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For example, cavity 400 may have one or more additional uncovered openings in the enclosure so long as the pressure in cavity 400 is relatively different than that resulting from movement in the medium on the outside of the cover 202. For example, this relationship can be maintained by having a long separation between the medium immediately on either sides of covering 202 where the separation extends in the direction of the flow of the surrounding medium. By design, the generator system can preferably be built to have damping characteristics that are modeled as critically damped or even underdamped, resulting in oscillations that do not decay so long as the system continues to have input energy. For example, the prior art describes a vehicle having a wind tunnel and turbine generator, but the aerodynamic limitations of the turbine are not ideal for vehicular applications. For example, a living joint is known in the field of plastics where a single piece of plastic can be made rotationally bendable about an axis of rotation in the middle of the piece of plastic by pinching it with two hot metal elements to form a hinge joint.

1c , showing two magnets 300 and two coils 500 within the same cavity 400. The magnets 300 also have two springs 600 connecting them to the structure 100. In another embodiment, FIG. 1d where the coils are fixed to the cover 202 as opposed to the substrate 100. In another embodiment of the present invention, multiple coils 500 can be fixed to the same cover 202. Coil 500 in FIGS. FIG. 9a depicts a tunable fluid flow generator with a protruding contacting portion and multiple frame portions that can be laterally moved along a guide rod.

7b , multiple separate cavities 252 can be formed within the ring structure between inner wall 111 and outer wall 110. The area between outer wall 110 and cavity 252 can either be hollow as well or filled in. Dimple effects are well known to persons of ordinary skill in the art.

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It is evident to persons of ordinary skill in the art that various modifications and changes may be made thereto without departing from the broader understanding and scope of the present invention disclosed herein. The outputs from the multiplier/rectifier circuits 700 can be directed to charging circuitry of various designs known within the art. In another embodiment of the present invention, the multiplier/amplifier circuit may be incorporated into the charging circuit.

FIG. Dolor de espalda solucion . 8 depicts an example of a tube structure with cells distributed along the surface of the tube where the tube may be internally pressurized if desired. Some designs may even break down at excessive speeds, as has been shown in test flights of generators at altitude. These devices also face increased stresses as motive forces increased, requiring designs or use that compensated for high speed or shut down to avoid damage. Preferably, this increased spacing will decrease relatively the amount of drag of the covering as a result of the bulging of the cover. As the adjustable frame member is moved away from the second frame member, the tension in the elastic member is increased. The surface structure design also helps to generate a motive force from the field of flow, depending on the orientation of the surface structure and/or the angle of the surface structure relative to the field of flow.

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In another embodiment of the present invention, cavity 400 could have an opening to the enclosure facing the direction of flow of the medium where the enclosure is shaped to alter the pressure inside the enclosure and under covering 202 relative to the surrounding medium outside covering 202. For example, the enclosure could be shaped to have a relatively large opening that tapers to a smaller opening or vis a versa. In a preferred embodiment, the substrate is shaped as a ring along the outside of the body of a passenger plane. 3-5. In a further embodiment, the substrate is incorporated into the body of the moving object. In an alternative embodiment, the piezoelectric material or film could be layered on top of a part 204 of covering 202 or the entirety of covering 202. In addition to piezoelectric materials, generators using nanowires as known in the state of the art can also be used to generate electricity when the nanowires are flexed.

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SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is therefore an object of an embodiment of the present invention to provide a generator that utilizes relative movements of a particular medium to generate electricity. There is also a need for scalable, stackable devices to generate electricity in locations where traditional devices are not suitable. Crema dolor muscular . But the large cross-sections of these traditional designs increase the amount of wind resistance presented by the generators, limiting the practicality of their application in certain fields. Some of the designs are also dependent on the speed of fluid flow, with limited efficiency or effectiveness outside of a narrower range of preferred flow speeds. It is also an object of an embodiment of the present invention to provide an electric generator that utilizes wind power with a relatively limited cross-section. 1a and 1b , but provide added output for the same displacement forces.