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The control system can control the span level of the counterweight by analysing data from a sensor, not shown, that is mounted in the counterweight drum 15 and continuously informs the system about the angle which it has in relation to the gravitational direction or the shaft support bar 13. The control system can by this information keep track of the position and direction changing points of the counterweight 19 by calculating the revolution at which the counterweight is and exactly where it changes its movement direction.

Más de 25 ideas increíbles sobre Manguito rotador en.. Then, the driveshaft 11 also is rocking sideways all the time, which can make the anchor line 7 and the counterweight line/lines 17 slide and rub against each other on the anchor drum 9 and the counterweight drum/drums 15. A track guiding mechanism can then be used, which brings about that the respective lines are wound in a regular way. The rotation of the anchor drum 9 and the rotation of the counterweight drum 15 can also be interconnected by a mechanical coupling, the above mentioned mechanism for reverse feeding, in addition to the electromagnetic coupling through the generator 21. It can be achieved by using, among other things, a second sliding clutch 25, here called the sliding clutch for reverse feeding, see FIG.

The connection of the energy accumulation device to the driveshaft via the second part of the electric generator and the first part of the electric generator and the electromagnetic coupling over the air gap therebetween gives a counteracting motive force that counteracts the rotation of the driveshaft when the driveshaft is rotating due to the connection between the first elongated means and the driveshaft, and then is driving the first part of the electric generator.

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The buoy or the similar device is arranged and the buoy or the other device, the first elongated means, the device arranged to counteract the wave movements, the driveshaft and the energy accumulation device are connected to each other, so that the connection between the first elongated means and the driveshaft makes the driveshaft rotate, substantially for first movements of the water surface or for first movements of the buoy or the similar device, in only one direction, thereby driving said two part of the electric generator to rotate in relation to each other in a first direction and generate electricity and at the same time also supply energy to the accumulation device. The buoy follows the surface of the water in a harmonic way for all wave sizes without reaching any end position, this contributing to the fact that the wave power plant can very efficiently absorb wave energy, in spite of varying wave heights, and at the same time the strain on the construction during storm conditions is minimized.

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Alternatively, the power train 2 can be designed to include other ways of accumulation of energy from the rise of the water surface 6, e.g. The rotating movements of the water particles through the waves in combination with the traction force towards the centre above the foundation 5 can be utilized by mounting fins, see FIGS.

The main difference is the mounting of the planetary gear 35 in relation to the stator of the generator. The energy accumulation device is coupled with the driveshaft and the electric generator, so that the driveshaft by its rotation can also supply energy to the energy accumulation device and so that the energy accumulation device can later deliver its stored or accumulated energy to assist in driving the parts of the generator to rotate in the same first direction in relation to each other. The second elongated means can be flexible or can be a flexible means such as a line, wire or chain, which at a lower end is attached to the counterweight and at its upper end is more or less wound around the counterweight drum.

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5. The wave power plant is highly scalable and its capacity and pattern for producing electric power can be optimized for specific wave climates for highest cost efficiency. In one embodiment, in which the wave power plant is mounted in a wind power plant, it is possible to integrate the transmission from the rotor blades of the wind power plant with the driving by the waves, so that the same gearbox and generator can be used, see FIGS.

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Also, the transmission system becomes more complex and hence hydraulic mechanisms are frequently used in systems of this type. When the wave power plant is taken into operation, the service hatch 121 over the power train 2 is closed and the water level in the transmission unit space 20 is pressed down by the air pressure produced by the air pump 123. The water level outside varies during the wave period corresponding to the motive force between the bottom foundation 5 and the wave and also the inertia of counterweight 19 and buoy 3. For servicing, first of all the anchor drum 9 is disconnected, then the pressure in the power trains room is levelled to the ambient air pressure, so that the water level rises, and thereafter the service hatch 121 can be opened and service be performed.

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It may allow the wave power plant to turn in the horizontal plane, such as when the direction of the water waves changes, without causing the electric cable to be entangled with the second elongated means. Arcoxia para dolor lumbar . Also, the uneven levels result in a costly over-dimensioning of the total electrical system of a wave power plant in order to obtain a proper handling of the top power levels. When the electrical load is increased, the electromagnetic coupling over the air gap 21′″ in the generator is increased and hence the mechanical resistance in the generator, this making the counterweight 19 fall slower, due to the fact that the state of equilibrium between the generator and the counterweight is moved to a lower rotation speed and vice versa, see the control rule illustrated in the diagram of FIG.

The driveshaft 11 is in turn connected to the generator 21. The coupling between the driveshaft and the generator can be fixed or it can as illustrated comprise a mechanical gear 23, which e.g. 4, but closer to the anchor drum 9. The electric cable extends from the counterweight drum 15 down to a movable connector 43 that can move along the anchor line 7. At the connector the electric cable 41 is connected to yet another electric cable 45, which e.g. In the shown embodiment it means that the sliding clutch 55 mounted around the anti-reverse mechanism of the anchor drum 51 is set to maximum transfer of force or torque, which is enough to carry the entire weight of the bottom foundation 5. The sliding clutch 25 for reverse feeding can be disengaged. The anchor drum 9 rotates forwards while the wave is rising, and is thereafter fed backwards by the reverse feeding mechanism described below, when the wave is sinking.

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5 b. The driveshaft 11 also in this case passes undivided through the anchor drum 9. Instead the sliding clutch 55 of the anchor drum is used as an anti-reverse mechanism. This bearing can comprise a coupling for limiting or disengaging the motive force with which the anchor drum then acts on the driveshaft. A mechanical coupling between the anchor drum 9 and the driveshaft 11 providing these functions can be designed in different ways. Different from the energy in the wave, the vertical speed of the movement does not increase with the square of the wave height, but follows a more linear pattern. 5 a and 5 b, and the speed of the backward rotation of the counterweight drum is stabilized by the equilibrium state between the generator and the counterweight 19. Hence, the potential energy accumulated in the counterweight continues to drive the generator 21 also in this stage, with a corresponding, even torque as in the previous stage.