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10 is shown with various elements tuned for a wave 46. The radius of the track 24 has been adjusted therein varying the natural frequency of the mass 26 / track 24. The radius of the track 24 can be changed by adjusting the track 24 or moving the radius of the curved portion 144 by lengthening or shortening a linear portion 146. In 20 addition, the tunable masses 134 have been moved inward and the location of the mooring line 132 that is secured to the hull 28 has been moved to adjust the natural frequency of the hull 28. A series of tests have been done using computer modeling.

Awesome late summer and autumn mood on mountain range. The Archimedes’ principle allows the increase in the weight of the second movable mass by increased displacement therein increasing the power density and energy. The mass 26 is the mass that creates high power density energy. It is important that the energy developed by the rolling mass 26 be converted to 5 electrical power without mechanical losses, maximizing the energy output of the system. In an embodiment, the at least one tunable device includes a counterbalance mass 5 located below the floating platform and adjustable in position related to the floating platform. The accumulator acts both as an energy storage and regulating device.

Muletas de Aluminio - OrtePRO Thus, the action of the moving waves causes a series of incline planes, any given incline plane being the reverse of both the incline plane that precedes it and the incline plane that follows it. It should be noted that the floating platform 22 with a bottom 32 that is flat both in 15 the direction of the motion of the waves and transverse to the motion of the waves, as opposed to rounded or v-shaped, is a more efficient incline plane.

WO 2012/018392 23 PCT/US2011/001368 Referring to FIG.

10 SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a system and method for producing electricity through the action of waves and tuning masses relative to a ground plane. WO 2012/018392 1 PCT/US2011/001368 SYSTEM FOR PRODUCING ENERGY THROUGH THE ACTION OF WAVES CROSS-REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS 5 This application is a continuation-in-part of U.S. WO 2012/018392 23 PCT/US2011/001368 Referring to FIG. Como quitar el dolor de rodilla por artrosis . 15 Referring to FIG. At the end 10 of the pendulum 308, the system 302 has a series of coils 310 which are separate from the mass 304. The series of coils 310 moves relative to the hull 28 of the system 302. Still referring to FIG.

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5, when the cylinder 60 reaches the end of the incline plane 54, if it is still rolling, any residual mechanical energy can be temporarily stored by having the cylinder 40 roll up a radius 76 of the track 24 until it stops. Electricity generated by the present invention can be stored, for example in batteries, on the ship on which it is produced or can be transmitted concurrently with its production through underwater cables to the power grid. The present invention is a system for converting the energy of waves on the Ocean into low 15 cost, efficient, reliable, clean electricity. 5, the mass 82 turns the shaft 94 of the generator 96 producing electricity. 3; FIG. 6A is a diagram of a mass comprised of two substantially cylindrical masses; WO 2012/018392 6 PCT/US2011/001368 FIGS. 18B, 15 which is a front view of the system 150, shows in addition to an arrow 194, an arrow 196 which represents the movement of the second movable mass 152. In addition, the system 150 has a series of flywheels 198 that extract the rotational energy from the movement of the second movable mass (the swinging mass) 152 relative to the first movable mass 164. Referring to FIGS.