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  • A pivot joint pivotally mounting the support frame to the structure about a pivot axis, and
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  • Where ρ is the mass density of the water
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28, 2010, and entitled FLOODED ANCHORING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF DEPLOYMENT, POSITIONING AND RECOVERY, the entirety of which is hereby incorporated herein by reference. These other methods may be employed to provide operational advantages as will become apparent to those having ordinary skill in the art from the description provided herein. According to a further aspect of the disclosure, a method of operating a hydrokinetic device is provided that may operate the device at free stream current speeds that are less than, for example, the rated speed to intentionally produce a specified partial power output. The external commands may include, for example, a power control modulation factor 543, an intervention command 544, and/or other external commands 545. The external commands 540 may also be issued by service vessels to one or more hydrokinetic devices 100. Additionally, the THOR HQ 540 may execute an aggregate power control protocol 541 that may modulate and set a target aggregate power output level for the entire ocean current farm array.

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The commands dive, ascend, idle and ADCP query may all be executed with the rotor in the disengaged non-operational condition under the control authority of the variable weight effector, the variable lift effector, the variable drag effector, and/or the energy transducer change effector such as a rotor blade pitch angle change effector. Other methods may be employed by the THOR controller to effect the operations of the hydrokinetic device 100, including, for example, dive, ascend, idle and rotor engage and rotor disengage transition processes (or protocols). The THOR controller associated with each hydrokinetic device is capable of executing various commands including dive, ascend, idle and/or ADCP query. The rated power depth for the hydrokinetic device 100 may change from time to time as the free stream current conditions change, or as water density may change with temperature and/or salinity.

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The power control process may be intentionally terminated and the idle process invoked, for example, to allow the passage of extreme weather events, passage of endangered species, or other such events. The THOR controller 500 may execute an individual device control process (or protocol) 501, which may have constituent processes, including, for example, a general device control process (or protocol) 502, a dive process (or protocol) 503, an ascend process (or protocol) 504, an idle process (or protocol) 505, a rotor engage transition process (or protocol) 506, a rotor disengage transition process (or protocol) 507, a power control process (or protocol) with depth change process 508, and the ADCP query process (or protocol) 509. Various effectors are employed from the plurality of effectors 550 to effect and change the operational behavior of each hydrokinetic device 100 to comply with the aforementioned processes.