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A domicilio - Fisioterapia San Inazio If this changes, e.g. The wave dampers may be e.g. Floating bodies are not necessarily arranged in all the chambers 22. It may be a wish to leave some chambers empty, to allow the waves to propagate through the structure with a minimum of damping before they hit the next floating body. A secondary object of the present invention is to provide a power plant with a simpler design, with a minimum of submerged moving parts.

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Enfermedades y dolores en el cuerpo, ¿qué significado.. The effect of the amount of water in the floating body or its depth of submersion will now be explained with reference to the diagrams in FIG. Now there is a noticeably greater deflection than the wave height at a wave period of around 6 s. From this, it is evident that not only can the deflection of the floating body be increased by increasing the depth of submersion, thus increasing the amount of energy produced; the natural frequency of the floating body is also dependent on the depth of submersion.

1 has been filled with water until it reaches a depth of submersion of 3.5 m. The deflection is even greater relative to the wave height at a wave period of around 4.5 s. In FIG. 7 e, the same body has been filled with water until its depth of submersion is 4.5 meters. This has similar characteristics to the embodiment of FIG. The forces absorbed by the diagonal cylinders 61 can also be exploited for power production. This obviates the need for a comprehensive trussed structure to define chambers for holding the floating bodies. Once the closing device has been opened, water will flow in through an opening 9 at the base of the floating body.

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The floating structure can therefore be made considerably simpler, and, as shown, can consist of a base 52 and a number of supports 53 that extend from the base, carrying a deck 54. Preferably, the deck 54 consists of truss work. The base 52 may be shaped so as to rise from the incoming wave end to the outgoing end, or it may be convex. The cylinders 61 can also be mounted at a horizontal distance from the vertical cylinder 12, allowing the cylinders 61 to absorb forces caused by pitching and rolling of the body. The positions show the state from when a first wave approaches the floating body 1 when the body is at rest, and then when subsequent waves move the floating body. This is achieved by arranging the floating body to be locked in place during part of the wave induced motion of the body, thus to increase the energy recovery from the waves.

The floating structure comprises truss work, in which is defined chambers to receive respective floating bodies, thus providing a simple floating structure relatively unaffected by wave motion. The truss work comprises piping made from a lightweight material, preferably plastic such as PVC, thus providing an inexpensive and light structure with high inherent buoyancy.

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In a first aspect this is achieved by holding the floating body in a fixed position relative to the structure during part of the period when a wave crest passes the floating body, and releasing the body while an upward force is exerted on the body from the waves, which force is greater than the weight of the body. Que es bueno para el dolor de espalda . Opening and closing of ports in the mass component means that there are moving parts involved which are submerged more or less the whole time. Consequently, the waves that bit the structure will first hit a few floating bodies at the front of the structure. At the lower position of the floating body 60, the cylinders 61 are at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the vertical, and in the upper position of the floating body, the cylinders 61 are more or less horizontal.

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This body also has an internal partition 5 that divides the interior of the floating body into two cavities, an upper cavity 6 and a lower cavity 7. A pipe extends through the partition 5 from the lower cavity and out through the upper hemispherical part 3 of the floating body 1. At the upper end, the pipe 8 is provided with a closing device (not shown).

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The beams may be I-beams made from a metal or a plastic such as PVC. Then the electrical energy can be transmitted to shore in a conventional manner per se. The timing of the release of the floating body from position 2 or 8 can be determined by the vertical force exerted on the floating body by the wave.

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10, pontoons 64 extend between the lower ends of the platform legs 62, and that guide rods 65 extend from the floating bodies 1 and through holes in the pontoons 64. Because of the guide rods 65, the frame 13 above the platform deck 60 can be made lower, as this only needs to control the rod 11 in one place. Another condition is that the water must not rise above the top of the body. The connection between the mass component and the floating component is also placed under considerable strain.