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Pensador The buoyancy cylinder 104, which may also be a buoyancy block housing, may be connected to the upper surface of the base 102 by chains 134 that in turn are connected to the buoyancy cylinder 104. In this manner, the chains 134 stabilize the buoyancy cylinder 104 on the base 102. It is to be appreciated that guy wires or other connection means may be used to couple the buoyancy cylinder 104 to the base 102, and the present invention is not limited by the chains 134 as the connection means. But if the body of water has tide changes, this example changes slightly.

Necesitarás tan solo 5 minutos para eliminar el dolor.. For example, when the buoyancy pump device 100 is placed in an ocean environment, the length of the buoyancy cylinder 104 needs to be adjustable to allow the buoyancy pump device 100 to perform with annual tide changes and wave heights. The buoyancy block 114 has a predetermined buoyancy, such that the buoyancy block 114 moves in a cycle conforming to the fluid dynamics of the water in which the buoyancy pump device 100 is positioned and the hydraulic or pneumatic system characteristics of the buoyancy pump device 100 itself. The buoyancy of the buoyancy block 114 is designed such that a majority of the buoyancy block 114 rides relatively high out of the water within the buoyancy chamber 112, thereby allowing axial movement of the buoyancy block 114 within the buoyancy chamber 112. As the wave departs, the buoyancy block 114 lowers with the settling water in the buoyancy chamber 112 and by gravity.

Fibromialgia AFIBRODON The buoyancy pump devices include a buoyancy block housing defining a buoyancy chamber therein through which the fluid may flow. FIG. 28 illustrates an enlarged front view of a portion of the buoyancy pump of FIG. FIGS. 36A and 36B illustrate top and front views, respectively, of a slide mount used to guide the buoyancy block of FIG. The slide mount 2211 assists in guiding the buoyancy block 2113 as it reciprocates within the buoyancy chamber. 26, the angular movements of the buoyancy block 2113 described above are minimized by the presence of at least one slide mount 2211 attached to an exterior surface of the buoyancy block 2113. The slide mount 2211 includes a guide passage 2215 that is oriented to receive a guide post 2217 positioned around the perimeter of the buoyancy chamber.

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The system includes buoyancy pump devices configured in the body of water at spacings to enable a wave (i) to substantially re-form after passing at least one first buoyancy pump device and (ii) to drive at least one second buoyancy pump device. The buoyancy block 1220 may include or be coupled to a buoyancy ring 1222. The buoyancy ring 1222 may engage or be guided by the tubular shims 1218 to maintain alignment of the buoyancy block 1220 as it travels up and down within the buoyancy chamber 104. Dolor de espalda cancer pancreas . Because of the modular design, the buoyancy pump device 1212 may be constructed and taken apart for relocation purposes. A second inlet valve 922 and a second outlet valve 924 are connected at one end through the housing base 908 with the piston chamber 913 b.