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Flying X In the foregoing description, piezoelectric vibrator 18 and the distance between generator top board 11 and the base plate 9 at top of generator leg 10 and bottommost all are greater than the maximum defluxion that piezoelectric vibrator 18 produces under scribing 19 effects, and are provided with by about 1.2~2.0 times of maximum defluxion; The scribing 19 of top of power transmission shaft 13 and bottommost respectively and the distance between generator top board 11 and the base plate 9 be half setting according to wave energy collection device 1 design range. As Fig. 1, shown in Figure 3, each piezo-electric generating unit 2 comprises plurality of piezoelectric vibrators 18 and several scribings 19 that are arranged between generator base plate 9 and the generator top board 11, each piezoelectric vibrator 18 evenly is arranged on the inwall of generator leg 10, and each scribing 19 evenly is arranged on the power transmission shaft 13.Wherein, each piezoelectric vibrator 18 comprises an intermediate layer 20 and two piezoelectric patches 21, two piezoelectric patches 21 all are arranged on the bigger root of strain on the intermediate layer 20, and two piezoelectric patches 21 are separately positioned on the above and below in intermediate layer 20, and adopt cantilever beam structure to be fixedly installed on the inwall of generator leg 10 with intermediate layer 20.When wave energy collection device 1 under wave action in the upper and lower oscillatory process, be arranged in the motion process of scribing 19 on the power transmission shaft 13 with wave energy collection device 1, contact piezoelectric vibrator 18 ends, scribing 19 under action of wave force along with wave energy collection device 1 continues motion up or down, piezoelectric vibrator 18 ends that contact with scribing 19 are motion up or down thereupon, deform, produce corner.After piezoelectric vibrator 18 and scribing 19 contact site corners reach 90 °, scribing 19 and 18 terminal disengagings of piezoelectric vibrator, continue motion up or down, 18 of piezoelectric vibrators vibrate with natural frequency, and then the electrode that is attached to piezoelectric patches 21 upper and lower surfaces is exported electric energy thereupon.

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NIños y colegio: Seis claves para prevenir los dolores de.. Patent number mainly is made of floating buoyancy aid and one group of piezoelectric patches across the sea for the piezoelectric Wave energy converter in the design of US4685296 patent.Buoyancy aid compresses in the process of moving up and down and the stretching piezoelectric patches, makes it that strain take place, and at the mounted on surface electrode of material, utilizes the exportable electric energy of the distinctive piezoelectric property of material.U.S. As Fig. 4, shown in Figure 5, in the foregoing description, in the terminal contacted process of scribing 19 and piezoelectric vibrator 18, owing to impact and the loss of rubbing action meeting produce power, for reducing loss, piezoelectric vibrator 18 and scribing 19 can also be arranged to non-contact type magnetic piezo-electric generating unit.Adopt a magnet 23 to make scribing 19, and fix another piece magnet 24 respectively on the both sides of piezoelectric vibrator 18 end upper surfaces.Motion along with wave energy collection device 1, the scribing 19 of being made by magnet 23 on the power transmission shaft 13 is close gradually with the magnet 24 on the piezoelectric vibrator 18, utilize the magnetic pole effect of repelling each other of the same name that the end of piezoelectric vibrator 18 is upwards deformed, because wave force is always greater than magnetic force, drive mechanism can constantly continue motion, behind two magnet, the 24 formed grooves on the scribing 19 process piezoelectric vibrators 18, under magneticaction, quicken to former direction of motion motion, 18 of piezoelectric vibrators are because a given displacement and snap power, free vibration takes place, drive piezoelectric patches 21 strain takes place, produce electric energy.

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The present invention acts on the energy that the wave energy collection device is collected on the piezoelectric vibrator in the passing load mode, and piezoelectric vibrator is vibrated under natural frequency, and then obtains high conversion rate and output electric energy.The frequency of its output current can keep design load, not improved by the influence of extraneous vibration frequency, and it (as 10~120Hz), is therefore exported electric energy and be easier to be utilized owing to frequency improves.Below in conjunction with embodiment and accompanying drawing the present invention is described in detail.

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University Of Tianjin’s journal, 2009,42,4:373-376.) research, the power of piezoelectric vibrator output energy is all relevant with frequency, amplitude, physical dimension and the circuit load of vibration.Wherein, the frequency of vibration is vital factor, and when driving frequency equaled the fundamental resonance frequency, it is maximum that the power that obtains can reach.Consider that in the actual marine environment, the wave motion frequency is low, excursion big (about 0.1~0.5Hz), how under various ripple conditions, can both realize the resonance of piezoelectric vibrator device, making its conversion efficiency maximum is the many researchers’ of puzzlement a key technical problem. In sum, Wave power piezoelectric generating device of the present invention can be used as Blast Furnace Top Gas Recovery Turbine Unit (TRT) and is widely used in various ocean platforms, maritime affairs equipment, submarine navigation device, marine military affairs, desalinization, fishery illumination and island exploitation etc., also can generate electricity on a large scale, satisfy the productive life need for electricity of supply of electric power difficulty coastal area.

