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Arabic Spine Tattoo Quotes. QuotesGram The prior art also teaches that it is well known to provide floatation devices, such as buoys or floats, to take advantage of fluid displacement and then to convert into work the upward thrust realized upon release of a submerged body (see for example U.S. Still another object of the present invention is to provide a wave motor tank which couples a greater force to a rotating shaft thereabove when such tank is moving in a downward direction than tanks of a conventional construction.

A further object of the present invention is to provide an improved floatation tank which may be easily and effectively transported from place to place, possessing a low weight. The negative pressure within the tank, causes water to enter the tank in the lowermost regions thereof across the open mouth portion and to be maintained therein so as to effectively “clamp” the tank to the water. When tank 10 b is fully drained, valve 38 b closes, valve 38 c opens simultaneously with the closing of valve 48. Further, valve 50 opens to allow pressure vessel 40 to be pressurized thereby forcing water from the pressure vessel 40 to tank 10 c filling the tank to the top and carrying the buoyant inner tank 20 c to the top of the outer tank 10 c. When the inner tank 20 b reaches the top of the outer tank 10 b, valves 46 b and 56 close simultaneously.

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Upon arrival of buoyant tank 20 a to the top of tank 10 a, valve 38 a closes, simultaneously with the closing of valve 46, the opening of valve 48 and the closing of valve 50. This position now stages the apparatus for the beginning of cycle I again as previously described above. Those skilled in the art will appreciate that various adoptions and modifications of the invention as described above can be configured without departing from the scope and spirit of the invention. The columns pass through openings in the platform and each engage a pair of pinion gears, carried on a common shaft, each pinion is mounted on a separate one-way clutch such that the shaft is caused to rotate in one direction at all times, responsive to the buoyant forces directing the tank in an upward direction as the tide comes in, for example, and responsive to the weight of the tank when the tide goes out.

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In accordance with programmable instructions carried out by electronic controls, at preselected times, valves located in conduits connecting the outer containers are actuated to cause the fluid in the outer containers to be redistributed, and as a result, the inner containers are allowed to undergo “controlled” free-fall in a specified sequence.

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Valves 46 a, 46 b, 46 c are provided in the conduits 104 a, 104 b, 104 c upstream of the fluid transfer pipes 34 a, 34 b, 34 c, respectively, and valves 38 a, 38 b, 38 c are provided in the conduits 104 a, 104 b, 104 c downstream of the fluid transfer pipes 34 a, 34 b, 34 c, respectively to allow selective cut-off of the flow of fluid from the outer containers 10 a, 10 b, 10 c throughout the cycles of operation as described below. The following description is based on an array of three outer tanks 10 a, 10 b, 10 c and will, for ease of description, be described in terms of three cycles of operation (cycle I, cycle II, and cycle III) which are repeated over and over, ad finitem, from the start of operation of the apparatus until termination of operation of the apparatus which may occur when maintenance or replacement of components is required.

This position now sets the stage for the beginning of cycle I, as previously described, while continuing through the end of cycle III. When the falling inner tank 20 c reaches the bottom of its outer tank 10 c, cycle I will again be started so as to prevent the rotating shaft 30 from stopping, thereby facilitating continuous rotation of the shaft. Thus, the falling body essentially experiences free-fall motion. As used herein, “controlled” free-fall motion refers to the falling motion of a body that is attached to a rotatable shaft via a tether which, while under tension, exerts no appreciable force on the falling body to prevent the falling motion of the body. The main effect of the vibration load reduction system is derived from the reaction force due to inertial motion.

Such tanks frequently require vertical guidance and utilize cables, chains or rigid members, which when coupled to the tank, transmit a force therealong due to the displacement of such tank when the tank shifts its position in response to wave motion and the tides. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides an apparatus and method for extracting energy through the generation of work from kinetic energy of bodies that are constrained for “controlled” (i.e., tethered) free-fall motion.

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The method entails attaching each of the bodies to an overhead rotatable shaft via a tether of negligible weight that allows downward motion of the body in the respective container which results in rotation of the shaft. The opening and closing of valves for the intake and output of fluid into and from the respective outer tanks 10 a 10 b, 10 c,. This allows water within tanks 10 a and 10 c respective tanks to equalize. U.S. Patent No. 4,045,148 discloses a turbine with a water-driven motive element immersied in a body of water. Dolor de espalda y garganta . If the damping rate is lower, the reaction effect of the vibration load reduction system 20 becomes greater, and therefore the vibration load reduction system 20 functions with higher efficiency.

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The logarithmic decay rate δ of the system is defined by the following equation. The total damping rate is a ratio at which the kinetic energy of the fluid mass 28 is dissipated in the vibration load reduction system 20 by the combination of the wind turbine and the vibration load reduction system 20. In the exemplary embodiment, the total damping rate of the vibration load reduction system 20 is substantially less than or equal to 2% equivalent logarithmic decay rate, and the total damping rate is preferably less than or equal to 1% equivalent logarithmic decay rate.

Also, the rotating body could be provided with means for raising and lowering it to permit selective positioning in 20 the wind stream. Such container may be a hollow cylindrical tank having a cap at the uppermost end and an open mouth portion at the lowermost end. Positioned within each outer cylinder 10 a, 10 b, 10 c is an inner container or tank 20 a, 20 b, 20 c having its interior filled with a liquid, preferably water. In one aspect of the present invention, there is provided a modular unit having a plurality of outer containers, each of which houses an inner container capable of exhibiting buoyancy in a column of fluid, preferably water. Thus, if the outer body 30 develops a leak, the inner body 32 will prevent water from filing most of the interior of the rotating outer body 33. Thus, the entire structure will remain buoyant.

28 are attached to the outer surface of the body 26. Crema para dolor muscular . The fins 28 are similar to the fins 10 but are oriented in the opposite direction such that the rotating body 26 will rotate in the opposite direction from the first rotating body 11. The counter rotating bodies 11 and 26 will then balance out the torque applied to the fixed body 14 and tend to stabilize the entire apparatus. 19 connected to a drive shaft 20 which extends up through the connecting stem 13 and is attached to the upper body 11 for rotation thereby. The second saucer-shaped body contains a generator driven by the rotational movement of the upper saucer-shaped body. Insofar as each inner container is connected to the overhead rotatable shaft via a tether, as the body falls, it causes rotation of the shaft, which in turn causes rotation of electrical current generating device. For use in the air, the body could be shaped with a relatively light weiyht frame which could be covered with a strong light fabric.

Sujetador postoperatorio aumento reconstrucción de pecho.. Operation of the apparatus of the present invention is now described with reference to FIGS. Upon equalization of tanks 10 a and 10 b, valve 38 b is closed and valve 38 c is opened simultaneously with the closing of valve 38 b. A judicial balance between the size of the floatation chamber and the weight of the tank and its added supplemental weights, if used, can be struck so as to maintain the tank in an almost weightless condition if desired. 10 and 11, a fifth alternate embodiment of a fluid-powered motor-generator apparatus according to the present invention. Fig. 7 is a front elevational view of a third alternate embodiment of the apparatus shown in Fig.