80) are immersed.

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In this instance, the present invention would operate the same as far as efficiency and effectiveness in proportion to its size. This is the point where the electrolysis process occurs as the gas is accumulated in the gas accumulator (120) and pumped away for storage to be used later in a vehicle fuel cell or other hydrogen-based application. For purposes of brevity and clarity, like components and elements of the apparatus of the present invention will bear the same designations or numbering throughout the FIGURES. FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates primarily to a balance bar, bearings, weights and a series of moving parts such as chain arms, gears and levers combined with two wires, an anode and a cathode, that use the motion of seawater to ultimately employ the process of electrolysis in order to propagate and store hydrogen. The portability of the present invention also provides a significant amount of adaptability on the part of those that use the apparatus, as does its physical makeup to protect against such adverse elements as brine and barnacles.

In order to maximize the efficiency of the present invention to not only provide continuous effect, but also the most energy available, balance weights (40, 50) act to strengthen and intensify the motion of the bar. Unlike the present invention, this device is a very large and stationary facility that is restricted to only one location and its location requires a large-scale construction endeavor and is not meant to be portable or accessible for smaller enterprises.

This form of energy is exciting to many people because unlike usual emissions from gasoline-powered vehicles, those that operate with hydrogen fuel cells simply emit water. It is not enough to have a bulky, immobile generator that is far from full efficiency. Those operating at or near the sea need a clean, renewable power generator that can be taken with them at all times and not constrained by tidal issues. The fact that the portable sea-powered electrolysis generator apparatus engages a process that is clean and harnesses the power of sea waves, an occurrence that encompasses more than two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, is an important and useful achievement. Anemia dolor muscular . Primarily, the present invention is a necessary and useful apparatus that harnesses the clean and natural power of seawater in a portable and wholly practical manner to ultimately propagate hydrogen through the process of electrolysis. Therefore, the present invention satisfies the needs of those who require an alternative to conventional oil-based power by using the same elements of many of their livelihoods-the sea-to propagate a clean, affordable, efficient and practical energy source in the form of hydrogen to suit their unique needs at the location and times of this need irrespective of tide or any other conditions.