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It should be noted that in most embodiments the separation distance between the flotation module and inertial mass increases-and the the pulley/capstan is turned because of this increasing separation distance and power is generated (or stored in a mechanical or hydraulic accumulator)-both during periods when the inertial mass is falling and periods when the inertial mass is rising. 310, between radiate upward toward the center of the middle layer. It also concentrates and focuses broad upward buoyant forces imparted to the flotation module by the body of water on which it floats on to the PTO 569 and the flexible connectors 57IB andC. A flotation module 2900 floats adjacent to the surface 2901 of a body of water. A flotation module 640 floats adjacent to the surface 641 of a body of water. In some embodiments, a substantial portion of the flotation module is constructed from concrete.

When such an inertial mass is moving downward, it can develop a partial vacuum in its bottom portion and cause the water inside to “move with it” even though such water might seem to have an “exit” at the top of the inertial mass. Owing to the stochastic nature of waves, it has been determined that in a majority of cases it is preferable to lift and dynamically suspend the inertial mass so that the operational separation distance range is spaced some distance from a resting, or parked, separation distance. This earlier descent corresponds to the dynamics of subfigures 2Q through 2T, where it can be seen that the inertial mass (e.g. Lateral post-tensioning cables span the entire width and/or breadth of the flotation module, and are attached and/or anchored to force-distribution plates, e.g.

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170. Flotation module 501 contains two generators 502-503. Each generator, e.g. Then, when the buoy is moving closer to the inertial mass, e.g. However, after a wave crest has passed, and the buoy is falling, those ribbon cables become slack (i.e. The relatively small wet weight of the restoring weight 19 removes the slack from the ribbon cables.

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In some embodiments, when the inertial mass falls downward, moving outside of an operational separation distance range in which it previously oscillated, the device is configured so that weights and/or metal chains and/or metal ropes (and/or segments of metal chains and/or metal ropes) that previously depended from the inertial mass (at least predominantly), and that previously added their net or wet weight to that of the inertial mass, are instead “picked up” by, and shift their gravitational weight to (at least predominantly) one or more of the following: (i) a flexible connector containing, or depending from, the restoring weight, or (ii) a flexible connector depending directly from the flotation module. The voids significantly reduce the average density of the flotation module, thereby providing and/or increasing its buoyancy. 200, then the average separation distance once again stabilizes.

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This can help keep the converter within an optimal range of operating parameters, e.g., keep the inertial mass within a desired depth range and/or a desired separation distance range. Consequently, restoring weight 1-160 can be accelerated upward more rapidly and/or easily than inertial mass 1-140 and a net torque can be developed in pulley/capstan 1125, causing the pulley/capstan to rotate in a first direction, turning shaft 1-122, and enabling the generator to generate electricity. Such differences in countertorque or resistance can be created and/or provided and/or effectuated by varying the excitation of field coils in a generator; by power electronics and control circuits that reduce the load experienced by the generator or that otherwise modulate the generator’s behavior (e.g., back-to-back AC/DC converters, and/or a machine-side converter, a grid-side converter and control circuits); by varying the engagement of an electromagnetic or mechanical or hydraulic clutch or valve assembly; or by other means.

In the process of moving, flexible connector 2709-2710 imparts torque, and causes to turn, gear 2705, resulting in the turning of at least one generator rotor and the consequent generation of electrical power, and/or results in the direct and/or indirect generation of one or more chemical fuels, and/or performs some other useful work and/or function. The diameter (D) of drum 118-3 is at least 50 times the diameter (d) of flexible connector 118-4, i.e. 2-802. Dolor de rodilla al bajar pendientes . Subfigure 47K shows the converter in a configuration it can assume when the water level 2K-100 is approximately at a temporal and spatial local maximum, i.e. FIG. 73 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the current disclosure. FIG. 199 shows an illustration of an embodiment of the current disclosure. Dolor lumbar al tumbarse . 170 imparts and/or implements its restoring force by pulling down on its respective flexible connector, while the embodiment illustrated in FIG.

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143, that hold each respective directional rectifying pulley and allows it to rotate, by means of a respective bearing, e.g. 31, that connects the connecting rod to its respective driving rod, e.g. However, those walls also create a cross- or x-shaped space at the bottom end of the module that is open to the water.

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It is to be understood that a flotation module need not have a precisely spherical or cylindrical bottom surface in order to fall within the scope of the current disclosure. FIG. 230 shows a perspective view of a flotation module of an embodiment of the present disclosure. FIG. 16 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the current disclosure. FIG. 75 shows a side view of the embodiment of the current disclosure illustrated in FIG.