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It is contemplated that these variations, modifications, additions and improvements fall within the scope of the invention as detailed within the following claims. It is contemplated that many variations of the features described above, as well as others which are not explicitly described, may be possible in alternative embodiments. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS One or more embodiments of the invention are described below. The swivel base may be constructed as, but is not limited to, a ball bearing sliding mechanism.

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The concentrator may further include mechanical actuators to adjust the position of the concentrator and to thereby improve both the wind-gathering ability and the light-gathering ability of the concentrator. 221 of roof 220. As indicated in figure, the blades of wind turbine 230 are driven in a clockwise direction by the flow of the wind, which in this embodiment is stronger across the top of the turbine structure. While the turbine portion of the wind turbine structure is designed to rotate in the same direction (clockwise in the figure,) regardless of the direction from which the wind strikes it, a side mounted concentrator is positioned to the left or right of wind turbine structure and is oriented so that wind hitting the deflector is directed to the lower half of the turbine portion. Deflector 440 thereby concentrates the wind on the lower half, where it can push the turbine blades, and reduces the wind hitting the upper half, where it would resist the (clockwise) rotation of the turbine blades.

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In this embodiment, a pulley (or gear) is attached to the turbine shaft so that it rotates with the shaft. A belt couples the two pulleys so that when turbine portion 335 (including the corresponding pulley) rotates, this drives the belt which in turn rotates the pulley on the generator, thereby driving the generator and causing it to generate electricity.

Solar cells may augment the electricity generated by the turbine system, and may even provide the only source of electricity if the wind flow across turbine portion 335 is insufficient to drive the system. The axis of rotation is parallel to the ground and parallel to the edge of the building. The present system allows the use of cylindrical-type turbines with their axis of rotation parallel to the ground, reducing the stress on the bearings and allowing inexpensive long-life bearings to be employed. The present system is also more efficient and quiet than typical conventional turbine systems because of the use of deflectors and vortex created by building updraft to drag the wings around the complete rotation of the axle while the flow of wind against the portion of the turbine that is moving in the direction opposite the wind flow. 332) that are connected to a central hub 333. Hub 333 rotates around an axle at the axis of the cylindrical structure, thereby allowing the turbine blades to rotate around this axis as well.

Connected turbines may operate at different speeds using a flexible drive shaft coupling. As the wind pushes the blades of the turbine, the blades rotate on a shaft that is on the axis of the turbine. The turbine turns relatively slowly, but yields high torque. Alternative embodiments may also include turbine blades that are designed to break in very high winds in order to prevent more extensive and more expensive damage to the turbine. These variations will be apparent to persons of ordinary skill in the field of the invention upon reading the present disclosure, and are believed to be within the scope of the appended claims. Que medicamento tomar para dolor muscular . As used herein, the terms “comprises,” “comprising,” or any other variations thereof, are intended to be interpreted as non-exclusively including the elements or limitations which follow those terms.

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Some of these variations will be described briefly below. Many variations, modifications, additions and improvements to the embodiments described above are possible. It should be understood, however, that the drawings and detailed description are not intended to limit the invention to the particular embodiment which is described. In this embodiment, wind turbine structure 430 is again shown mounted at the edge of a building 410. In this figure, however, the wind is depicted as flowing from right to left.

The turbine system includes deflectors and concentrators or augmenters to maximize wind velocity for purpose of energy generation. In one embodiment, a power-generating wind turbine structure with integrated adjustable concentrators or deflectors is placed at (on or near) the edge of a building’s rooftop to harness updraft wind vortex created behind deflector.

2. The positioning of the turbine structure may be positioned to take advantage of the circular motion of the wind caused by updraft (upward flow of wind against building) in addition to complementary system of deflectors and concentrators. Referring to FIG. 5, a turbine system mounted concentrator or augmenter 521 is shown in the 90-degree angle formed by the base of the turbine frame and the deflector. They were designed to be mounted on a tower or other device. The system may also include solar cells mounted on the concentrator and configured to generate electricity from sun light contacting them. Because the wind turbine of the present system is positioned at the edge of the roof, this vortex of high-energy moving air drives the turbine, extracting the wind’s energy and generating electricity. Wind turbines of many types have been used to generate electricity in a variety of ways. Concentrator 350 is used to redirect and concentrate the wind flow toward turbine portion 335. Concentrator 350 is an optional component of the system which may be helpful to increase vortex wind flow circulating around the turbine axle.

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Musculo Pecho Dolor - Aumentar Pecho The generator produces electrical current that can be used to power electrical circuits in the building and/or to recharge batteries that can store the energy for later use. The adjustable concentrator allows the device to compensate for placement issues that may make it difficult to place the wind turbine at the point of greatest air flow. Support structure 336 also includes a cross-brace 337 which serves both to stiffen the support structure and to provide a mounting point for a generator.

Recent design concepts for rebuilding the World Trade Center showed plans to incorporate wind turbines in that structure to harness the electrical generating power of passing winds. The present types of turbines in commercial use are generally deployed in open fields or mesas, as far from wind-slowing obstructions as possible to allow wind to strike their airfoils or blades at maximum speed. Dolor de ovario y pierna . The prior art describes turbines in a variety of locations including natural ridgelines, open fields, mesas and on ships.

Other segments may incorporate a water pump instead of an electrical generator, to help pump water through the building, or a fresh air system to reduce HVAC costs and force fresh air into the building when the temperatures are correct. The placement of the turbine structure near the edge of the building allows it to use the building wall as a passive concentrator to funnel wind up (updraft) the face of the building and into the turbine structure. The mounting brackets may include vibration-dampening supports to reduce the transmission of generated noise into the building.

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The wind can only flow upward and over the building, or around the building. A deflector may be attached to the parapet wall (if existing) or the turbine frame itself to redirect the concentrated wind flow toward a desired portion of the wind turbine to increase efficiency. FIG. 1 shows that the wind which is blocked by the building turns upward. The wind which is not blocked by the building continues to flow essentially horizontally. The Darrieus Turbine is also related to machines with straight vertical axis blades called Giromills or cycloturbines which use a wind vane to mechanically orient a blade pitch change mechanism. When destructive operation is detected (electrically or mechanically) an actuator is activated or a catch is released (electrically or mechanically,) allowing the spoiler to block airflow to the turbine. Even allowing for increased friction flow resistance against the building wall and at the edge of the roof deflector, the air moving over the edge of the deflector is greatly accelerated over the speed of the ambient air (the speed of the wind in the absence of the vertical surfaces of the building or other structure).