Dolor lumbar al estar tumbado

Dolor de espalda. Estiramiento del psoas tumbado. - YouTube Comprise in another embodiment of the invention of horizontal pipe 160 at this equipment, can by this vertical manifold 164 segmentation.Figure 20 shows a kind of cross section of a part of equipment, and the horizontal venturi 160 that this equipment has is equipped with a series of hole 162 and extends between multiple vertical manifold 164.This manifold 164 is connected to one and contains on the flow-catheter 166 of turbo machine 168, and this turbo machine is connected on a live axle to drive a generator 170.This vertical manifold 164 is divided into multiple rooms 172 that the length at least partially along this manifold vertically arranges.Pipe 174 to be connected on each room and the below of minimum Free Surface height 176 that will reach of the Free Surface extending to the water of Secondary Flow from this room.The horizontal pipe 160 that each room 172 is oriented to extend from vertical manifold 164 with one is corresponding.The number of required room will depend on the change of the water level that pipeline exposes.All independent with one room of all venturi conduit must do not made to be associated.

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Qué hacer para pasar un postoperatorio en cuarentena.. Figure 18 shows one embodiment of the invention, and it has the drifting management blade 132 of horizontal-extending on the pipeline 134 vertically arranged, and these pipelines are connected on a manifold 136.This equipment comprises the vertical pipeline 134 of an array with one or more drifting management blade 132, and these drifting management blades are horizontal location on this pipeline array vertically arranged.These horizontal blades can be flat to keep it to be substantially horizontal at current through Venturi tube. 3, then the level arrangement of pipeline manages blade with level can arrange identical effect to vertical pipeline to provides the apparatus inherently.

Simbolo Fisioterapia Logo This arrangement comprises the pipeline 10 of an array, these pipelines are the back-to-back arrangements of opening with parallel interval by vertically arrange and the Venturi tube 12 that limits between adjacent channel be in same plane substantially.The lower end of these pipelines is connected in a public horizontal manifold structure 14, and this manifold structure is connected to and contains on the flow-catheter 16 of turbo machine 18.Turbo machine 18 is connected on generator by a live axle.Many rounds 26 that each pipeline 10 comprises wedge shape side, a downstream 20 and upstream side 22, flow channel 24 and opens along the length separation of this pipeline.Adjacent channel 10 is positioned such that to define a Venturi tube section 12 and a diffuser section 28 by the relative wall of adjacent channel 10.This some holes 26 is positioned such that they are that fluid is communicated with this flow channel 24 and are positioned at Venturi tube section 12 place or in its vicinity.

Water enters in flow-catheter 16 by import 32, and these pipelines 10 are connected in these outlets 34 of this flow-catheter, make the water 36 of the main flow of crossing this pipeline arrangement cause Venturi tube 12 to work as venturi pump like this and cause the flowing 38 of flowing out through hole 26 from pipe interior, thus water 40 be drawn through this flow-catheter and drive this turbo machine.Fall from up-stream face head to the head of the level of tail water and caused by Venturi effect.When current flow through the Venturi tube between pipeline, in Venturi tube, there is the loss of head of amplifying.Which results in the flowing 38 that water is flowed out by this some holes 26.The high speed Secondary Flow 38 caused through manifold falls in the head of this amplification on pipeline, on flow-catheter and turbo machine, and it has than being used for the less volume of the main flow of turbo machine.