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Our times, fossil energy move towards exhausted and the fossil energy utilization is put in face of the mankind these two old problems of pollution of environment, and be human at the new green energy resource of continuous searching; Various new technologies such as wind-power electricity generation, solar electrical energy generation, tidal power generation are arisen at the historic moment; Though the wind generating technology comparative maturity, cost of production is lower, and is big to the dependence of wind; Only that is to say and when wind speed reaches certain condition, could effectively generate electricity; And influence birds existence, and need a large amount of soils, ecotope there is adverse effect; Though solar energy in the use relatively flexibly, it is limited by photoelectric conversion device, and photoelectric transformation efficiency is low on the one hand, and the production environmental pollution of main material silicon of producing photoelectric conversion device on the other hand is bigger, and cost is higher; The tidal power technology also reaches its maturity, and show also practicability, but its cost of electricity-generating is very high, and is big to the dependence of geographical environment, is difficult to promote.

At the problems referred to above, the purpose of this invention is to provide the Wave power piezoelectric generating device that a kind of cost is low, efficient is high, make this device under various incoming wave conditions, can both realize resonance, thereby reach maximum electric energy output. In the foregoing description, supporting floating body 3 is wrapped in buoyancy aid 4 wherein, and connects by a rigidity connecting rod 17 (as shown in Figure 2) at the opening part of the supporting floating body 3 that is n shape, and then by the reflection incoming wave, improves the efficient that wave energy collection device 1 is collected wave energy. Described piezo-electric generating unit is arranged between described connecting rod and the described dynamo cradle, and a spring that is wrapped on each described pillar is being set between described generator base plate and the buoyancy aid framework; Or described piezo-electric generating unit is arranged between described dynamo cradle and the described buoyancy aid framework.

All be greater than 1.2~2.0 times of maximum defluxion that described piezoelectric vibrator produces under described scribing effect in the piezoelectric vibrator of top of described generator leg and bottommost and the distance between described generator top board and the base plate; The scribing of top of described power transmission shaft and bottommost respectively and the distance between described generator top board and the base plate be half of described wave energy collection device design range. Each described piezoelectric vibrator and each described scribing are adopted and are a layer arrangement, and described piezoelectric vibrator and described scribing on each layer are positioned at same horizontal plane, and number is identical; Perhaps arrangement mode is adopted in each described piezoelectric vibrator and each described scribing, and the form that the described piezoelectric vibrator of every row on described generator leg rises is each other in the shape of a spiral carried out the changing of the relative positions, and the scribing on the described power transmission shaft keeps being the mode that layer is arranged.

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As shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2, the present invention includes a wave energy collection device 1 and one or more and be arranged on piezo-electric generating unit 2 on the wave energy collection device 1.Be example with a piezo-electric generating unit 2 below. Current type electricity generating device: utilize the contraction water channel that wave is introduced elevated reservoir and form water-head, utilize water-head directly to drive the generating of hydraulic generator unit, its generated energy is big; But it is strict to landform and radio frequency channel; Even need to transform landform and radio frequency channel, cost is huge, is difficult for promoting; And if transformed landform and radio frequency channel, abominable geographical environment might be caused. The generator for electricity generation system comprises water turbine, generator, series flow control valve and water channel; Water turbine places water channel upper end, and the water outlet of upper flume causes through overflow pipe and the upper end of water turbine series flow control valve is installed on the overflow pipe that water turbine connects generator; Water channel connects lower flume through water pipe, and water channel, generator are fixed near the platform that is installed in seabeach or sea the float energy collecting system.

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Described scribing adopts nickel, steel or steel alloy to make, or adopts a magnet to make; Described piezoelectric vibrator is connected by two kinds of materials to be made, adopted epoxy resin, polysulfones or aluminum alloy materials by the zone that described piezoelectric patches covered on it, all the other adopt cast zinc alloy, copper alloy, silicon, steel or alloy steel material near the zone of end, and the natural frequency of described piezoelectric vibrator is 10~120Hz; Perhaps fix another piece magnet respectively, form the piezo-electric generating unit of non-contact type magnetic with the described scribing of making by magnet on the upper surface both sides of described piezoelectric vibrator end. The present invention relates to a kind of Blast Furnace Top Gas Recovery Turbine Unit (TRT), particularly about a kind of Wave power piezoelectric generating device that is used for ocean wave energy is converted to expeditiously electric energy.

Wave power piezoelectric generating device adopts piezoelectric to realize the conversion of electric energy, utilizes the piezoelectricity of material, and material strain can be converted to electric energy.U.S. The various embodiments described above only are used to illustrate the present invention; wherein the structure of each parts, material, connected mode etc. Li Yanning, Li Wen etc. Isquiotibiales cortos dolor lumbar . Pros: estos son los tipos de piercing corporal más llamativos y espectaculares debido a la dificultad de lograrse. Los piercings estilo corsé son populares entre los aficionados a la modificación corporal y las personas que buscan algo diferente. Contras: estos piercings generalmente son bastante avanzados y son propensos al rechazo. Considera los piercings superficiales. También pueden realizarse diseños de piercing en la superficie de la piel. También pueden arrancar fácilmente la piel si realizas algún movimiento en falso.

Las caderas, la espalda, la nuca y la muñeca se han perforado en algún momento u otro.