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Dolor En El Pecho, Cuidados Ambulatorios Care Guide.. In FIG. 4d an optional “ramp” or “attack angle” is illustrated as an aid to maintain the airfoils 13 in a filled state in relatively low winds. It is another object of the invention to provide a tethered display device, such as a flag or banner, that makes use of an relatively soft airfoil in a tubular channel, both integral to the device that provides lift to the device so that it flies in low winds. It is another object of the invention to provide a tethered display device, such as a flag or banner, that makes use of a tubular channel integral to the device and made of vertical panels and top and bottom seams that catches and directs low velocity wind to fly the device. Tethered display device 10, comprising in the main display device 11, is connected to pole 5 at top tether 7 and bottom tether 6. Display device 11 flies generally in the direction 9 of an ambient airflow.

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FIG. 2b is a sectional view of an alternate embodiment of the invention wherein the two vertical panels 18 are simply connected, preferably by stitching, at top seam 14 and bottom seam 15, with two airfoils 13 preferably stitched in place along the vertical panels, more or less as suggested by dotted line airfoil 13 in FIG. In the simplest airfoil embodiment, the airfoil defines two tubular channels, the one above the airfoil and the one below it; in each airfoil embodiment, an airfoil so defines in part at least one of the tubular channels. Various two panel, multiple channel embodiments are shown. In some embodiments there are multiple airfoils. In preferred embodiments there are multiple channels in each device. The windpole invention preferably includes a fan, and in some embodiments the hollow pole is itself the duct.

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This fixation and connection helps spread out the lift imparted to the device and prevents an `end lift only` phenomenon, which can cause undue bending of the foil itself and so cause collapse of the foil and loss of lift. This may be necessary in specialty higher wind applications, where high velocities through the channels tend to so reduce channel internal pressure, so that the panels might otherwise tend to collapse inwardly on themselves and the airfoil(s).

Almost any practical dimensions will serve.

An airfoil refers generally to an airfoil shaped structure of some soft and flexible material which may either be relatively fixed into an airfoil shape, or free to fill and collapse depending on availability of airflow to fill the foil, much like a conventional sail is so dependant. In some embodiments, an airfoil is otherwise unsupported and is air filled (like a sail), and may optionally and advantageously have a permanent `attack angle“sewn in` or otherwise fixed. Preferred materials for vertical panels 18 and airfoils 13 and for the display device 11 in general will comport with choices generally familiar to those skilled in the art, such as sail cloth and conventional flag cloth for the panels, and nylon for the airfoils. Almost any practical dimensions will serve. Widths and other dimensions illustrated are for schematic purposes only.

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INDUSTRIAL APPLICABILITY The flag and display device of the invention may be used throughout the world wherever flags are flown, and as well in all places and for all purposes for which flying banners are used, including outdoor and indoor advertising. Airfoil is otherwise used in the conventional sense of a “wing” -like structure that imparts lift in a direction normal to the foil in accordance with well known aerodynamic principles. In other embodiments, there are airfoil fasteners at one or both edges of the airfoil, and the fasteners connect the airfoil to the vertical panels so that the airfoil shape is determined by its fasteners, regardless of whether the foil is `filled` or not. The airfoil may be directly fastened to the vertical panels such as by sewing or stitching, or by use of grommets or the like, as will be appreciated by those skilled in the art.

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Preferred devices will take care that they do not therefore become “engorged” with wind (like a conventional windsock), and so eliminate or undermine their ability to so flutter. Because the vertical panels, and top and bottom panels if any, are soft, the device can still “flutter” in a breeze. Ejercicios para quitar el dolor de espalda baja . The pole itself may also be internally tapered from bottom to top.

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Optionally these scoops may increase in cross sectional area progressively from a bottom scoop to a top scoop. These and such other objects of the invention as will become evident from the disclosure below are met by the invention disclosed herein. The cross ducts may either be tubular, or the ducts may be open horizontally disposed chambers in the pole, so that with an optional rotatably mounted port sleeve having a plurality of in line exhaust ports, each such port roughly aligned with a chamber, and a like plurality of intake ports, each intake port more or less aligned with a corresponding exhaust port and with a particular chamber, the display device when tethered to the port sleeve will act like a wind vane to rotate the intake and exhaust ports into line with the prevailing wind, while the chamber fans draw air through the intake and expell it from the exhaust port into and onto the device.

In other embodiments, a plurality of horizontally disposed airfoils may be vertically stacked (like a biplane’s wings) with respect to each other. The pole has a plurality of in line ports to vent the wind from the pole onto or into the wind channels of the device. As an embodiment alternative to the vertical internal duct in the pole discussed above, a plurality of roughly horizontally disposed cross ducts in the pole may be employed, with each cross duct having its own fan at one end, and each cross duct ending in one of the ports. Optionally, the vertical panels themselves are cut with a fullness that allows them to serve as foils themselves so as to provide a `lift` effect normal to the panels, thus to spread the panels and to laterally tension the horizontally disposed airfoils. In an alternative embodiment, instead of vertical ducting or vertically hollow poles, horizontally disposed ducts or chambers 58 may be employed, each having a port 55 aligned with a chamber 25. Each duct 58 may have its own fan 54 mounted within.

Where horizontal chambers 58 are employed, an optional pole sleeve 61 may be rotatably mounted encircling pole 51. Pole sleeve 61 has ports 55 and intakes 62 (hidden), both aligned with chambers 58 and with chambers 25 in display device 11. Fan(s) 54 may be mounted inside pole sleeve 61 at intakes 62 and rotatable with it, so that airflow 59 may be drawn in intake 62 by fan 54 to fill chamber 58 (formed in part by chamber 58 in pole 51 and by pole sleeve 61) to exhaust at ports 55. This embodiment allows display device 11 to be tethered at tethers 6 and 7 on pole sleeve 61, so that device 11 is free to swing to the direction of ambient wind, while still able to take maximum advantage of induced airflow from the windpole. Windsource refers to a source of airflow or wind; it may be referred to as enhanced or induced.