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On its outer wall, shape is the vertical plate that each movable part in the movable part of six hinged guide vanes of arch comprises laminar construction, the vertical plate of described laminar construction is located along the direction identical with the rotation of rotor, to be used in wind incident on any direction. Fig. 1 illustrates the top view with empty current-controlled vertical axis wind turbine, wherein, hinged guide vane (1) is shown as to be opened, and has movable part (2) and standing part (3), region corresponding to the upper surface (4) of movable part and lower surface (5), rotor (6), hexagonal structure (7), the rotor radius (Rt) of taking from hexagonal center (8) and hexagonal corresponding radius (R). It is formed primarily of six groups of mobile guide blades, and each removable guide vane is associated with the fixed guide playing not same-action in fluid dynamic (in this case, the liquid of such as water).

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Safety, can not depart from because rotor blade is arranged in the equipment protected by stator blade, so allow to use in ocean and river. Generator can be thus lifted to above the liquid level of liquid, and has obvious maintenance advantage.Operator is the work of calm strategical vantage point under water, and cost is lower. Generator, at ground level place or in underground, has obvious maintenance advantage.Operator works under the height of devoid of risk, and cost is lower.

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The open GB 2 of patent application, 486,697 relate to power generation device, such as producing the turbo machine of electric power from ripple and river-flow, be included in supporting structure on riverbed or main body, float capacity generator and in order to make the bent axle of Tape movement, this power electric generator has the immediate system without booster, and Insulation Problems is difficult to solution, and there is no automatic route and high running cost, there is expensive supply line together with risk that is damaged and accident. Movable and the stator blade be associated with this system catches the air quality of several times greatly by increasing the direct striking velocity of air quality on rotor blade and transmits its energy. Generator is positioned at below water level, and present isolated and transmission problem, only utilize high-velocity fluid to operate, wherein, the tangential velocity of rotor is similar to liquid flow velocity.

Dolor de espalda y sedentarismo. Use conventional material (only using resin and stainless steel). The rotor with the vertical shaft hydraulic turbo machine of current control comprises the hollow rotor had more than three blades, wherein, the shape of blade is as shark fins, and there is large-sized axis compared with its blade, the hollow rotor with six blades can be used, it produces the mutually inter-related independent and different region of equal amount, blade comprising described region is made up of the vertical plate with laminar construction, the vertical plate of described laminar construction along the sense of rotation orientation identical with rotor, to use the fluid along any direction incidence. If necessary, and according to being present in the fluid stream of erecting bed of hydraulic turbo machine, can rotor axis being increased, thus comprise the blade of larger quantity, so that the current control improved. By the size of the standing part according to each hinged guide vane of the size adjustment of rotor, for the stream equaled into jet body, obtain higher or comparatively low rotor speed, namely, standing part is less and rotor size is larger, and rotor speed is slower, in the same way, standing part is larger and the size of rotor is less, and rotor speed is higher.

According to its size, forming radius is the pipe of the regular hexagon structure of the parallelepiped shape of R, profile or plate by metal or can support that other material any of product needed be made. Wind-driven generator described herein has some technical characteristicss, and these features allow to use carrys out produce power from the wind of any direction, particularly electricity, and it is installed and structure is simple, its family is used or arbitrarily other use for be desirable.

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U. S. Patent 4; 236,866 relate to the system for obtaining and regulate air or sea or River function, and this system comprises eddy flow transducer; this eddy flow transducer is made up of three concentric rotating main bodies, in three rotating main bodies one any one on blade or column track.Being fixed by roller or other electromagnetic system allows the group around imagination or actual geometrical axis to rotate, it is low performance systems, because it is direct action device, it presents flow turbulence, because it operates in the compact medium of picture, power loses by increasing the volume of the water column of central apparatus.This is if used in water, has insulation and system difficult in maintenance.